Ionela – Web Development BSc (Hons) – University of Worcester

My name is Ionela and I’m studying
web development at the University of Worcester. I wanted to study web
development and this was between the only university around where I was at
the time and I would offer just this course and I also researched about the
university and I found out I did loads of practical work loads of projects team
work and that sounds really really appealing to me. Living a Worcester is
really pleasant because there’s loads of forests around where we can just go and
take a walk and see trees and see animals there’s a amazing River and the
big big Cathedral. It’s really warm in the summer and not so cold in the winter.
The most exciting thing is that I get to actually do what I want to do. I can get
to code I can get to design I can get to show the teachers my project exactly my
work. I do have to write enough assignments but that’s not a problem
because most of the work we’re doing it’s practical. Apart from the course is relevant to web development I have done
a course about artificial intelligence which was up to date with what it’s
happening in the world right now within the artificial intelligence it was
really really interesting and we got to play with some simulated robots and that
was absolutely amazing.

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