IS GRAPHIC DESIGN TOO SATURATED? How To Survive As A Graphic Designer

is graphic design too saturated with an impossible wall of competition to climb well yes and no i’m going to explain why and also how to survive in such a saturated market what is that people come back again with another graphic design tips video remember i have tutorials on a Tuesday speed up videos on Thursday and graphic design tip videos on a Sunday but before we start I would like to ask if you do enjoy this video and go ahead and drop a comment and a like below and if you really found insightful and share it to someone who would benefit from watching it too also don’t forget to subscribe to keep updated for future videos so you’re interested in graphic design maybe your student or even a design already have you ever thought or been told that is quite a saturated market the truth is that yes it’s pretty saturated but that doesn’t mean to say it cannot be lucrative means of income you just need to know how to put yourself in a position where you noticed i can get a steady stream of work the obvious truth is that you need the skills to pay the bills so my first step to succeed in a saturated market is going to be refine your skills and become a master of your passion if you love making creative design this is not going to do much of a burden and it’s a path that all creative people must walk down the path you never really find a destination at the end of and where you never really stop refining skills but you must have an expected amount of skill and an eye for design to get anywhere in this industry so keep on walking and keep developing their skills my second step is related to finding your niche this one in particular is important when operating in such a saturated market need to look at yourself as a brand look at the type of work you enjoy creating and which you have the skills in so for example i found that exhale more in logo design as opposed to something SI designing album covers are mixed at work i have skills in both but I enjoy later designing a lot more and have a better knowledge of what it entails as well as having more develop skills in later designs but to go even further than that you need to find a niche within your English so again let’s look at logo design my work for example i have a wide range of local designs but they worked on in the past with my portfolio website I showcase mainly minimalistic and clean-looking later designs you can say their contemporary or high-end I guess this type of local design is the ones I love to create if you gravitate towards something you love but in the time and the effort and develop their skills then you have a good chance of making that your profession once you have found your niche you will then need to show it within your brand one of the most crucial tools are graphic designer should have at his or her disposal is a portfolio website this is where you can control what everybody else reviews when they take their time give you a moment of interest this is your face in a sea of designers so it needs to stand out all of the right reasons let your skills and your needs shine throughout the portfolio and express who you are and what you represent a designer as well as a website you can obviously utilize social media which probably deserved an entire video by itself lastly when you have unique down and your skills in place you can safely say you have found yourself as a designer but you need to get to know the second part of this relationship which is your client base you need to understand the type of clients you need is going to be serving so again let’s look at later designs anish it will be clients you’re after a mediocre logo design on a budget let’s say no more than fifty dollars for design there are designers out there ready to save these people and I see every single day not one of these designers understanding themselves with a lot of them have their niche understood and provide Spanish I’m not saying all designers sling logos at fifty bucks a pop are on point with the design game but there are some designers out there who have a serious game when it comes to knowing their clientele and bring in the bank so i hope this helps you understand how to survive in a saturated market is graphic design too saturated yes it’s saturated but not too saturated let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and if you enjoyed this video leave a like when your way out subscribe for weekly content of tutorials tips and speed up videos into next time designing future today yes


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