Is Site Search Still Relevant on Mobile? | Klevu | Shopify Plus Experts

Yeah for sure, when we’re doing a
discovery with a client, mobile is- we talk about that a lot, how we can get
people using search on mobile, how we can make sure that the navigation on mobile
isn’t too clunky and it provides a really seamless fast experience. So one of the
areas we always look for is like expanding the search bar mobile to drive
traffic through there, as we mentioned conversion rates soar through search so
you really want to be capitalising on that as a retailer. Yeah we can also
make other improvements like pushing a full page search results page and just
making the whole UX really clean and seamless. Yeah and especially on mobile
making it the primary form of navigation within search, that is- you are going to see
an improved conversion rate considerably, one of our clients at the moment, I was just
chatting to her only yesterday and within the first three months of using
Klevu she’s doubled mobile conversion rate which is absolutely
fantastic. And a great ROI for them.

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