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[AVENGER] Sir! -Why haven’t they come yet?
-They’ll come sir. From which country shouId
they come? -From London. -Sir!
-No. First I want to see my grandson. Sir! Your son has come. Greetings!
-Greetings! Come dear! -How are you dad?
-Grand father dear! -Grand father!
-Come dear! -Take the luggage inside.
-Get up dear! I am seeing him now,
after 3 years of his birth. Here on, he’ll stay here Dad.
Kiss grandfather! Come fast.
Give him to me. Hadn’t you ask me what I’ve achieved? She is my wife Bharathi,
and he is my son. Pothuraju is my best friend. Yes dear! He is Krishna
and he is Kucheludu. What about me?
-You are our driver. Our Krishna has earned
a lot of money abroad ..and has come here for us. He is going to build
a sugar factory over here. Not only that, a job to every home.. and as father wished,
50% share in profit is yours. Andhra Bank. 1 crore rupees. I couldn’t have done all the formalities
for the factory without Pothuraju. What happened? -Seems he is our Siva.
-Yes sir. Hey Siva! What is this? Give me the money. You unfaithful dogs. Why should I give you the money? You wait Krishna.
I’ll take care of this. -Do you want money?
-Shoot him. Do you want money? Dear! Pothraju, what is this? I’m your best friend? Why have you shot me? I too want money. I too want to go abroad. I’m not your secretary. I thought, he would have brought
money from abroad, not a gun! It’s heavy weight. You fools! If anything happens wrongly,
we all will be finished. Pothuraju! Tell our shares. Take my shots but not your shares. No, No Pothuraju. As long as I live,
I’ll be at your service. You are my partner. To do good for the village
but thieves robbed the money… …and killed Pothuraju, Seshu,
Raghavaiah family and burned the car. Seshu, bring my wife and
son to railway station. Come. -Seshu brother!
-Come, I’ll tell you. Come fast. Put it inside.
Come dear. Why had you called me?
What are in the bags? Thieves killed the old man and
gave us the money. You come. -You would have done something.
-You have got it, haven’t you? Stop your nusense.
Come. -Give me the child.
-Leave him. Wait, I’II see you. Get in Pothuraju. Get in fast. She is only my relation so far. Hence money only. Music
Manisharma. Come money god.
Come It’s very hot.
Sir! Money is very hot. Come, if you want,
else leave it. Fake currency have increased
than original currency in the city. Greetings brother! Acid! There is a delivery
day after tomorrow. -Have you finished the printing?
-We’ll get completed. But only packing is taking a long time. 10 of our people died
in confront last month. We need new people to deIiver.
-Yes brother. Police searching has also increased.
They will fear of them. 100 crore population are in India.
Won’t we get the people? Select 10 people. -Brother! These are the people.
-Greetings sir. Seeing the set up,
they are going to give us labour work. -What do you do?
-I sell black tickets. -What about you?
-He sells drugs. I pick pockets. I do rowdiesm and goondaism. I make enemies sleep restless. -You fatty!
-Seems he eats more food and sleeps well. Appoint him as office boy. I’ll give you salary
what a software engineer gets. Do your work calmly.
-Ok. -Go. Hey, do it fast. Brother! If we take much money,
won’t there be any risk? Why not? Police on one side and
Dass gang on the other side. Our people died in last confrontation. Now you are appointed fresh.
-Oh God! Why does the confrontation happen? Generally there have not been
confronts in 3 or 4 months. Sometimes if our time is bad.. God! I’ve died. I heard your printing is superb.. and Gandhi looks clear over the currency. What is this twist,
when we join in the duty? Who are these boys?
Are they new batch? Already we are Iate,
we have to deliver it. Yes, your time is over. Printing is yours,
but deIivery is ours. Oh god! Gosh! Oh God! I’ve hid here
without anyone’s knowIedge. Acid brother! Is it you? Who is he? Our Leader. What? Will you hit us coming by cycle? Have you forgotten the history
who created sensations coming by cycle? Or have you thought
none will come by cycle? -Who are you?
-Kranthi. -Kanthri? I am Kranthi to good peopIe. But I am Kanthri to bad peopIe Iike you. Do you know who I am?
I am Dass’s man. You teII me. ShouId I fear you or Dass? TotaI city peopIe fear him,
hence you shouId too fear him. Then, he is just equaI to my hair. I am his right hand.
So you shouId fear me. Then, you are just my hair. We’ve seen 1000 peopIe’s Iike you. Is it?
I am 1001th type in that. You couIdn’t see a movie Iike this. AII scenes wiII be new in styIe. And it wiII have vioIence. Dass right hand has broken..
Is there anybody his Ieft hand here? -It has broken.
-Hit them. Why do they escape? -What about the Iorry?
-Get in, Iet’s go. -Escape from here.
-Get in. -Do you have match box?
-Yes, I’ve. Do you want cigarette? He is going to burn the jeep.
Run away. Many peopIe have said that our house
tuteIary norms is not good. Weight shouIdn’t be there
in northeast corner. You come here. It is northeast where you stood. Are you my weight or eIse anyone. Where is PaidithaIIi? Greetings sir! Where is the money? Even PR is in Hongkong,
Seshu maintains quaIity weII. SampIe is fine but
where is the totaI goods? It’s the one that I have now. -Are you kidding?
-No sir, it’s true. I’II burn you. You went aIong with a gang but returned
with empty hand. What happened? Goods were with me onIy. But some new guy came and
attacked us suddenIy. He hit us vioIentIy. PR maintains quaIity goods
and good peopIe. But I have these waste guys. What Narsingh?
What happened? I toId him that I am your right hand.
That’s why he broke my right hand. Gosh! It’s ok, you brought Rs.50,000,
It’II serve the petroI expenses. Are you worried?
Why are you giving me jeep keys? He burned ourjeep. -Who is that new guy?
-His name is Kanthri. No, He is Kranthi sir. If Kranthi had not come,
we wouId have Iost aII the goods. We want him to do this kind of works. Where does he stay? ‘PremaIayam’ It seems Iike an orphanage. Don’t pIuck fIowers. If Iadies pIuck fIowers,
they pIace it in their pIaits. But, where do you pIace it? Who are you?
-I am an orphan. -Who are they?
-We are aIso orphans. -Oh God! Oh Lord in Heaven!
Another sinner has come. There is no pIace here
for a person Iike you. If you have any wound,
I’II see and aIIow you. I am not an orphan. He has come for our Kranthi. Dear Kranthi! An aged person
has come for you. -Move aside.
-Be caIm. -Aged person?
-No. Are you the acid used
for cIeaning bathroom? Entire city shakes for this acid. WiII you cIean aII bathrooms in the city? -Yesterday I was not weII..
-Stop bIabbering and come to the point. Won’t you Iet me teII about myseIf? Ok, come sir is caIIing you. Brother?
Who is he? Don’t you know about brother. As far as I know,
there was onIy one person caIIed.. ..as ‘Brother’ without
any bIood reIation in AP. Now he is in heaven No one has born to be caIIed after him.
TeII me about the matter. Our Seshu brother is
caIIing you, Come. I won’t come just by caIIing..
I want advance. Advance? We don’t get
our wages properIy there. Worker gets wages.. UsefuI person gets advance.. You won’t understand.
CaII him. Brother! He wants an advance. Give phone to him. Had you asked advance? Have you become hero by one fight? One fight? I am famous for fights. You must give me an advance. Yesterday I didn’t give you advance,
then why did you do it? Yesterday your boys
had just seen a traiIer. TraiIer is free. If you want to see my movie,
advance booking is a must. If you buy the ticket and enter inside,. ..there’II be so much entertainment
which you expect. He wouId be usefuI to us. -Give him 1 Iakh rupees.
-Ok. He won’t give our wages properIy.
But he’II give him advance.. Father uses it for a month’s expenses. Can’t you say thanks to me?
You are arrogant. OnIy my body weight has decreased
but not my head weight. It comes by birth.
Go. It means to get out.
Come. No one is as mass as him. None is as class as him. Don’t quarrel,
He is dangerous He is a tiger in doing work. He is a hunter to enemies. He is a big fighter in betting. l am a dangerous one. l am all in all to myself. l fight day and night. l am arrogant by birth. lf anyone challenges me,
Violence is the end. Bullets will be silent in Front oF me. l’ve license to fight,
go Forward. He is a dangerous one lf fight starts,
he’ll be in Front. He equals to 10 thousand horse power.. He is an explode fire and cracker. Today’s weather forecast report. The sky is cIoudy,
but won’t be rain. AIready VaraIakshmi decided
to wash face with rain water. Sister! It’s raining. Come. It’s getting Iate to go to coIIege.
Come. You too come. Sister! DefiniteIy you’II
become a heroine. I am correct to HoIIywood
but not to taIIywood and boIIywood. VaraIakshmi, Its raining heavy
Come fast. VaraIakshmi thought rain shouId come,
so rain has come. VaraIakshmi thought not to rain. Did you see it? VaraIakshmi has come.
So rain won’t come. So what’s the need to use umbreIIa.
CIose it. Do you have such a
confidence in you? Yes, what I think, wiII happen. -Then what if we think?
-Anything wiII happen. Don’t kill me with your glance.. He thinks he is Ravitheja.. l got crazy without your love.. -They seem to be from different states..
-They are going. -She is from Maharashtra.
-She is from Utter Pradesh. Look at VaraIakshimi!
She Iooks Iike ShimIa appIe. Don’t you have sense? You TamiI Nadu girI, Wait.
You’re not fair to the IeveI of your shout He comments on you. What he had said to you was a comment
But he is boasting me. If she wears a sari,
we can see this Andhra Pradesh’s beauty. VaraIakshmi is getting angry. Now this crazy wiII get cured. Things known is Iess,
Things unknown are Iots. -To him or us? Acting is Iike an ocean. He is a smaII dust in it. Are you kidding this Rajini hasan? You come here.
You go and do your practice. Do it Iike what I’ve done. Greedy man and angry woman
won’t come up weII. Say it. Angry woman.. Where is your reaction? How I did and how you’ve done? What’s the difference
between yours and mine? There is a difference Iike that
between man and doberman. Whom shouId I seIect as hero
for coming month’s taIent search? -SeIect me sir.
-What man? Come here. What are the patches on your head? I’ve appIied Iemon juice and shoe fIower
oiI for hair growth on my head.. ..and I used so many medicines too. -Do one thing?
-What sir? Use cap. I am not abIe
to see you. Go away. Don’t ever dare at this Rajini Hasan. I’ve drunk aII acting skiIIs
Iike mixed juice. What is that movement?
Your movement shouId be Iike this. Is Barathanatyam such difficuIt? I am a bit Iate. It’s the first quaIity
needed to be a heroine. What for is this? To eat it. Why do you give me this,
when so many peopIe are here? I have this one onIy. -Move aside?
-Are you bIind? I want hero character. Have you come with makeup aIready? No, those are Iock up hits. PoIice gave some touch up to me. What is my character in the program? Script is ready for you.
Go and wear the spiderman dress. -My face wouIdn’t appear.
-I’II manage it. -We received your suit case.
-Is minister there? -Are you fine? -How couId I be fine
how Iong PR wiII be in this Hong Kong? He wants share from every of my business. He treats me Iike a fooI
because I had worked with him. I am scared about my brother on
what wiII happen if he fight with him. But you are happiIy.. Nothing Iike that, I am very busy in
my daughter’s marriage arrangements. That’s why I sent that gift
for your daughter’s marriage. -What about these girIs?
-They are gift to you. -It’s ok. Look PA! I don’t know whether
you’II put enquiry commission or not.. ..use aII ruIes that’s in the Law.. ..But PR shouId be in India in 2 days. Do anything, otherwise.. If you can’t do him anything,
Ieave him to me.. I’II kiII him. No, I’II do that. Indian Embassy,
Hong Kong PR(A)Pothu Raju You deveIoped your business
from brocket, arrack, cheap Iiquor.. ..To fake notes, extortion,
iIIegaI exports and shipping. You’ve become to do business in Hong Kong. Those are rumors. AII evidences are in Indian government. We put enquiry commission on you. Not onIy did you do mischiefs in India.. ..you are behaving as a Monarch here too Home minister has taken
your case personaIIy. Isn’t Home minister Ranga Reddy? Isn’t he arranging his daughter marriage? He said to make
arrangements for your arrest. There is no pIace for taIks.
Here is the tickets. We are starting in the evening.
Your time is over here. Now, what’s the time in India? Oh gosh! What is this? Where have you gone? Who took this as a fiIm? It’s a DVD quaIity.
How is it? It’s not Iooking Iike piracy, isn’t it? Our peopIe are standing
at aII TV channeIs with your DVD’s. What is this torture? -If it is teIecasted..
-I wouId act in condom ads for Iiving. No Seshu, what shouId I do? You idiot! Speak in TeIugu. Go at once and beg to PR. Otherwise take this phone
and put at his Iegs. I’II beg myseIf.
-What happened sir? In this age I can’t act
in condom ads for Iiving, that’s why. I wiII teII sorry to him. TeII to minister that
PR won’t come for others sake. OnIy if he wants to come, he wiII.
What wiII you say? If onIy PR wants to come, he wiII.
None can bring PR. I Iike to hear my name in shivering voice. Now you got hot. Who worked as a broker
to me tried to cheat me. Dog taiIs wiII aIways be Iike that. Let us think about that brothers. Two. Three. Who can pIay with me? -Move aside.
-Brother! You’ve come in right time. -What is this?
-Numbers game. -Brother! He won 5,000 rupees of ours.
-Is it? -Yes. Look! I’II give finishing touch now. Come on, pIay. -First keep your money there.
-Ok, I’II. I meant originaI notes. My Iucky number is 1 . Mine is 6. Don’t know why Seshu is kidding me After my work gets finished,
I wouIdn’t pay him a penny. Brother! I am coming.
-He saved. Otherwise he doesn’t have
a wife as a pIedge to the game. Rao Neither pays the settIement agreed
nor picks up my caII. If PR knows this,
it’II create a probIem. Go and see his matter. How did he win in every game? Gosh! He made a hoIe in this box
and made our pockets empty. He is a fraud. Artists didn’t come from the sky. They came from amidst the peopIe. Go and mingIe with the peopIe, ..Iearn variations and come.
But prefer your notes. What shouId I do sir? You are ogIing at the girIs.
Hence you are a bIind person.. Sir! I am a bIind person.. You are aIso a dumb person. When you are in acting,
you shouId invoIve in your character. Seeing my costume
everyone thinks me as a Iabour. -Get this sack.
-Now, you can invoIve in the character. When I woke up this morning,
I wanted to see the exhibition.. In the evening I saw the exhibition. She is torturing us
teIIing about her Iuck. Now we have to see her matter. Even it costs us 1 ,000 rupees. Ask him. -Where is the parrot?
-Parrot? He wouId have eaten. What are this cards? If you give me 100 rupees.. ..I’II teII who wiII become
rich or not among you. Do you have faith
in your prophecy? -Take your hand. It depends on Iisteners. Take out one card. Had doctor died, when you was born? Yes sir, he got heart attack You take out one card. You wiII be a damseI for your Iife. Beauty! You take out one card. Oh my mom! Your’s is not an ordinary fortune.. You are a Iucky fortune girI. Anything you think wiII happen.. You’II marry a rich person. Leave me.
I beg you. No, don’t kiII me. UsuaIIy Rao cheats everybody. But he is being beaten by someone. -Hit him. -Nothing. They are
cIose friends. They are chatting. -You may go.
-Go away. Your Iand probIem got sIoved..
and your business is going weII. -By whom?
-By PR. Isn’t it? Then why didn’t
you pay the amount to him? I’II give. I’II give him
keeping it with fIowers. If you don’t pay him, I’II decorate
your corpse with that fIowers. CaII him. PR sir, It’s me Rao speaking. I’II settIe your amount tomorrow. He is aiming me with my pistoI.
I feeI scared. -Ask him not to do it.
-Ok, give the phone to him. -I’II give. -Hey Acid..-No, I am Kranthi.
I joined newIy. He said that he’II give the money.
Leave him. Sir! I’II give it tomorrow. -If you don’t give the money,
I’II use this. -No sir. BeautifuI girI.
I Iike her. I’II fix her in our movie. You too can fix it.
Oh God! I decided.
So, you too can decide it. -She Iooks Iike Hamsa(Swan).
-Does she Iook Iike that to you? I’ve fixed it. Is your name Hamsa?
-What is your torture? It’s your crazy that
girIs Iike rough face guys. -I am Kranthi.
-No, it’s your crazy. -His name is Kranthi.
-Is it Kanthri? If it’s for cIarity, it’s Kranthi.
If it’s confusion, it’s Kanthri. Whatever is my name,
so is my character. You shouIdn’t taIk to him rashIy. Take out a card for free,
Because you hit Rao. -He’II become a rich person.
-You are right. Scratch and win.. WorId tour for just Rs.100. -Scratch something.
-No. I’II definiteIy get a prize and
It’s a routine to take it to home. We have 24 branches in this State. If everyone who scratches gets a prize..
We have to shutdown our business. Come madam.
Try once. Why do you stare at me? You’II know who I am
after they scratch the card. Our company wiII get Rs.500 profit. You too give a try once.
We wiII cIose our shop a bit earIy. Scratch it. Do it fast.
We can’t bear the suspense. I’ve pIanned to attack Rao in the night. -You do everything a bit Iate.
-Sir! Seshu sir! It was done by mistake. Here is your totaI payment. From where did you bring Kanthri? He aimed at my forehead.
StiII I feeI scared. I caIIed PR in a hurry..
Convey my apoIogy to him. Acid sir, everything wiII be right.
Bye sir. -CaII for PR..
-Acid, what is it? -Greetings sir!
-What about payment? -I gave him.
-Go away. Gosh! He is deciding
everything by himseIf. I don’t know anything. Wait, I’II see him. Junior! You are over avaiIing.
-Is it my hair? I thought same as you.
I want to get my haircut. What awfuI work have you done? What are the difference
between you and Rao? I didn’t do any awfuI work. None did that work. Not onIy do I take money in advance,
But do jobs in advance as weII. Why did you caII PR? I aimed pistoI at his eye.
He caIIed him You shouIdn’t directIy deaI with PR. First you shouId inform me.
-Wait brother! Junior! How did you know about Rao? Didn’t you and Seshu taIk
in the room yesterday? How couId you Iisten
when we were taIking in the room? I can Iisten whatever
I can see with my sight. Am I Iooking Iike a fooI? Go and speak something in the room.
I’II teII if you are a fooI or not? WiII you? I’II see what you can teII? Kanthri became a big torture to me. The saIary is not enough
what Seshu gives me. I thought to hide sum of money
from Rao’s payment. But I couIdn’t.. If I beIieve this Seshu,
I can’t get anything. He spoke there. Has he toId? Insufficient saIary
and ugIy face. Brother! You are my God. I taIked Iike that because he can’t find,
if I abuse God. Look Seshu! You instruct him.
After which he instructs us. I knew that if Rao goes to Bombay,
he’II return after 10 days. That’s why I did Iike that. -Did Rao settIe our payment?
-Yes, he did. Veeru and his brother’s time are over. Send 3 of our peopIe here. Whom wiII you send? Bairagi. Baba. Acid. Get their passport ready. You 3 peopIe are going to Hong Kong. PR has some work for you.. -Get your passport ready.
-OK. That’s it Junior!
Though you did advance work.. these chances come to the seniority. Are you in tension? Be carefuI with me. I’II teII about you to PR and
take you next time with me. Sir! Switch on the speaker phone. He may teII about me.
He shouId Iisten it. -Seshu.
-TeII me PR. Don’t send Acid.
He taIks more and do Iess work. Who is that boy that deaIt Rao’s payment? He seems a bit fast.
Send him. WiII you take me with you? -It Iooks Iike VoIvo bus.
-Shut up. Are you married? -What is it?
-AC comes from it. Gosh! Here is my pretty. -How you came here?
-I am going to Hong Kong. Both of us are traveIing in one fIight. Kranthi! How Iucky you are! -VaraIakshmi Dear!
-Who is he? I feeI pity seeing aII of them. They wouId have spent more money
to get tickets, isn’t it dear? -Dad! No one is as Iucky as me.
-You are right. Your dad? Which means he’II be my uncIe. Wait a minute. My name is Kranthi. I am a friend of VaraIakshmi.
-What are you? I am doing quaIity checking
in PR exports. Yes, it’s a big company. -I am going to Hong Kong
to meet our Boss. -Is it? -Are you feeIing comfortabIe over here?
-Ok, not bad. If any probIem arises,
teII to my assistant. -Am I his assistant?
-Am I then? I think he Iiked me. WeIcome to winners of
Scratch and Win Don’t know who wiII come Oh! It’s a big airport. See! There is a man hoIding TeIugu banner.
-Dear! It’s for us. Seems they wouId have scratched the card. They are waving their hands. FoId it and keep inside.
Get the car ready. Have you organized aII arrangements weII? Was it you scratch the card? -Why do you say aII this?
-Seems he Iives on Iucky draw. In which draw you got him? These days I spent
2 Iakh rupees to get him. Whenever you go to buy something
for money, you have to watch carefuIIy. He Iooks Iike an antique. And he wore safari dress Iike a gun man. Junior! Where are you going? You both shouId wait here. I’II go outside
to see my darIing. How wiII you go? There wiII be a transit VISA. I’II take it outside and meet my darIing. I’II be here at fIight time. How does he know these detaiIs? When wiII your fIight takeoff? I shouId wait for 12 hours, uncIe. Are you Singapore or SimhachaIam? -You shouId maintain cIarity.
-I am SimhachaIam. -I became Iike this after coming
to Singapore. -What happened? Nothing. PeopIe scratch the card and win. They wiII come here
and I’II roam with them. No one gives me a singIe penny. If you want to meet me in Singapore,.
Take this, my visiting card. He wiII go to Hong Kong. It is just waiting. -Let us meet in Hyderabad.
-Ok. -Come dear! Come madam! You shouIdn’t do
Iike that in airport. She is going. Brother! Don’t wait.
Come. I’II come. Tomorrow..
why are you here? Didn’t I give him my visiting card?
He found me out. UncIe! Any how my fIight is Iate. I wanted to see Singapore
tiII the evening. -He didn’t want to see Singapore.
-Then, he wanted to see your famiIy. This is our famiIy trip. It’s a free trip to your famiIy. If anyone give me doIIars,
they can come. -Go and get in.
-Ok. This is Zoo. If you go inside, animaIs wiII
feeI happy for some time. Have you been Iike this from your chiIdhood
or changed, coming to Singapore? Breakfast amidst the animaIs. 25 doIIars for each person. We don’t want these rates. Breakfast is good. BiII for food is yours.
My company won’t pay for it. You shouId pay the biII incIuding mine. No, not at aII, we won’t pay the biII. It’s ok uncIe. I’II pay your biII.
My company wiII give it. Is it your Love company? -Naughty! You know everything.
-You have romantic quaIity as weII. Dad! You pay the biII. Why dear? He said he’II pay the biII. -Don’t take Iucky dip here.
-Why? If you win an eIephant,
we’II be finished. Yes, eIephant is very dangerous. There is no difference between
you and thats in this pose. You are Iooking exceIIent. Do you feeI Iike visiting your reIatives? -I’II see you Iater.
-Those are zebras. -I thought donkeys got coIored.
-I toId because you wouId think Iike that. Listen! This is under water worId. You can see here different types
of fishes, that are in the sea.. Yes, They have buiIt gIasses
beneath the fish ponds. If Singapore government Iistens it,
they’II put you in the museum. -If they want to Iisten it, what to do?
-You shouId shut your mouth. How do we find which is maIe fish
and femaIe fish in this? This is not an ordinary famiIy. -I’II ask them madam.
-Fishes? Go away. These are jeIIy fishes.
It can’t be used for eating. If you want,
you can serve it to your husband. Come here! Put down your hand.
Not for money. Are there mesmerizing girIs over here? -MoIes and damseIs are here individuaIIy.
-What is his confidence? He feeIs very joy
seeing birds fIy. Don’t know when wiII he fIy with
his daughter, then onIy he’II get cut. Those are cranes.
Those couId be found in India as weII. -Are swans here?
-I haven’t seen yet. I Iike swan very much. -How about you uncIe?
-I too Iike it Those in white coIor and neat. Good figure aIso. -Of swan?
-You are right. -First I wanted to name my daughter
VaraIakshmi as Hamsa. -Yes. -What happened to her? -Go there and
smiIe at me or smiIe yourseIf. Swans seperate water and rock. His concentration is not on your taIk.. Stop it.
Ok bye. This is fountain of weII. These 4 buiIdings around it
are Iike 4 fingers. They buiIt it seeing tuteIary norms That’s why Singapore earn more profit. If we buiId fountains and buiIdings
Iike these in Hyderabad.. ..wiII it change as Singapore?
Shut up. You are bIabbering at us what you Iike. Why do we bother him?
Come, Iet’s go aside. He doesn’t know the difference
between Madhapore and Singapore. -My uncIe.
-Have you fixed it? WiII not it work out? Look at her!
She is cIass. You Iook Iike sIum guy.
It means mass. You are right.
What shouId I do now? You shouId go for shopping. If you have doIIars, you can change as
a cIass guy with in a minute in Singapore. -Is it?
-Yes. -Come.
-That’s it. Come. -Gosh! In my Iife, I gave my first
kiss to him. -How is it sister? Thinking disgusting,.
What have you done dear..??? To spoil my mind. Don’t bother.
None will notice us. You need not worry. What can l say if others enquire? How to show them my paining heart? Don’t know what would happen
in this state oF stupor Will you become a Romeo
thinking oF me? You say that you don’t Feel
the same way like me.. Should l believe what you say? lf you don’t believe me,
l just laugh to myself.. Won’t you accept that
l didn’t think about you? After seeing you,
l lost my mind. Truth is always bitter
lts not your Fault Don’t blame me like that. Many girls prettier than you are here.. Have l ever seen them? l didn’t say ‘No’ l think it’s my luck Should l think all
my prayers came like you? My Fate was written
beFore you were born Hence, l was m born For you
in this earth, oh dear! Don’t mesmerise me with your talk. I wiII meet in Hyderabad. I think PR wouId have come. Is he PR?
He Iooks Iike a sorcerer HeIIo sir! I wiII come to the point. PR wants this.
-Give it to him. Why did you show to us? Not photo. He wants him. Where is he? I wiII catch him. Its is not that easy. He maintains a separate gang
after he parted from PR. ..and he kiIIed 20 of our peopIe. AII the time his brother takes drugs. He knows PR’s peopIes He has tight security. That’s why I am sending you. You have to enter Iike a worker. PR wants him aIive. Come.
Get in. Biragi is caught.
We wiII Ieave him. You go back. Do you think of making
your brother as No.1 by kiIIing me? Do you think that is as easy as
smeIIing cocaine? Separate gang, torture.. Your brother raised
his voice by seeing you. Let me see what wiII he raise
by knowing that you under my Ieg. Is this caII to his brother? One minute. When did he catch him? Why shouId I come again
from Hyderabad because of him? That’s why I brought him. Why through phone? Speak directIy. I Iike your speed. What is your name? At first you came to Hong kong
you joined as a pimp in my gang. Now Minister IeveI broker.. Do you think it’s easy to kiII P.R
Iike you suppIy the girIs? I know you won’t aIIow us to Iive. I onIy did pIanning, execution.
so you kiII me. My brother is a kid. Don’t kiII him.
Leave him. Show your enmity on me. My enmity is on you. How wiII my enmity come to an end,
if I kiII you You wiII die in a second. Brother, why did you pIay with PR? He has kiIIed me, brother. This is satisfaction of enmity. PR KiIIed my brother, shouId be your cry
so Iong as you Iive. Oh God! By seeing P.R’s rage
I didn’t get stupor. -How much is his property?
-1000 crores. When wiII you come to Hyderabad? -Why? -To fix my second
marriage engagement. -Shit! Why do you need marriage?
You have to enjoy with girIs. -From where did you bring him?
-I had brought him. I gave him training
for 3 months in my styIe. He is orphan. But he has craziness. You.. I Iike you. I have been
Iike you in your age. Ask whatever you want? GirIs, money… Boss! We brought him giving advance. Brother is asking you, isn’t it?
TeII him. TeII me, what do you want? Do you want the chair? Not the chair, But that position. -Did you booze more? -Without
boozing itseIf I wouId be in stupor. Whatever is the fieId
I have to become a top in position. That is the top position in our fieId. If you give that one
I won’t take that. I wiII earn myseIf. By seeing what, that
you have such a confidence? By seeing myseIf. I won’t get inspired by seeing someone. I am the inspiration to myseIf. Biragi, he doesn’t know the difference
between younger and eIder. He doesn’t mind anyone. I Iike you. You stay here for a week
and enjoy yourseIf. I have to go tomorrow. ChiIdren are waiting for me.
-ChiIdren? That is a big orphanage.
They aII are arrogant. We wiII go.
I have my marriage engagements. I Iike you. Sister, I forgot to give you.
Kranthi asked me to give you. Go away. FIats, furniture,
Singapore trip aII are finished. Try a car in your another draw. I wiII try. Dear, It may rain.
Take this UmbreIIa. VaraIakshmi is going
Rain won’t come. Gosh! Why are you shocked? Its Raining. Didn’t you bring
the umbreIIa. That’s it. -Ok, how was your Singapore trip?
-It’s ok. What? I think rain is coming for you. Yes, it’s Iike that. Oh princess! I Iike you Nizam beauty. You went to Singapore.
Why didn’t you teII me about it? See! How I have become thin
waiting for you since one week. Hey, why did you speak Iike my wouId-be? Did you hear that? AIthough she is
in emotion, she caIIed me her wouId-be. But she didn’t caII me as brother. That means she has
some feeIings for me. VaraIakshmi is getting angry.
-Sachin too is getting moody. PoIice have gone aIready. UrgentIy, I want to meet Lee. Did you get Singapore trip? The shop keeper yeIIed.
-Trip was nice. After that… Everything changed reverse. Take one card. Take another one. Oh my bad dad who is in Chennai! What happened? I am aIso asking that same question. What had happened in Singapore trip? Wasn’t a person who hit
the owner that day? Kranthi.. Yes, that powerfuI guy. He aIso came with us in same fIight. He made me get irritated. Except that,
everything was ok. What had happened between
your departure and arrivaI? In my Iife, I gave him my first kiss. After that weather changed to worst. Did he kiss you? No, it was me. It was me. Here kiss pain and
there kiss gain. He is not an ordinary man. In one kiss.. ..He puIIed your power. I thought I thought when I met him.. ..VaraIakshmi is not comfortabIe. What shouId I do now? This is not in ‘A’ sacred book. I’m teIIing by my experience. You Iost your power for a kiss.. ..So you can get back it in another kiss. ShouId she kiss him again?
How? Come, I’II show you.
Like this. -Ok, I’II kiss him.
-Do it. I’II get my Iuck back.
-Ok. Oh beauty! Come.
I’II write China to you. Oh dear! Let me see my Iuck. Oh dear! l am lying in the lap
of tides, expecting you! Oh dear! I am Rambo sister-in-Iaw! -Sister-in-Iaw?
-Yes sisters. Sisters? Our Kranthi toId me to caII,
average figure as sister.. ..and extra ordinary as sister-in-Iaw. He wouId. We’ve come for sociaI service camp
from HCM coIIege. We brought tamarind rice and
curd rice for you aII to eat. Aren’t eIders here?
Like Kranthi.. They wiII come in the evening. You come bringing
tamarind rice and curd rice.. ..in the name of sociaI service camp. We are not storm affected peopIe.. We are orphans. We don’t have parents to ask our needs. We are God’s chiIdren. Who wiII give these items to us? -Who wiII give us?
-We wiII give you. We wiII give you incIuding Kranthi. Note it down sister-in-Iaw. That which is
your Kranthi’s favorite dish? He Iikes haIwa with dry grapes in it. Bring it by evening.
We’II eat and bIess you. -Go.
-WaIk fast. Where are the items?
I am feeIing very hungry? What happened to them? For what are you waiting? Brother! Afternoon, 4 sisters and
1 sister-in-Iaw came to meet you. Sister-in-Iaw’s name is VaraIakshmi. They are bringing good food items for us. Your darIing! What fate is this to us? It’s our bad time, Rani.
No chance. It has come. Item has come. Haven’t you brought aII items
what is in the Iist? Go and check it out. Dear! I want a biriyani with Ieg piece. Let’s eat after finishing the prayer. Is prayer the need of this moment? You Iooks Iike Madona.. ..You have Mother Theresa’s affection
which can’t be visibIe. I’II wait there. Jesus! Give peace
to the souIs of prawn, fish.. ..hen and goat
that they Iost their Iives for us. Eat now. Have you mixed properIy? I have mixed 4 sIeeping piIIs
in each food packet. They wiII sIeep in 5 minutes
after finish eating. You can go and do your work. HaIwa with kiss miss. Is it sociaI service? Kiss taste is superb. Kiss miss taste is superb. TeII me the truth. You’ve done these aII for me, right? Kiss him and come fast. Come. UsuaIIy Iadies wiII get first chance.
-You got second chance too. Didn’t you get intoxicated? I got intoxicated
but dose was not enough. You thief! Kissing me whiIe in sIeep is not right Come, Iet’s kiss now. -No.
-Come. Your tsunami youth has touched me,
l can’t wait, dear! Come and caress my beauty
and play your wish. Drench me with your kisses. Sweet cheeks are here.
Enjoy it. Beauty! l Fell in your magic beauty. Sweetie! l toppled over in that magic. Dear! l got stuck into you
on my way. Don’t Feel shy and bothered. You are my hunter!
Come and hunt this beauty. You are my beauty
to wait For my hunt. Cupid! After you start the play,
l won’t ask you to stop. Your tsunami youth.. l’ll come and peck your eyes.
Don’t glance at me l’ll come and hug you.
Feel happy with our pair. You made me crazy with your beauty.
Make me happy. This beauty is yours,
come and enjoy it. l liked your beauty.
Pretty! You are advanced. Brother! Chinna! Chinna’s both kidneys are damaged. It can’t be cured by medicine. DiaIysis has be done to him We shouId give him
treatment keeping in the hospitaI. 10 Iakh rupees wiII be needed for that. I’II get it within evening. Brother, -Hmm..
-What sin have these doIIars done? ShaII we print it too? PR is Patriotic towards his country. Gosh! He is coming. Sir is in work.
Wait here. When he stopped you outside,
why didn’t you obey it? We are in important work.
Can’t you see? I have work with Seshu Bai. Bai! Our Chinna is admitted
in the hospitaI for kidney probIem. We want 10 Iakh rupees urgentIy. My grandma too is not weII. I am senior person over here.
Did I ask him? Is this a government office to you? To give heaIth insurance and fund. It’s very urgent Bai. EIse he wiII die. Let him die. One orphan wiII die, that’s aII. Expenses wouId reduce. If he was your son,
wiII you say Iike this? Why your tone is rising? Its not that, that day PR
praised him in Hong Kong. We may Iook Iike fooIs to him. There he asked for chair.
And here he is asking for money. WiII you give me or not? Are you threatening us? Can’t we run
this gang without you? If you run the gang without me.. ..then Kranthi wiII act without a gang. I want money. I’ve dismissed him from the gang. Risk, bIood and hard work is ours. Earning crores of money
through our hard work.. ..won’t you heIp us when we need? -Take money and put in the suit case.
-I’II. -10 Iakh rupees. I am putting. -Otherwise I’II kiII him.
-Don’t do anything. Take it. Come. Come. In future, aII of you wouId
aIso face a simiIar situation I’II maintain separate gang from today. If you wish,
you can come with me. What wiII happen if PR knows it? Not onIy PR,
none can do anything to me. See, who is it? -I am Bairagi speaking.
-TeII me Bairagi. Kranthi came here and quarreIed with us. -If we want to do anything..
-Give me. Had I been in Seshu pIace,
I wouId’ve drank acid and died He is very strong,
that’s why he is aIive. Some peopIe Iive a meanIy Iife Kranthi quarreIed with Seshu
and started a new gang. Situation is very bad. He is very speedy Iike me. -CaII his number.
I’II taIk him. -TeII me. I heard that you started
a new gang there. You don’t have that chance. Go and say sorry to Seshu
and join in the work as usuaI. I won’t give 2 chance to anyone. RascaI! I Iiked you. -That’s why I give you..
-You don’t have that chance too. AIready I have decided and got advance. Now I don’t beIong to your gang. What wiII you do taking that advance? WiII you kidnap schooI chiIdren
or do extortion? It’s not so easy
to maintain gang against me. I got advance for your head. One crore rupees. None wiII remain in your gang. It’s the cIimax of your cinema. Does he know to whom is he taIking? I know weII to whom
and what I am taIking? I know very weII about you. You do remote controI
sitting in Hong Kong. You don’t have guts,
that’s why you caIIed me there. I don’t know from where
or from whom wouId I start. -Dass!
-What dear! PR and his gang are done with. He taIked to him
Iike how he deaIs with chiIdren. I have been trying
to kiII PR for the past 20 years. But I couIdn’t succeed. Dear! You must work with us. This is just an advance. I’ve kept this new gun for him
after pIacing it before God’s aItar. Here are buIIets. KiII him new styIe. PR has come. Dass got a range to give
advance for my head. But you couIdn’t do him anything.
Waste guys. Not onIy Dass, there are so many peopIe. But onIy one guy who has guts came
to accept the deaI. Dass didn’t caII him.
But Kranthi went there by himseIf. That’s why we shouId kiII him in advance. His death shouId make shiver everyone
who wiII dare to oppose PR. -TeII me.
-They can’t kiII him. CaII a toughie Ask him to hunt him. I want to kiII him watching
fear in his eyes. Ok. Do hunt carefuIIy. He is not an animaI
but he is a hunter. I want him aIive. I wiII wait for you at city square maII. Whom are you asking to come over here? After he comes here,
wiII you kiss him and fIee? What is your pIan this time? -I have fixed him.
-OnIy for one kiss. Not onIy one kiss.
We compIeted it three times. Leave kiss.
He Iiked me very much. Don’t know but I Iiked him. You are suitabIe to him,
But is he suitabIe to you? There are no Iogics. I want him. I asked him to come here to teII that. Come. -Go away.
-Come, Iet’s go. Kranthi brother! I am feeIing scared. Someone is aiming with gun at me. PR has no weaknesses and sentiments. Come and die. I thought PR is a man tiII now. I am coming.. Wait. I want to kiII him with my hands. I’ve decided. I’II kiII you in one second before I die. I’ve decided it. Don’t you feeI scared. You aimed at PR. I know that but
my buIIets doesn’t know it If I trigger it,
it’II kiII anyone. Do you have such arrogance? I shouId kiII you. Pothuraju! Yes, you are Pothuraju. Do you know
whom you are going to kiII? To your son. Yes Pothuraju, Kranthi is your son. Barathi is your wife. Isn’t it? Yes dear! Wait a minute. Look at this photo! He kiIIed my mother. My mother died because of him. I shouId kiII him. WiII you kiII your own father? No Father! My mother got into
troubIes because of him. -He Ieft her aIone.
-No dear! Whom I wished
not to meet in my Iife.. Now I have met him.
-Listen to me. -I shouId kiII him.
-No dear! You are saved. I couIdn’t beIieve it. After 20 years your son… I forgot that I have a son. I never thought that
he wouId aim to kiII me. What God has toId is… If you miss anything,
it wiII seek you. Dear! When I was working
at a mission hospitaI in Vizag.. ..Your smaII chiId Kranthi and your
aiIing wife came there and go admitted. Despite our best treatment
her iIIness didn’t get cured She became mentaIIy iII.. ..and died in our PremaIayam. Before her death she gave me Kranthi. And asked me to swear that
I shoudn’t teII about his dad to him. Since Kranthi grew up
at our PremaIayam. But he thought that no orphan
shouId worry Iike him That’s why he worked for us. Your son is a good man. He is hostiIe with you because you’re
the reason for his mom’s death. That’s why he became emotionaI that day. Today is his mom’s death day. He wiII stay in his mom’s tomb. -Hey, dear.
-No. She is in a peacefuI state after she died Let her be Iike that. For your happiness
you Ieft her. AII these days, did you think
about me and my mom? -She didn’t want to Iive with me
-No. -Don’t teII anything.
-Dear! -He is repenting.
-No father. I won’t beIieve his crocodiIe tears. I agreed to kiII you
when Dass offered me money. Had I known that you were my dad
I wouId have kiIIed you for free of cost. Go away. As far as I remember PR
doesn’t have a wife.. ..then how is Kranthi his son? EIse that PR is doing a drama to kiII me. WiII he kiII me because I asked
him to kiII his dad? I couIdn’t understand
what wiII happen next Pardon, we couIdn’t get you.
My neck pains Iistening to you. Because of tuteIary norms at northwest.. TuteIary norms at northwest? When weight is at northwest,
wiII he become PR’s son? When it is at northeast,
wiII you become my son? Come dear. I heard that your mom died.
I feeI sorry. My mom died 1 7 years ago. Dass, you wouId have
known everything by now. I won’t kiII my dad
even if you offer me more money. That’s why I’ve brought your money back. I am not as crueI as you think. From starting stage itseIf
he was spoiIing me and my business. First time I thought
I got one man to kiII him. But you happen to be his son. What can I do? He got you after 20 years, isn’t it? If I kiII you,
it’s Iike avenging him -How is it?
-Yes brother. ExceIIent Dass! What a brain? I returned your advance onIy,
but I stiII have your gun and buIIets. ShaII I use it? Don’t you know how I use it? I just joked. Don’t do it henceforth. Look at his speed. Whose bIood is this?
PR’s bIood. Now what wiII you do? WiII you go to your dad? Or wiII you stay with me? I am not going anywhere.
I wiII do my work. It’s better to do your job. Congrats to PR’s son. That is my bad Iuck. But I feeI Iucky to have your caII. Day before yesterday
I wanted to teII this… What? WiII you teII it now?
Where shouId I come? I am coming.. Greetings!
WeIcome to pubIic mind show.. TechnoIogy has deveIoped weII. We can pIant the bomb in the pIace.. ..and can watch it Iive on TV. Did you pIant it correctIy? I pIanted the bomb in centre of the jeep. The moment it fires Kranthi wiII die. What have you done? -I jumped.
-Before that. I appIied my jeep’s brake. What if anything had happen
to my vehicIe… Are you mad? Nothing has happened. If anything had happen…
-Nothing has happened. My name is TheIupu (Neat) Ramkrishna -Neatness is in my Iife
-Then cIean my jeep. I won’t use if my vehicIe
has a smaII crack. You fooI! Don’t cross my way. My vehicIe! TeII me quickIy I thought I wanted to teII you that day.
But there was a fight. After that I came to PremaIayam
but there was a father probIem. No tension now. TeII me quickIy. My Iingo is TeIugu. PIease teII me in TeIugu.
225. What 225? In EngIish that is 143
(number of characters). In TeIugu it is ‘I Iove you’.
That is 225 isn’t it? Yes, I Iove you. Luck is favouring me! Oh god! She toId me. Don’t taIk. Let me enjoy myseIf. Is it confirmed?
-Yes confirmed. Where is my bike? My bike.. Chain onIy remained. WeIcome to TV 5 news.. It has come. There was a bomb bIast
at City Square shop in Hyderabad. PoIice suspects that 10 more peopIe
wouId have been dead in this mishap. We’re yet to get detaiIs. Before this incident my name was
TheIupu Ramakrishna But now I am BIack Ramkrishna My new bike is gone.
The chain onIy remained. Who pIanted the bomb in the jeep? He didn’t pIant the bomb.
He onIy kept it. -I wiII kiII you.
-He is escaping.. Who? How do I teII about him? If you come front
I’II kiII her. -KiII her. Is she my reIative? What you..? Stop. -He.. -Come, Iet’s go.
-Catch him. Stop, Ieave him, you.. -Showing knife in pubIic
-Take him. Oh God! I saved your dignity and Iife. Get in.
-Who is he? -Seems he is good man.
-Good man? He is the reason of
bomb bIast in this city. He wiII rape pretty girIs in the night
whom he Iikes at day time. -CarefuI -Where are they
taking him? -To jaiI. He won’t come again. My bike aIso won’t come. You go. What is his back ground? He appeared with Acid Durga for 6 months. He quarreIed there
and recentIy he joined Dass. What is your name? RevoIutionist name. What is your father’s name? What is your father’s name? Why are you siIent? What is your father’s name? Father name is PR Is it enough or do you want address? Sir, is he your son? That was his jeep. He is running the jeep with
the Gas cyIinder. It expIoded. Lawyer, take care of the formaIities. Sir, you may go. Father, shaII we go? OnIy orphans shouId stay in PremaIayam.. No pIace for you as you’ve your father. You have a probIem with Dass. He has more affection for you.
That’s why he came here. If you don’t go with him than I swear.. Come. Come dear. Priya and her mom have come. Dear! Priya is Seshu’s daughter. She has come from America. Come. Brother. Show my home to son. Take care of him. I had a doubt when you
asked for chair in Hong Kong. Hadn’t you ask about that? This home is yours
and chair too. You have become a heir
to the pIace you worked. Are you happy? Shut up. TeII me where is my room? At upstairs. Don’t caII me dear.
-Ok dear. He wiII rape pretty girIs in the night
whom he Iikes at day time. Oh God! WiII you rape me? Have you decided? Are you Priya?
-Like your mom? WiII you ask for name
and address and then you rape? -He is Kranthi.
PR’s son. -Is it? Priya was attacked
when we came from Airport. He saved her. Is your introduction over? Priya, my daughter. She is fair Iike her mom
and hasty Iike you. Ok, I Iike this room. You shift her to some other room. He has grown up Iike a Iabourer. I wiII change him styIishIy. Oh sorceress! Don’t do magic at me. l am coming at you,
What can l do darling? Come! l’ll show you stars. l’ll make thunders For you. l’ll make you tickle like this. And l’ll make you sweat. You are a ripe mango. l’ll crush you with my hug. l’ll compress you with my kisses. l can tempt you with my call. l’ll become heat For your cooling You’re in a Dilemma.. ..you tried and changed my style. Your trailer is so hot.. ..if you co-operate,
we shall make merry. First l’ll give you
honey with my lips. Next l’ll give you
my beauty to enjoy. Then you have to taste
my beauty curves. Shenoy (pipe instrument) sound should
be heard in our romance. Oh mynah! You liked this dynamite. You aroused me
with your Fatal glances. l came without seeing the poster.. l can’t wait For the show to begin. So get ready For our love war. WeIcome to creative dynamic
young dashing director Brahmmi. What’s this autograph and photograph? I don’t understand
by seeing this fan foIIowing. -Sir I saw your cinema.
-Is it nice? Very nice sir.
-Yes it is. Who caIIed me? Boss, tonsured boss. Where is Rajini hasan? It’s me. I changed my costume
Can’t you recognize me? Have I come to see your
taIent or your student’s taIent? Come sir. Sir, I saw your cinema.
But I couIdn’t understand first haIf. -You won’t understand second haIf too.
See the next movie. -Why sir? Sit down. Don’t give that sound. Get up. Why is he Iike this? He is the hero of my new skit. Do you know about the skit’s name?
Spider Reddy. I have mixed fantasy in faction. In fIash back he is a factionist. I made him as Spider Reddy. At Ieast Iet us spare
those movies for chiIdren. You go and show your taIent. I am saying patting my thigh.. I swear of Spider. ..I wiII kiII you. If you want you can use that story. Oh God! WiII he make her as heroine? She has done a make-up and is dancing. You can choose another
for a heroine. VaraIakshmi. You have to make her a heroine somehow. Oh God! She is waving as if its
a 100 days movie function heroine. -It’s her confidence.
-I have no confidence in you. I wiII give a smaII variation.
You’II get it again. In worId history
this Rajini Hasan’s creation is.. Hunting in dark. This skit is dedicated to Mr.Brahmmi
-For me? After 5 minutes. How is it sir? How do I teII my opinion when
I couIdn’t see anything in this dark? I tried something new. -I wanted to achieve your position.
-Come and sit here. -Go man.
-Stop. See, how big home it is! Why did you come here? Where is Kranthi? He is sIeeping inside.
What work you have here? Henceforth this is our home.
Come on guys. Oh God! You! Why are you here? I am observing you. Your dad has asked me
to change your styIe. You’re to do hair grooming and a faciaI. You’ve to change your dress styIe. Fitness is very important. Fitness? I don’t want. I had to need this before But now everyone want me
to become sIim. I beg you, pIease Ieave me.
Let me sIeep. Fitness is important for us. That is correct.
He said it right. Have you aII come?
-Yes. Enjoy yourseIf.
This house is ours. Why did you see Iike this? No brother. VaraIakshmi sister in Iaw is waiting
there for you. -Today is vaIentines day.
-Oh God! Why’re you saying it so Iate? I have to say this matter
to eIder sister in Iaw. Where is your boy friend? He wiII come. One vehicIe sunIight and
one vehicIe moonIight If you mix this
that is my coIor. At Ieast wiII my Iover
accept my Iove today? No doubt. DefiniteIy she won’t accept it. Why won’t she accept my Iove? You Iook Iike a thief. In vaIentines day, you shouId have
chocoIates and gift to give her… …or you shouId be coIorfuI. Whether you are bIack,
white or bIue.. ..you shouId have everything in excess. You shouId definiteIy have fIowers No romance without fIowers Come here. Being fair is not enough. You shouId be smart. GirIs sometimes don’t Iike
even smart men Iike me Forget her if you can’t manage -Happy VioIence day!
-VioIence? I am IittIe weak in EngIish! Happy VaIentines’ day! What? It seems there is
a girI named Priya at home Rambo toId me. Competition? No competition for you Those fIowers are mine. Look! Nature is ours. Don’t say that fIowers, stems,
trees and Ieaves are yours. It sounds horribIe.
Leave it. I bought these. Then go and search there.
What work do you have here? My name is on the fIowers.
I wrote it. Move. -This…
-Is it this? How is it coming from my back? Something happens
whenever I meet you. Once there was a fight. Later it was an expIosion. I feeI tense. You don’t worry. No tension henceforth. Oh God! I shouId have toId you
when I was in bed with you. But I didn’t have fIowers then Then you were missing. She is VaraIakshmi… In bed..
Have you seen it? He took my fIowers. And she took your fIowers. That’s why we have to see between us. If outsiders enter,
situation wiII be Iike that. If he is a cowboy,
I am a Iover boy. Oh God! -Am I that boring?
-Not you. You continue… He said that you are boring. These fIowers are mine. Get Iost! What are you doing? Thank God you didn’t squat
in the bed room. UseIess guy. Where do they come from? Eat weII. Brother, they eat aIways. Bring the ice cream. Me? I wiII bring that. Brother, you won’t get food here. -I’II bring it from the hoteI
-You eat this. You go. Eat. This PR has no
weakness or sentiments. Come and die. Hey, what is this? We are pIaying Iike PR PR pIay? It seems you are
pIaying with PR. Ok, do it. What brother? You Iook happy
and are singing a song. Tomorrow if I have to beg,
I shouId know these songs. What happened brother in Iaw? That PR famiIy was Iike a don’s father.. ..now it has become a cIose knit famiIy. Son, his fiancee and
that chiIdren, aII are happy in that home. I understand your probIem. This time I wiII pIan an
assauIt for both PR and Kranthi. I beg you. Don’t render such comicaI diaIogues. -Let change tuteIary norms of our home
-I don’t beIieve in that. I beIieve myseIf. This time I wiII shoot them. If I shoot them.. Both of them wiII die.. Banerji, you go to Hong kong It’II take 10 days for me to come there You take care of that HawaIa matter aIso. Brother, my second marriage is fixed. Day after tomorrow is my marriage. You must come. Why do you again do the same mistake? His first wife eIoped in his
first night. -I won’t invite you. I missed it. -Hey! -Brother.
-Not Iike that. Hang a bottIe and practice shooting. Or you practice shooting by keeping
a watermeIon over acid’s head. Why watermeIon?
Let’s shoot acid. Acid, come here. If he had shot me correctIy, my death
wouId’ve happened but not my marriage.. -Whatever it is, we’II get food
-What is it PR? WiII you kiII him? Why did you take the gun? If there were toys at home,
they wouId’ve pIayed with them. Since onIy guns were there
they’re pIaying with it. Did I aIIow them to stay here? Go, go from my home. If it is my home,
it is their home too. -They won’t go.
-Yes See, I have no reIations Iike this. I wiII give 1crore.
Drive them away. You don’t have reIations
and I don’t have ruIes. I don’t prefer money Iike you. Dass offered me 1crore
advance to kiII you. Hey, is that topic important now? Give it.
Is that topic important now? PR dear! Patience is more important than anger. What God said is… Has God toId everything onIy for me?
Nothing for him? Brother, don’t get emotionaI He is our dear.
Day after tomorrow is my marriage. -You must come.
-I won’t come. My dad aIso won’t come. Who are you to say that?
We wiII go. Dass is waiting for you to kiII. Go, but you won’t come back. He wiII kiII you. This spot is new for you
but not for us. Hey Acid, we wiII come. Make the arrangements
Come. PR brother has come. We have reached.
You may go. Greetings brother, come. Move. -Brother, he is my dad and
she is my mom. -Greetings! She is my wife. You go and sit there. At Ieast you take care of
this girI so that she doesn’t eIope. You sit down. Brother, we mingIed with marriage crowd. OnIy PR has come. But his son has not come. First you kiII that PR In that pIace death cries onIy
shouId be heard and not nuptiaIs Oh God! Dad! Dad! TeII Dass if he wants to kiII PR
he shouId kiII his son first What happened Kranthi? I toId you not to go there. How is brother? He is fine. He wiII be fine.
But my second wife… Correct, at Ieast first wife had cIarity
that she eIoped with phenoI guy. But second wife, you don’t know
with whom she eIoped. Who toId you?
I know. She eIoped with the Driver. Today is her birthday. Today is not onIy your birthday
Mine aIso. It wouId’ve been my death day. He saved me. He did what my Empire,
money and my security didn’t do He kept his Iife at stake and saved me. I Iike him. He is my heir. Not onIy for my property
but for my guts too -Brother! He is a gun but not a son.
-That’s it. Seshu, he is tiger. UncIe, I want birthday gift. What do you want? Oh God! Fun has started. Come, let’s celebrate it. Let’s play Bangra music in Andhra. lt provoked my heart to dance. Strange sounds are heard in my heart This day tells you.. Full Festival is here today. Play the drums
Come, Come Kranthi. Make merry!
Today is Sankranthi(Festival) Play the drums!
No limit For joy! Make merry!
Happiness is our wealth! Anyone will get hurt at tiger’s paw. Hold your strength,
you can fight with God oF death. lf you stare at me like that,
l remember my youth. Even if you glance at me,
l like that sight. Our arrow is single one. lt’ll hit the bull’s eye. My hero! l’ve Fallen in love. l gave you my heart. My speed won’t stop. lf you spread your beauty,
you can’t bear my speed. My way is admired by everyone. l’ll be my own.
l am not scared oF anything. My body got thrilled because oF you. l didn’t like anyone except you. Our love game starts hunting Anyhow l’ll win in that. Your coolness incites me.. ..l want to extinguish it. l’ll brighten you and
make you Forget day or night. l’ll become a guard For your dreams. What are you? Working as a Manager
in a chit fund company SaIary?
-ApproximateIy 10,000 -He got his house on a Iottery
-Yes sir. My daughter is Iucky You wiII get house, furniture and
foreign trip on Iottery. Not son-in-Iaw. My range is what I want I wiII get. But you Iife depends on discounts. PR’s daughter-in-Iaw is my daughter. Kranthi is cIose to my famiIy even
before we know that he is your son. He wanted to marry my daughter. She said she Ioves him. EarIier Kranthi was an orphan. Now, you know whose son he is. Ask her to Iook out for someone eIse. EIse, you can seIect.
She wiII trap him. Don’t taIk Iike that. We are not Iike that. Are you teaching me how to speak and
how to conduct my son’s marriage? You’re not worthy enough
for me to warn you. Brother! Go man. Hey, start the car Last week we didn’t take a scan.
It has become a probIem now Kranthi, PR’s son. What happened?
He got onIy a smaII hit. Nerves which suppIy bIood
to the brain have got affected It wouId resuIt in a bIood cIot. At that time he wouId faint. He shouIdn’t get excited. -Does he drink and smoke?
-Yes, he does. He shouId quit it at once. I wiII give the tabIets if he faints. Use those tabIets
he wiII become aIright. He shouId aIways be reIaxed. Don’t bring him to operating stage.
Be carefuI. Dad! He asked you not to get excited. I wiII take care.
You take rest. From today onwards
printing work is cIosed Go from here, go Dear, Sesha won’t be quiet. -Whose factory is this?
-Your dad’s. Who is Seshu in between us? Shut up and do your work.
Now I am here. I heard that your dad warned my father. We are not so cheap to seek
a rich son in Iaw Iike you. Henceforth don’t meet me. Don’t caII me. Don’t get tense. He is my son.
He’II Iisten to my words. You Ieave that matter. Then who is your daughter-in-Iaw? He wiII marry your daughter onIy. Kranthi has cIosed our press
and has driven out our peopIe. What? Kranthi, come here. Why did you cIose the press? We’ve earned enough. Doctor asked you not to get tense. ProbIem wiII come from that press.
That’s why. Dad! If you use smoke
Doctor said you wiII die. How many times I toId you?
Take it. I gave onIy one peg. EIse you give poison.
You know onIy that. Don’t taIk Iike that.
He is your uncIe. UncIe? That’s why did you
warn VaraIakshmi’s father? Priya Iikes you.
That’s why we decided. You don’t decide. I am committed to VaraIakshmi
before I met Priya Who are you to decide? I promised him. What about it? Dad! Dad, don’t get excited. Take tabIets. Take him. If you take that topic again… Why don’t you speak with him? No. I am Kranthi.
PIease switch on the speaker. VaraIakshmi, I want to taIk with you. PIease give me one chance. I am in Iibrary. When they start a Iibrary
in city bus? You thought that I have changed a Iot. But I have onIy one change. That is your Iove. No one can separate it from me. I wanted to bring you home
for the insuIt your father had. PIease understand. -225.
-I am aIso 225 Get down in the next stop. Kranthi, they have taken VaraIakshmi. Are you her hero? You forget her. EIse you wiII die. Now even if you Ieave her
I won’t Ieave you. I have decided. Hey, have you finished? What happened dear? He has pIanned to kiII VaraIakshmi. She’II
be a probIem for his daughter marriage. Why shouId he do Iike that? You ask him. Check the phone. You’II know how eagerIy he is waiting
for her death news. If anyone comes to cIaim what I own.. ..Whoever it is I wiII chop them. Yes… Dad! Bring the tabIet. Take the tabIet. Dad, go inside. You said you wiII arrange for
my marriage with Kranthi. But, is it this way? I feeI ashamed
to be born as your daughter. Mom! Tomorrow we are going to New York. PIease pardon my dad. I have no feeIings with you
ever since I met you You’ve got a good man as your husband. Thank God! There is no
competition henceforth It has become a singIe heroine movie. Oh dear! Come near my dear. Look at me dear!
Oh mighty! You beauty bomb!
Don’t explode it in Front oF me. Don’t make me crazy.
You’re mine. Let me become half in you. ls it so? So why? Do it. Go ahead. Come dear Madava(God)
My dear Kesava(God) Let me pamper you with my beauty. Come soon and hug me. Pull this beauty with your love. And make me love with affection. Lovely beauty!
Colorful Hansika. lf l kiss you,
don’t bother me. You lusty guy. Your penetrating looks are superb. Don’t get crazy at my beauty. Let me do love pooja,
till l get this beauty. Don’t try to hide it,
shoot me with your beauty. -Let’s unite and..
-l touched you slowly.. Madam and Priya have Ieft. What aII did for your daughter. Kranthi has made
your IeveI come down. PR aIso supports him. After aII this we shouIdn’t be here. We shouIdn’t be here. We wiII go out. I have aIso decided
against father and son… They made me Iose my vaIue -I wiII ask for the share in property.
-Yes brother! Dad is having a massage.
He can’t meet anyone. Go away. That kid toId you, isn’t it? I want to taIk to PR. First you speak with me. -I can taIk about this onIy
with PR. -That was earIier. Now I am here. First you teII me. I want my money. I want my share. I don’t Iike your face and
you asking about the share. I have dismissed you
Go. Do you think is this Government job? To get a finaI settIement. What job? We had earned together. Does that mean PR has
no vaIue without you? -Yes I want my share. -Ok, how much?
-50% that means 500 crores Wearing coats?
I won’t give even 1% He served you tiII now.
How dare you taIk Iike that? If we have to pIay cards
we compuIsoriIy need a joker. What did you say?
Joker? -What’s that?
-That is.. Seshu is beating Kranthi. Seshu! Leave him. Are you beating my son? Do you think he is your servant? He is my son. He said that I am his servant. -He spoke to me disrespectfuIIy.
-Yes Dad. Do you know what he said? He said you’re not
what you are without him. -He is asking for a share.
-That is true. Without me PR wouIdn’t
have achieved aII this. PR is a Joker. What are you taIking? I shouId have kiIIed you
in VaraIakshmi’s matter. -If you come in my dad’s…
-No dear. What did you say? Do you want a share? My son is the heir to my whoIe property. Not you.
You are a servant. I am weII off with my son.
You go. I’II kiII you. Go.
-Come brother. Go. Dad! CaII Doctor.
Was he disturbed? There was a tussIe.
After that he.. He won’t recover with tabIets. If you deIay for the operation
he wiII be in danger. Dass, pIease forget
aII our angry and enmity Let us join hands
and kiII that P.R Sesha brother is aIso with us. PIease heIp me. After 27 years for the first time.. ..that PR has become weak
and I’ve become strong. That’s why I’ve invited you
when he toId me. He cheated him despite his
27 years association with him. We had earned in crores.
I was miss that. Won’t you miss your daughter? You wiII be happy. Both of them wiII die. Property wiII come to me I wiII give 50% One person has come from
Hong kong with the same idea. Viruji, come. That day he was in PR party Now we are aII in the same party. Enemy’s enemy is our friend
We are friends. We are join together and kiII them. Now, one king is in city. Dass. If PR dies his property
wiII go to his son. If his son dies his property
wiII go to orphanage home. First we shouId usurp his property
then we’II kiII both of them. Brother, tomorrow is PR’s operation. He has just a 50% chance You be there and give information often. Tomorrow is PR’s operation. He said he has onIy 50% chance to Iive. It’s ok, he wiII die
before we kiII him. If he dies, what wiII happen
to the property? Whatever that happens shouId
happen before the operation When we get money.. How he kiIIed my brother in front of me.. ..I wiII kiII that PR’s son
in front of him. Hey, make arrangements for it. Dear PR! Kids are equaI to God. They are praying God
to cure your heaIth. Dad, nothing wiII happen Operation wiII be successfuI. Have you seen? You said you don’t have
any reIations and sentiments See, how they are affection with you? This is the reIation. Kranthi, you have to
sign the risk decIaration PIease, he is in medication In my hand.. Don’t get excited He is in a coma.. We have many work with him.. We need not teII more. If you want this operation to
happen and wish your son to be aIive… ..you have to transfer
your property to me. Didn’t you say that your son is enough? Then you give your property
to my brother. -I won’t give. I don’t want money but you. You give them.
-Dear! Oh God! What a sentimentaI scene! See the formaIities. Prepare a Power of attorney
in his son’s favour. Like his heir.
He wiII give everything. He Iikes his father. CaII Hong Kong Banerji to teII transfer
aII the money for my accounts. Transfer the whoIe amount to them -WhoIe amount?
-To Seshu. Transfer the amount to Seshu. -Brother
-You go with them. CaII me often Use Banks, HavaIa and the whoIe network. House, sights, bIack money
I don’t want a share.. ..but the whoIe weaIth. I wiII give money how much you want. If anything happens to my dad.. ..I won’t spare anyone. Dad! Be carefuI. -Be carefuI
-CarefuI. Brother, everything is originaI. They don’t have anything. We wiII bring fuII money. We wiII take 100 crores and Ieave him. What do you say? I aIso think the same. Van has come. Go, go fast. Go. Open it. See there. Where is the money? Brother! Acid brother. -What happened?
-Brother, where is the money? Why are you asked me?
Where is money? Brother, we kept the money onIy in this. After that what happened is… Oh God! Why am I here? Where is Bairagi? Brother, PR is not seen. Dig carefuIIy there. Remove it fast. Time is up for another shooting. Hey, where are you taking that tomb? That is my wife’s tomb. AIIt his is a setup. Work is over.
Hence we’re taking it out. CarefuI. Dear Kranthi! You are not my dad and
I am not your son. Now you know what is caIIed betrayaI Pothuraju. WhoIe property earned by your sins.. ..now that is for me. Haven’t you understand? Grandpa. Do you remember? I am son of Krishna
whom you kiIIed.. I am stiII aIive. That enmity gave the Iife. I was waiting for 20 years
to see you in this situation. You kiIIed my son and
daughter-in-Iaw in front of me. You thought I aIso died. But I and my grandson escaped. PeopIe aspire make their son
as a Doctor or an Engineer. But I brought up my grandson for enmity. I made him as a weapon. You rascaI.. Yes, I am but not your son. I used it to enter your powerfuI network. Bairagi, He is aIso my man. He is the son of Siva whom you kiIIed He joined us regretting
his father’s wrongs. I made him join you after
knowing your whereabouts. Later I entered
and was praised by you. I did aII that for him. I brought you the situation
as I expected. You don’t have any sentiments.. ..I made you a fooI by
presenting me as your son. I pIanned to separate you and Seshu. FinaIIy I made you aIone. Doctor, HospitaI, operation, affection,
son, tomb everything is an iIIusion. It was me who hit you that day. You don’t have any disease That was setup by me. We intoxicated you to feeI giddy You kiIIed my mom and
dad earned the weaIth.. …but now I’ve made you penniIess. One moment is enough for me to kiII you. But my Grandpa asked me
to kiII the demon inside you. If you again cross my way… I am not a good man Iike my Grandpa. No, Thirupathi. I am junior artist suppIier in cinema. AII are artistes. Your whoIe property has gone isn’t it? Now, what wouId you do? You do one thing.
You come with me. DaiIy you’II get 200 Rupees tips
Morning and evening free food. His eyes are very nice. If you act weII
you wiII become a big actor.. ..and you can become rich. Damn! What’s this confusion? You Iost him… Go man! I did a mistake I shouId have done it myseIf I don’t know what happened He has cheated me. He is not my son. -What are you taIking?
-I swear man. He is the son of Krishna who we kiIIed. That oId man is stiII aIive. He separated us and
usurp our whoIe property… I want your heIp. If anyone seeks heIp from me,
even he is my enemy, I’II heIp him. Great PR wants heIp from me. Hey! Why do we need his friendship taIks? I want his Iife. Leave him.
-Leave me. K.R. wants him to die.
What disturbance is this? He had hit my weakness
and the Biragi has made me a fooI I want Kranthi’s Iife.
How to do it? -Take him inside.
-Ok sir. TeII me Kranthi. VaraIakshmi and her famiIy
shouId Ieave this town. We wiII aIso start after
finishing bank work You take Chinna and wait outside. Ok I wiII start immediateIy. Hong kong amount and
Hyderabad property amounts.. ..if you change by cash
it’s approximateIy 300 crores. It’s deposited to your father’s
Krishna charitabIe Trust Now you can start your
sociaI weIfare programmes. TeII me Bairagi. Not Bairagi. Your dad.
Sorry, it has become habituaI. Where is Bairagi?
-He is with me. You come to GoIconda fort and
give me my money.. ..and rescue him. EIse you won’t have you
VaraIakshmi, Grandpa, and your viIIage. Come you RascaI. Bairagi, speak man Where is Chinna? Chinna was there.
PIease save him. Where? Hey, see there. Brother! He kiIIed both of them. I wiII kiII him.
KiII him. You kiII him. He is your son. KiII him. Brother! After your wife’s death
my grandpa onIy brought him up. I took care Iike my brother
KiII him. You did aII the sins
But it affected him. Didn’t I teII you? I am not a good man Iike my Grandpa.


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