Laid in the Shade – Foursome S3 (Ep 7)

♪ Digital chime – [Andie] Previously
on Foursome. Things got heated
when my big bro sent us to the swelter shelter. Some spiritual
awakenings were woke. – I’m a cock. – While others kept us
wishing we were still asleep. Something’s not right. I had no time to get
clarity on my vision because I got major chakra-ed. Hopefully, having Kent
here will recenter my aura, or at least
re-pleasure my areo-ra. You’re elbows deep in– – [Kent] Ah, that’s my bag. – [Andie] Should we just
try another position? – [Kent] Yeah, okay. – [Andie] Should I
put my leg like this? – [Kent] Not that way. – [Andie] Wrong one! – [Kent] Sorry,
sorry, unintentional. (heads thud together) – [Andie And Kent] Ow! (relaxed music) – Yowza! Leave them! I like them! – SO-sex. I just had the worst
boink of my life. It’s like we both
forgot what goes where. – Chin up, Wonderl-Andie. You guys are just
out of practice. – Do you guys
think it’s possible that Kent and I just lost it? – Probably. – I highly doubt that
your sexual chemistry has declined arbitrarily. Immensely probable that this
is due to a lack of oxytocin. – Pill Nye, the Science Guy. All anyone remembers
from chem class is your boy, tap and zap. Speak English, be humble. – Oxytocin is a hormone
and neurotransmitter released through loving,
intimate interactions. – When has science
ever helped anybody? Your book babbling
ain’t solving nothing. Ugh, we need to reprogram you. Clear your sched today. – But I– – Non negotiable. Today, you’re gonna be
enrolling in Beach Island U, school of changing
your personality. – Great, yeah, let’s
definitely revisit this later. But right now, me time. I’m worried that part of
the reason why Kent and I keep swinging and missing
is because when we were in the sweat lodge, my vision
was all about Josh and– – Uh-uh, quit. I’d rather hear Peg recite
a textbook from memory than hear one more than
about that pansy fool. – Thank you. – I’m sorry, gr-Andie
jester, but Dakota’s right. You get super extra
when dealing with Josh. – Besides, your boy
has a killer accent and a body that just won’t quit. – Mm-hmm. Plus he’s the only guy
who’s ever stood up to Alec. – I like all the letters in
his name because they’re his. – Well, what I think
what Peg was trying but failing super hard
to say earlier is that you and Kent need to
take a day to reconnect. That way, your, uh– – Oxytocin levels. – Yeah, they can bounce back. Then you and Kent can
bounce back, up on it. You are in the most
romantic place in the world, Beach Island! Seize the day. – You know what,
you guys are right. I’m not gonna go backwards. (beep) the past. Feel the future. I’m not gonna take
this lying down because I already did
that, and it did not work. Things are about to
get real romantic. (group snores) Guys. Hello? – Humpback whales pass by Beach
Island during mating season. Known for their
majestic whale song– – Terry! If you tell me one more
whale migration story, I’m gonna make you
sleep in the bathroom! On to more serious matters. Now that Peg has pulled
a Benedict Arnold, no more mister nice guy. It’s time to frame the Foursome. – I don’t know. Peg seemed pretty sure
sabotaging them was a bad idea. – Peg, like the novel turned
cinema, has become Gone Girl, and so is her futile
way of doing things. – Great film, even better book. – She’s going to be
devastated, no, Divit-stated, when my plan prevails
and I finally take down the Foursome once and for all. – Okey-dokey. – We’re gonna need a solid
frame, perhaps based on truth. Peg’s no bozo like the
rest of those clowns. – Maybe whale watching would give us a good idea. – I’m more excited to
proofread this paper than when I found out male
seahorses have the babies. I mean what kind of hilarious
trick of nature is that? – Step away from
the highlighter! – Hey, it was just getting good. – We’re here to collect your
admissions to Beach Island U, as in you gonna
get reprogrammed. – Time to turn this
bookworm into an earthworm. There’s a big ass world out
there, and we are all about experiencing things, not
just reading about them, ugh. – You may be able to quote
a sonnet from Shakespeare’s Othello or give us the
science behind a smooch, but it’s time you
discovered real life, Peg. It’s time that you become you. – Yeah. – What she said. – Hey, there is
no need for that! First of all, it is recyclable. And secondly, I already agreed. – Feelings over facts. Let the life lessons begin. (mystical music) – Wow, this is
prime real estate. – Yeah, I reserved the
cabana for the two of us. Great spot for connecting. – There’s also nobody here. Did you reserve the
whole area just for us? – No, I just spread a rumor that someone
diarrhea-ed in the pool. (Andie and Kent laugh) – Beauty and brains. – Ow! – Yeah. Ouch. This privacy’s really good, huh? – So rare these days. – Yeah, cheers to that. – Amen. Great weather. – Mm, great. – [Andie] It’s good. – Yeah, no, it is. It’s good weather for
this kind of activity. – Yeah. [Andie] Whew. I’m gonna go take
a dip in the pool. – Yeah, I mean it’s
pretty hot out here. – More like lukewarm. – Hmm? – Nothing. Water feels great. – Oh, yeah? – I’m completely
naked, aren’t I? – Yeah. (laughs) Yeah, you are. Guess we’re skinny dipping. – All right, Peg, let’s
start with the basics to avoid being basic. Facts and figures are no
substitute for real feelings. – Who threw that? – Feelings over facts, step one. To win the gold, be bold. Every member of the Foursome is known for being bold
and taking chances. Dakota banged a teacher
on school grounds. – [Dakota] Courtney
rushed the most ruthless sorority in the world. – Living dangerously
makes you feel so alive. – I feel most alive when
I’m living as myself. Be you, whoever that
may be underneath. – May, oh, my god. Put your clothes on. (glass breaks) – I suppose your
observations are correct. I am a very risk
averse individual. Perhaps I could
entertain the thought of changing that behavior. – Exactly. What’s something you
always wanted to do but chicken out on every time? – I’ve always wanted
to pierce my ears. (upbeat music) Tartar sauce! Shaka Khan! – Hey, guys, what’s going on? (gags) Girl blood. – How do you feel? – I feel, I feel that being bold
and taking chances is different than being
reckless with your body. Court, guess what, you have
a penis burned on your back. Dakota, your teacher banging is going to affect you
down the line 100%. I should have stood stronger
with my convictions, but it’s a learning experience. And for that, I am grateful. Ugh. I learned. – We need something juicy, something big,
something, anything. – I can go in as a stripper
and you can take pictures of them touching me
inappropriately and
show that to Slacks. – Constance, did you see we
had to share this island? – With the bums from Brayer? Yes, Rosamund. Public school students
are always so– – Unwashed, I know. – I’m sure I saw Kent Saydak. He must regret downgrading
from Stevenston to Brayer, or as we like to call it– – [Constance And
Rosamund] Share. – As they’re poor and
have to share everything. (both chuckle) – Pardon, but didn’t you
just say “Kent Saydak”? – Yes, he used to attend
Stevenston Prep with us. – You guys go to the Stevenston? I heard you have a
seltzer water fountain. – Drink your mead, Terry. Tell me more about Kent Saydak. – No. – I’ll make it worth your while. I’ll buy you all the
shrimps and drinks you like. – Fine. We’ll stay but only because– – Our massage was postponed, and we love when the
destitute treat the affluent. It’s bizarre. – So bizarre. (both laugh) Fun and bizarre. – About Kent. – Well, Kent was
always a sportsman. He played football
against the commoners of– – Brayer. Slumming it, if you ask me. Anyway, during a game
against the Bobcats, there was this brute who was
constantly flipping his hair. – Terry, listen. Go on, ladies. – Here’s where it
gets really succulent. – I honestly can’t decide
what surprised me the most, the fact that we
were naked in public or you showing up
after the sweat lodge. Thank you, by the way, in case
I haven’t already said that. It really means a
lot that you came all the way here to be with me. – Well, you know I’d
walk 500 miles just to be the man who walked 500 miles
to meet you at your door. – Australian band? – Yeah, yeah, it is. I thought you would, don’t worry. Oh, hey, I took the liberty
of ordering an appetizer. – Yay. – Enjoy. You don’t like oysters? It’s okay, I’ll
order something else. – Oh, no, no, no. That was probably
just a bad one. Okay. There might be a
small possibility that
I don’t love them, but you do and I just wanna
have something in common. – We have things in common. – Scary movies, I hate
them, you love them. What’s next, you know? Are you gonna tell me
you hate roller coasters? – Well, yeah, they
make me nauseous. – That was supposed to
be an impossible example. – I’ll still wait in
line with you though. – That’s the worst part. – Sorry, I didn’t realize that you had such a passion
for roller coasters. If it means that much,
I’ll take a Dramamine. – Then I’ll know you’re faking
it, and it won’t be as fun. – Hey, hey, it’s okay that
we have different interests. Have you ever heard
that opposites attract? – No. – It’s a law of physics. – Keep talking. – Well, because we
have our differences, we can teach each
other new things. For example, did you know that
oysters are an aphrodisiac? – Really? – [Kent] Yeah. – Are they working? – (chuckles) Yes, indeed,
they are, Ms. Fixler. – I’m sorry. I just got a little freaked out. You may be surprised
to hear this but you’re my first boyfriend. Nope, nope, I can’t do it. (Andie and Kent laugh) No, I can’t do that either. – Oh, man. – You smell like fish. – Feelings over facts, step two. (glass breaking) To go on a real date, you
must first find your mate. What revs your engine? What shucks your clam? Life’s garbage
without a solid crush. Now don’t think. Just feel out your
perfect squeeze to build the man
you wanna please. (upbeat music) – Hey, what, oh, okay. I forgot I gotta
go catch a wave. – Ugh. I mean “no judgment.” How do you feel? – Hmm, I feel, I feel like this
makeshift stranger and I have no
emotional connection. Who are you, guy? I don’t know. I feel attracted to
someone when we connect over shared interests
like how exciting it is that female kangaroos
have three vaginas. See, handsome
deteriorates over time. How will I ever find
a lasting relationship if I don’t look beyond looks? – Oh! Oh, god! I have never connected with
someone longer than a hot beat. Should I move on from
studs to boring duds? – Are Justin and I
just cheap thrills? Do I even know him? – The only person I know is me. I know her well. She’s crazy. – I’m sorry if I
crashed your trip. I know how important
your friends are to you. I just had to make sure
that everything was okay. – What do you mean? – I just feel like
things have been a bit weird between
us lately, you know? And not just on the phone
but ever since I got here. – Yeah, they kinda have been. But today really made me feel
a lot better about everything. My friends are important
to me but so are you, and I’m really glad
that you’re here. – Feelings over
facts, step three. Be May. (glass breaking) – You mean be me? – I think she means be
you, as in yourself. Weird but enlightened. (mystical music) – Part of feeling great is
loving the skin you’re in. The more you show,
the more you glow. You’ll ooze confidence. And when you’re confident, you have the best
life experiences. Now that I’m free of being a
clone, I’m free of clothing, and I can show you
guys who I really am. – [Courtney] She’s not ready. – No. I don’t hate it. – Ooh, delish, delight, delight. – It’s a May-over. How do you feel? – I feel, I feel like I fit the standard
of what you think is dressing to impress, but I dress to
impress myself, not others. I don’t wanna reveal too
much to the outside world. Anyone I want to attract won’t have anything left
for their imagination. And my female or gentleman
caller is going to have a huge imagination. – Class dis-May. – Hey, guys, how are you doing? – Get out! Don’t look at me! Close your eyes! Use your imagination! – One special edition
coming right up. This is gonna be the mac
daddy of destruction. – It seems a little harsh. Maybe we should just
let everything go and (mumbles) sometime. – Stevenston would be to thank. Not even Peg will
see this coming. – We still have time
to take it back. – I thought I’m gonna get sick
of saying this but I haven’t. So shut up, Terry, and run! – [Man] Did you guys hear that? – No. No. No, no. Ugh, damn! Being slightly less superficial really does take the fun
out of online mating. Maybe I should finally
add words to my profile. – Hey, Court, come
on out of there. – [Courtney] Don’t look at me! Only know me. – Dakota, Courtney, what gives? Why are you acting
stranger than usual? – We tried to reprogram
you but instead, you gave us a new hard drive. Or should I say soft drive? Maybe it’s us not living
our life to the fullest. Could banging teachers
be inappropriate? – You said it, Dakota. I’ve been so focused
on showing skin that I missed out on
showing what’s within. I’m just an empty shell
with a forever tramp stamp. – Courtney, you love being
a part of your sorority. That forever brand earned you
an unforgettable winter break that it will forever
remind you of. Mistakes are there to teach us. Now what do you say? – I’m sorry I pierced your
ears without your permission? – While the risk of infection
in my lobe hole still stands, the world didn’t
crumble and ear I am. (Courtney and Justin laugh) – It’s a dad joke. – It’s good. – You forced me out
of my comfort zone, an important lesson
in and of itself. And Dakota, I’m
sure that teacher taught you a valuable lesson. Thanks to you, I’ve realized
that perhaps I’m ready to start dating when the right
suitor presents themself. If scantily clad clothes
or first day third base is what works for your life, then you do what
makes you happy. – Aw, Peg! Being exactly who you are is
what the foursome is all about. We did teach you
something after all. – You spoke from your heart
and not from a textbook. You aren’t a robot after all. – [Group] May! – Now I’m off to do
what makes me feel the most dangerous,
the most alive, grammar corrections. Dakota, Courtney,
May, come quick! – What’s wrong? Was there a run-on sentence? Did someone start a
paragraph with but? – No, it’s a special edition Beach Island Brayer
Bulletin exclusive. – Ex-Stevenston
jock, Kent Saydak, bags Brayer’s own Andie Fixler
to scorn rival Alec Fixler. – [Dakota] What? – Read the article. – After losing to Alec Fixler
in the state championship, transfer student Kent
Saydak moved to Brayer after taking a vow– – To take down longtime
rival Alec Fixler by– – Taking his most
prized possession, his sister, Andie Fixler, by– – Taking her virtue. – Written by V. ITDI. V. ITDI is an anagram of Divit. This must be Divit’s doing. – He writes for the
Beach newspaper? – No, don’t you see that this is the
Bulletin, not the beach? This is a calculated and
diabolical move by our nemesis. – Do you think it’s true? – What does this mean? Did Kent come to
Brayer because of Alec? – He couldn’t have done that. It’s despicable! – Deplorable! – Diabolical. People are capable
of terrible things. – So should we tell Andie? – [Dakota And Courtney] No! – We need to know
the truth first. – Hey, sorry if you
guys were worried. Kent and I spent the… Okay, why is everyone
acting so weird? – We’re not acting weird. – I’m doing a crossword
puzzle, and I’m not done yet. (suspenseful music) (knocking and pounding on door) – [Dakota] Andie! – [Courtney] Come on, Andie! – [Dakota] Are you okay? – [May] We’re worried about you. (knocking, pounding intensifies) (phone rings) – [Kent] Andie, please,
let’s talk about this. – Josh? (upbeat music) ♪ I’ve waited for you, babe ♪ I played it by the rules ♪ I can’t wait another day ♪ I can’t afford to lose ♪ Digital chime

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