Learn to Earn YouTube Channel – Web Design Course Intro Video

The main aim of this youtube channel is Learn web design course in your free time at your home. and you can start your career as a freelancer we will explain all about freelancing and how freelance resources. This channel not only for sharing tutorials we will help you to practice also We will tell how it works. We have shared a website URL in the channel description You just need to complete a test which is given in the video and submit the URL to the website. we will review and we will give suggestions and we will help you to do much better. it will help you to track your progress on the course and you need to improve your skills looking at your past work and you can able to plan your learning skills This web design course divided into 3 parts Part One Photoshop Part Two Dreamweaver Part Three Hosting So How can we convert the photoshop design to HTML in Dreamweaver How can we upload those converted HTML files How can use FTP to publish our website? all these details we will explain a very simple way to understand better way Once you completed the course you can understand from the whole process. Design to publish on server We have created and explained in a very simple way Photoshop is our first course in the serious we have designed photoshop in 21 days format Frist 7days Basics tools and familiar with photoshop Second 7 days practice more We will give live examples to practice Third week How can we do better way tips and tricks we will discuss in the last 7days So we will start with photoshop Thanks for watching, Please do subscribe Happy learning thank you all

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