Link Audit for Advansys Website Design – Web Design Wilmslow

Hi, you guys. It’s Dan here. I’m just creating
the quick link audit video today for this website, Advansys. They offer a lot of digital
services, as you can see, one of which being Website Design Wilmslow. Basically, I’m going
to take you through why we feel it may not be ranking as high as it could be for that
key-phrase on Google itself. So, as you can see with the homepage, it’s
well optimized for the key-phrase, it has a lot of content regarding Wilmslow Web Design,
Web Design Wilmslow, et cetera. So all that’s absolutely fine, but when we plug the keyword
into Ahrefs here, as you can see, it gets 40 clicks per month, which is buying in 10
keyword, which is quite good, and quite a low key-word difficulty, so we felt that it
was something that they could be able to rank for with a little bit of ease, really, if
they just did a few simple little tweaks. We scroll down here, we can see that it’s
actually ranking number six there. So it’s not ranking in a terrible position, but if
you have a look at the competitors, we’ll see that there is room for improvement for
that site. And we’ll go through that now. So essentially, if I go to these tabs here,
backlinks and domains, these essentially refer to how many backlinks, from how many referring
domains are going through to that exact URL. So in this case, it’s,
which is the site that they’re probably trying to rank for, for that key-phrase. You can see from a lot of the competitors
here, you have some sites with a lot of backlinks from a lot of a lot other domains going to
them, but unfortunately for, there’s actually no backlinks from no referring
domains currently going to that site. So that’s kind of probably holding it back for this
key-phrase quite a bit. Which is even more of a shame when you consider the fact that
it’s DR 70, so it’s a very strong domain, Advasys, and probably one that with a few
links to that actual inner page here, would definitely bump it up probably to position
two, three. That kind of thing. Especially, considering you’ve got a DR 66 here trying
to rank for the same thing with no backlinks. A little bit of push will probably push up
to at least that position three, really probably position two. So the first thing we’d advise is obviously
to build some backlinks to this actual URL here, but we’d probably also recommend you
to build some relevant backlinks too, because a lot of people see competitor’s backlinks
and they think, “Oh, this person has two or three backlinks. I’m going to match them with
that”, and they get so caught up in the numbers, or referring domains for example, that they
forget about the quality backlinks that they’re trying to actually build. And in this sense,
what they should really be doing is thinking, “We need some quality backlinks from some
quality referring domains that are really relevant to our key-phrase”. So in this case,
if it’s Web Design Wilmslow, you can get things kind of digital or technology-related. That’s
perfect, because obviously, it’s on topic to what you’re trying to rank for and Google
will correlate those kind of key-phrases with obviously what key-phrases you’re trying to
rank for and there’ll be a match there. Whereas if you’re getting backlinks from places
that are completely irrelevant, then Google won’t piece them together like that. So I’d
say that’s the best thing for you guys to do, is build some more backlinks and some
more domains and make sure that they’re really relevant. The final thing we’re going to do here, is
I’m going to put this URL itself into the social links checker here. So what this does
is it checks how many, basically, social signals are pointing to this exact URL. When we load
that one in, as you can see, there are zero social signals as well. So it’s another example
of giving Google a little bit of social proof and pushing some social signals to this website
to basically say people are talking about it, people are discussing it. Gives you that
little bit more authority for the key-phrase you’re trying to rank for, as opposed to having
absolutely nothing. And it also diversifies your link profile a little bit too. So that’s pretty much it, guys. I’d probably
say for this URL, build some more backlinks and some referring domains. Ensure that they’re
relevant and obviously, build some social signals probably too, to just give Google
that bit of diversity that it needs. Thanks a lot guys, and I’ll see you in a bit.

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