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34, what’s your 20? All right, he’s going
left the center now, so we’re going to stop him. OFFICER (ON RADIO):
Dispatch received. The driver keeps
reaching over to the right. Afternoon, sir. Officer with Jeff Police. Reason I stopped you, you
keep driving left the center. Is everything OK? DRIVER: Oh, yeah,
I’m using my ebrake. I’m on my way to go get my
breaks changed right now. Oh, you are?
OK. You got a driver’s
license, registration, proof of insurance?
DRIVER: Yes sir. Any weapons in the vehicle? DRIVER: No, sir. How much marijuana’s
in the vehicle? DRIVER: None, sir. None? There’s a very strong
odor of marijuana. OK, when’s the last
time you smoked? All right, ignore
that, and speak to me. How long has it been
since you smoked? DRIVER: A few days A few days?
All right. Go ahead an undo your seat
belt for me and step out. Hmm? DRIVER: Just give
me just one second. OK. Listen to me. You’re going to get hurt. Do you understand? Grab for anything, I’m–
you’re going to be hurt. Face away from me. Face away from
me, and do it now. Upon approaching the
vehicle, he’s avoiding me. He keeps saying, give me
a second, reaching down. Now, you made this a situation
that it didn’t have to be. All right, so how much
more marijuana do you have? OK. Well, you’re under
arrest at this time, OK? At this point, we’re
going to search the vehicle due to the marijuana. All right, step back here
for me in front of my car. Is it– Is it fake? OK. It’s a air-soft gun, but he’s
got the marijuana bag for sale. Yeah, you don’t
have to say a thing. OK. Where was the scale
at, [INAUDIBLE]?? Hey, officer, [INAUDIBLE] Yes, I thought you were
invoking your Fourth Amendment. Doesn’t state law
give me the right if I detect the
odor of marijuana to search the vehicle? OK. [MUSIC PLAYING] He’s a juvenile. It is a Ruger 22 long rifle. It’s a caliber. All right, so at
this point we’ve located a actual, real firearm. We’ve got a minor dealing
marijuana with scales and money and a firearms. The scale. Little Pineapple Express. The subject has eight bags
of marijuana, approximately, I’d say a pound. It’s high grade marijuana. It’s actually labeled,
Pineapple Express. So at this point
he’s under arrest for dealing in marijuana,
possession of a firearm without a permit. Just goes to show that
you never know what you’re going to get into out here. I’m going to put your
wallet back in here, sir. The vehicle’s going
to be impounded. He’s going to go to jail. It’ll be up to the court
system, juvenile detention, and his parents to what happens. Becker 34, traffic stop. [RADIO NOISES] I’m going to stop
this vehicle right here. He’s pulling over. [MUSIC PLAYING] How are you doing, sir? Hi. Well, yeah, when you
signal your lane change from the left lane
to the right lane, you can’t signal
while changing lanes. You gotta do it at least
200 feet prior, OK? Why are your hands
shaking so bad? You all right? That make you nervous
when he was standing there? You just nervous when
you deal with the police? I’m sorry? I’m just asking just
because she was so nervous. That’s why. He’s saying, man, you
can search the car. You can search the
car if you want. So– which tells me if
there’s anything in there, it’s not in the car. It’s going to be on them,
so we’ll just get him out. And go from there. You said I could search it?
DRIVER: Yeah. OK. Why don’t you all both hop
out, and just keep your hands out of your pockets, OK? Step back here, and
leave all your documents inside the car ma’am. Can you step over here real
quick and just have a seat– PASSENGER: Does he
have a shirt on? Is there any personal use or
paraphernalia inside the car? DRIVER: Nothing.
– Nothing? OK. All right. So right now, just, just looking
for any type of syringe caps, cotton swabs. All right, so, you can see this. These are what we call tooters. So she’s either
snorting meth or heroin. We’re going to have a
female officer come up here and search her. Incident to arrest. It’s a probable cause search. Now, she’s going to search you. Now, when she finds
something on you, I don’t care if it’s residual,
and you don’t tell me about it. I’m going to lock you up. Now if you tell
me about it, then we can talk with one another. Do you understand that? Yes. What do you have on you? Is it meth or heroin? I don’t, I don’t know. I found some stuff. OK you found some stuff. Is it in your underwear
or in your bra? I think it’s in the car. You think it’s in the car? Where at in the car? I don’t know. Then I know you’re trying to
take my attention away from you to– No, I’m trying
to tell you where it is because I don’t know.
– Put it on the car. Now, now, now, when she
finds something on you– Yeah. Which she’s going to, I’m
going to take you to jail. Do you understand? Yes, sir. All right so tell me
what you have on you. I don’t think there’s
anything on me at all. You don’t think
there’s anything on you? I think that I put
it next to the seat. All right, go with her. You love her? Not really? All right where,
where is the dope at? I didn’t know she had no– You didn’t know she had any? [INAUDIBLE] OK. All right, so she’s got
two bindles of heroin. Where was it at? In her bra right here. So, you can see. Looks like it’s meth. But she’s got two bindles. So, she’s going to go to jail. She’s been lying
through her teeth. Ma’am, is this cocaine or meth? I really don’t know. Do you have amnesia? No. No? Do you remember things or not? Yes. OK, how did it
get into your bra? You see how you’ve been
lying the whole time. You ain’t been cooperative. I got nervous [INAUDIBLE] You got nervous. Stopped them for failure to
signal change within 200 feet. We then conduct a probable
cause search on her, so she ended up finding
Meth and heroin in her bra. So we’ve got meth, heroin
inside the white piece of paper. Try to cooperate
with people, and give them every chance in the book. But they just want
to continually lie and lie and lie. So she’s going to go to jail. She’s got a problem. It’s going to be possession
of meth, possession of heroin, and the possession
of paraphernalia. That’s a C misdemeanor. Oh, gee. We’re en route to an
incorrigible juvenile. 13 year old who has jumped on
her, on his mother’s boyfriend. I’m, I’m assuming– [RADIO NOISE] The boyfriend must
be extremely small, or she has a
ginormous 13 year old, or something of that nature. But like whatever
situation, you can never know until you get there. All right, lot, lot, stop it. Stop. I said stop it. Oh my [INAUDIBLE] Take a seat right there. All right. Take a seat right there. There we go. Hi. How you doing? You want to go talk over here? Yes. All right, let me
tangle this with him, OK? What’s you name, young man? [BLEEPING] Stand up for me. Stand up.
[BLEEP] I shouldn’t have
to ask you twice. Turn around for me. Turn around. [WHIMPERING] Turn around. Hey, talking is done. It was her.
[INAUDIBLE] Let’s go.
Walk over here real quick. Talking is done. [WHIMPERING] OK. All right, man, sit tight. Here we go. This is more of just a scare
tactic because sometimes the thought of going to
JDC or juvenile detention is more effective
than actually going. So he’s not, he
doesn’t have respect for his mother nor his
stepfather or father figure. So I’m just going to see,
let him sit in the car. You know, and then act
like I’m talking to Mom. That, that she’s going to
talk me out of this situation. All right. We say that you talked
us out of taking him. You understand? So that, so therefore, you’re,
he, you’re on his good side. Yes. So therefore, the
thought of actually– So things will get
better instead of worse. Yes. The, the thought of going is
actually worse than going. Because the, the offense
is of course, really only a juvenile can do it. That’s not, so, they’re going
to call you within 15 minutes to come get him. Why are you acting up
and not listening to Mom? Nothing to do? So you act up
because you’re bored? So this is how this works. I, I, I told her,
I said, I’d rather take you down to the JDC. Mom has talked me out of
taking you down to JDC. You have not been doing
what you need to be doing, or else we would not
be in this situation. Right?
KID: I want to– Right? OK. Next time she calls me, there
is going to be no conversation. There is, there
will be no talking me out of the situation. I’m just going to
put you in cuffs, and I’m going to
take you down there. Do you understand that? So if I were you, I would
start getting my life on track. Because if you, if you don’t
have Mom, who do you have? Exactly. All right, step out of the car. All right. [BLEEP] has agreed– OK. To start listening to you. So whatever rules you
start implementing, [BLEEP] going to listen,
because I told him that there’s no more talking. I said, whenever
you call next time, you’re just going
straight to jail. Is that agreed? So if I were you, I’d
just give Mom a hug and tell her you love her. Because without her, there’s
no, there’s nothing else. You’d be out on the street. [INAUDIBLE] All right? You have a better night. Thank you. Main thing is that like,
you just have to show that, children that they’re
not in charge. So then they start
listening to Mom and Dad. If they don’t, then I mean,
they’re going to go to JDC. How are you doing, sir? Just running some traffic
right here on 10th Street, OK? 40 in a 35. It’s near a construction zone. OK? That’s us following
you doing that. And also signal your turn when
you come out on 10th Street, OK? Yup. Yes. Yes. No, you signaled
your lane change when you went from that
left lane to the right lane. DRIVER: OK. And also the speed, OK? Do you have your
license with you? OK. Do you by chance smoke
marijuana on occasion? Nothing? DRIVER: No. The reason I ask is because
your eyes are so bloodshot. Anything that you– Well, I work 60 hours a
week, and mine ain’t bloodshot. And if you, listen if
you, if you smoke earlier, I don’t care. Just be honest with me, OK? I, I don’t care, I just. You sure? What time did you wake up? OK. Now, you know it’s not
even 3:00 yet, right? Yeah, it’s not
even 3:00 o’clock. Look at me. Just be honest. All right? If you lie, I promise
you, things go downhill. If you, if you’re honest
with me, and you cooperate, all options are on the table. I can’t make any promises,
but, but cooperation is your best policy. Just tell me. Where is it at? It’s in your side pocket. You’re good. Right hand on top of head. Right hand on top of your head.
Step out. Face away from me. Keep your right hand
on top of your head. Right hand on– keep– step out.
DRIVER: [INAUDIBLE] I don’t care. Step out. Face away from me. Face away. There you go. Put your other hand
behind your back. Right now you’re
being detained. You see all this
sweat right here? Turn around. Sir. See all the
sweat on your face? Understand I just– Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] You see how his nose is
right on the bag now? You see how he keeps
going after that bag? Yeah, you knocked
it out of the car. I know. So you can see he’s
leaning on that bag. Inside a bag, inside
a paper towel, inside another paper
towel, and this is what we call a chicken bone. There’s actually
no meth in there, but meth was in
there at one time. So inside a third bag, which
is inside of a fourth bag, is either going to
be meth or cocaine. So now, he may have tried
to throw me off and say the meth was in
his pocket when it was actually in here, thinking
maybe I wouldn’t find it. But, you know, that’s, that’s
probably about a gram of meth. Just a user amount. You’re going to be arrested
for possession of meth. Maintaining a common nuisance,
possession of paraphernalia, OK? And I have to tow the vehicle
since it’s a roadway hazard. It’s a third party vehicle. Nothing I can do
to help you out. This is basically how it
goes on a daily basis. All right, the vehicle’s
extremely left of center, so we’re stopping the
vehicle for the infraction. Afternoon. Officer with Jeff Police. Reason I stopped you is for
traveling left of center. Is everything OK? DRIVER: I was mistaken. I thought it was down there. Do you have drivers
license, registration, proof of insurance? You don’t have an ID on you? No I literally ran
over here with that. What’s your name? DRIVER: [BLEEP]
– OK. Give me just a minute.
Hang tight. I’ll be right back with you. OK? [RADIO NOISES] She’s suspended out
of three states. She doesn’t have a
valid driver’s license. The tags are expired, so
so, at this point we’re going to impound the vehicle. She’ll be released. We’re going to do an
inventory of her vehicle according to our
department policy. That way, she can’t
come back later and say, hey, I had $2,000 cash. Or if she does have $2,000 cash,
the tow truck driver takes it, we can document it. We never had any
instance of that, but it’s just to
cover everybody. Step out of the vehicle, take
the keys out of the ignition. Is your keys out
of the ignition? Set them on the dash. There you go. Now you step out of the car. Leave everything in the car. There you go. Why am I being arrested? He’s going to
explain it to you. Step out.
– Why am I being arrested? Step out. What the hell. Step back here. Step back here. At this point,
you’re being detained. You’re operating never
licensed in Indiana. You don’t have a
driver’s license, OK? So at this point– I thought I had
a driver’s license. I didn’t know it was suspended. Well– Is there anything– [INAUDIBLE] –of value in the vehicle? These officers– I need to have
my van locked up. OK, well, we’re
going to impound it. It’s going to go
in an impound lot because the tags
are expired, and you don’t have a valid license. So these officers are going
to do an inventory real quick. Before they do an
inventory, is there anything that’s going to hurt them? I don’t want anybody
doing inventory. OK, well, it’s
going to happen. It’s our policy. I don’t want anybody
doing inventory. Can I please have my water? OK. Literally [INAUDIBLE]. So now’s the time for
if there is something, somebody left something
in there, for you to say, yeah, there’s a syringe. Yeah, there’s–
– Oh, hell no. Somebody left a
little bit of weed. I don’t deal with– Somebody left some
methamphetamine. I don’t deal with meth. I don’t deal with weed. OK. I don’t deal with drugs. OK. So canine flex, he’s
just trained to alert on the odor of narcotic,
heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, and cocaine. [INAUDIBLE] So he seems alerting
on the floor. Right down here? All right. Good boy. Kind of right behind the
driver’s seat on the floor. Let’s go. [BARKING] And this is his, he’s
not coming off of it. Good boy. It looks like it’s her purse. Yeah. We’re going to conduct a
probable cause search on those. All right, where
the dog was hitting, we just located a
methamphetamine pipe, methamphetamine, and a straw. So, at this point,
she’s under arrest. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh my god. Yep, I’m going to jail. You’re under arrest for
possession of methamphetamine. Oh my [BLEEP] god! What the hell? Wait. What bag was it in? The black and white bag. The black and white one
that the dog alerted on. There’s like three black
and white bags in there. You’re in possession of it. Did you know the
meth was in your purse? It’s not my purse? It’s not my [BLEEP]
Which one is it? Because I can tell you
if it’s mine or not. She’s going to jail for
maintaining a common nuisance, possession of
methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and
operating never licensed. We’re done here for now. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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