Magenta – SO2E05 – Cadê o Vestido | Websérie LGBT [Subtitles]

A mistura de luz que habita em nós é o que nos faz ser o que somos.
Ser amor, fúria, paixão, tristeza… Ser Magenta Nina: Hey Manu! What is happening? Manuela: The blue dress. I’m not finding the dress almost blue Manuela: that you like it so much. Nina: Easy, easy. Nina: Calm down. Sit here. Nina: Have you looked in the laundry? Manuela: I already looked at the whole house. It is nowhere. Nina: But we put some clothes out to wash. Have you called there yet? Nina: Did you talk to anyone?
Manuela: I went there. Manuela: It’s not there either Manuela: Nina, that dress is very important to me. Manuela: It was the one I used on our first date. Manuela: It is part of our history. Manuela: He’s like our lucky charm. Manuela: And I fear that with his disappearance, Manuela: something bad happens between us. Nina: Calm down, we will find this dress. Nina: Okay? Even if I have to process this laundry Nina: for losing an object so important to us. Imagine, Nina: our lucky charm. Nina: Look! Nina: Anima! Choose another outfit, which now Nina: you’re going to be late for work. OK? Nina: I’m going to fix this mess here. Nina: Love, can you pick Felipe up from school today? Manuela: Okay. I’ll get him. Nina: I will leave work later today, I will need Nina: stay there, anyway. You can? Same? Nina: Thank you. Raphaela: My heart feels like it’s going to come out of my mouth. Rapahela: I really wanted this moment to come and now … Rapahela: I don’t know what to say. Rapahela: It’s been so long that I don’t feel that way, Raphaela: like a teenager waiting for her first love. Raphaela: Oh, how she is … Raphaela: Hi.
Bianca. Hi. Rapha, Bianca: I was wondering if you are coming to work today?
Rapahela: No, no. Raphaela: If you have a client, do you reschedule for me, please? Bianca: Ah, it’s good.
Raphaela: Bye. Nina: Hi. Rapahela: Hi. Raphaela: Come in. Nina: Excuse me, thank you. Rapahela: Sit down. Nina: Excuse me. Rapahela: Do you want water, coffee? Nina: Imagine, I’m fine. Thanks. Nina: I am impressed with your new home. Nina: Beautiful. Raphaela: Thank you. Nina: Very good taste. Rapahela: I heard that you moved too. Nina: We needed a home, Nina: with another room. Nina: You know. Raphaela: Yes. Nina: Rapha, Nina: what did you want to talk to me about? Raphaela: I wanted to apologize to you. Raphaela: For my disappearance at the time. Raphaela: But there was so much going on inside me … Raphaela: that I needed to organize, you know? Raphaela: I also know that I had no right to come back and say that I liked you, Raphaela: but I don’t know what happened, when I saw it I left, you know? Raphaela: Jumped out! Nina: You didn’t say you liked me, Rapha. Nina: You said you loved me! Nina: In front of Manu. Nina: I spent months cool. Nina: Months without understanding what was going on. Nina: You know that! Nina: You guys understood each other so well. Nina: I was there, just like … Nina: grimace, idiot. Nina: But then when everything came together, when everything came together … Nina: You disappear. Nina: And you still come back and say you love me? Raphaela: The last thing I wanted was for you to feel bad. Raphaela: The last one! Raphaela: I had never been part of us, of ours, Raphaela: you’re welcome! I never felt part of anything. It was the first time… Raphaela: And I was confused. I was not quite understanding what I was feeling. Raphaela: And I didn’t want anything to go wrong between you. I did not want… Raphaela: be the reason …
Nina: Why did you come back? Then why… Nina: did you come back? Raphaela: Because I thought I could handle it. Raphaela: Because I thought it was going to be like everything was in my life until today. Raphaela: I thought I was leaving and that I was going to come back and that I could handle it! Raphaela: But when I saw you … Raphaela: I lost control. Nina: I need to go, Rapha. Raphaela: Nina … Nina! Wait! Alicia: Manu! Manuela: Hi. How are you? Manuela: How long … Alícia: It’s true … I’m fine! Alícia: And you? Manuela: Also. Manuela: Did you return to live here in Rio? Alicia: I came back a short time ago. Alícia: The other day I went to Heloísa’s cafe. Manuela: Oh yeah? Um … Got it … Manuela: I’m going there now, too. Alícia: When I went there we were talking … Alicia: and then I threw the idea … Alícia: we gather people from the high school days. Manuela: It would be great to see how everyone is doing now. Alicia: Ah … Alicia: Do you write down your number? Alicia: Ready … Alicia: I sent a message. Alicia: Now you can write down my number. Manuela: There. It’s saved. Manuela: Now I have to go, because Helô is waiting for me. Alicia: Oh, sure. Alícia: Do we speak? Manuela: Of course. Manuela: Bye. Alicia: Bye. Heloísa: Sit down, I’ll get our coffee. Heloísa: What’s up, friend? All right? Manuela: Okay. And with you? Heloísa: Alright. I’m taking… Heloísa: So … Heloísa: I need to tell you something. Manuela: I already know what it is. Heloísa: How to … Manuela: Alícia! Heloísa: How do you know? Did she look for you? Manuela: I just met her. Heloísa: Did you score? Manuela: No! We didn’t bump into the street. Heloísa: What’s up? Heloísa: How was it to see your first love again? Manuela: I don’t know. Manuela: I haven’t been able to absorb everything yet. Manuela: I just know it was … Manuela: surprising. Manuela: But I’m crazy about Nina! Manuela: I love everything that we are building together. Manuela: Nothing is going to change that. Heloísa: I agree. Heloísa: Nina is good for you! Heloísa: But what’s up, friend? How is Felipe adapting? Heloísa: What happened? Manuela: I am a terrible mother. Heloísa: How to … Manuela: I’ll call you later! Nina: Hello? Director: Dona Nina, Nina: Good afternoon … Director: The student Felipe is still at school and is already overtime. Director: Can you come and get him? Nina: Okay. My apologies… Nina: I’m on my way, I’m going now. Nina: I can’t believe she forgot Felipe at school! Manuela: Nina! Nina: Stay there. You stay there. Manuela: Son! Manuela: Son, look at me, excuse me? Manuela: I promise I will try to reward you, okay? Manuela: Why don’t we go for an ice cream now? What do you think? Felipe: Okay. Manuela: Could it be? Felipe: Yes. Nina: I don’t, I’m full of a headache. Nina: I’m going to call a taxi and I’m going home. Nina: But you see if you eat a lot of ice cream, see boy? Felipe: Okay. Manuela: Get in the car then and put the feeling on, okay? Manuela: I’ll be right back. Manuela: Nina … Manuela: I’m sorry, I passed … Nina: I’ll talk to you later! I don’t want to talk to you right now. Manuela: Son … Felipe: Yes … Manuela: I’ll take you to my favorite ice cream shop, okay? Manuela: What are you going to want ice cream for? Felipe: How about all the flavors? Manuela: All the flavors? And how are you going to have dinner? Felipe: Just eat little food | Manuela: I understand. OK then. We can go? Felipe: Uhum. Nina: Today was one of those days that … I can’t describe it. Nina: The conversation with Raphaela made me feel strange. Nina: But I think it made me feel lighter at the same time. Nina: More me. Nina: I hate to hide anything from Manuela. Nina: But I was afraid of how she would react. Nina: Now … Nina: Now I’m mad at her! Nina: How can she forget our son at school? Nina: What was she doing? Nina: Is she also afraid of something? Nina: Is this fear consuming us?


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