Makita UK January Product Launch

Hi I’m called Darrell and I’m from Makita UK. We’re gonna have a look at four of the best new products with release
from the January trade shows and one of our new accessories. Take a look and see
what you think! Welcome back to our YouTube channel.
Hello I’m called Darrell and I have been with Makia for nearly 19 years. I use one of
the best machines I use is probably the new cardless planer
we’ve just released so you might see me using up quite a few terms and
roundabouts in dealers shows. If you want to tell me what you like the most in the
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notified. Thank you! Hello, one of the products were looking at is the new radio which is the DMR115. What makes this one different from
our other ones? Well this one’s got on this is now got DAB+/DAB FM
and Bluetooth. We’ve also done a few of her refinements to this one, we’ve added
the aerial into the handle now, so you can’t lose the aerial. We’ve also added a
subwoofer to the bass so you’ve got an extra speaker on the bottom and you’ve
now got a graphic equaliser so you can set the tones to your choice.
Some of the features also on this is when you’ve turned it on it will light
the screen up as so and you can then decide what tone you want to do by
pressing the left-hand button it gives you the option to go from a flat tone, to
a jazz tone, to a soul tone and then turn it right to the bottom which is my EQ.
You can go one further, press the button and it gives you the options for setting
the base, the treble and the tones. So you can actually as keen or as noisy as you like. Some of the other features are you’ve got USB on the front. It still works off batteries so you’ve got the option of having an 18 Volt or a
12 Volt / 10.8 battery. You’ve got an auxiliary port on the side for
putting in your connection to the mains. It doesn’t charge yet and it probably
won’t ever charge but it’s the latest model out. Take a look at it, get yourself
down to the shops, it’s worth buying. Two new products. These are cordless riveters, 18 volt. So you’ve got two models you’ve got the DRV150 and the DRV250. So what’s
the difference? They both look the same they both got cordless trigger which is
variable you can do a 2.4 to a 4.8 with it this one with a 10kn pulling power
on this one you can do a 4.8 to a 6.4 rivet for the 20kn pulling power.
Some of the features you’ve got on this is when the rivet is basically been
pulled it will then either drop into the back or you can tip it into the back in
the back of the unit it’s got a magnetic holder. So you can store all your
different rivets off cuts. If you ever get a jam you can
basically take the nose cone off and as simple as this: inside, two spanners, you can change that to replace or take bits out and you can also change the nose to
whatever size rivet you intend to use. So these are the two new riveters the
DVR150 2.4 – 4.8 and the DRV250
4.8 – 6.4. So where might you use these? Well, you
tend to find that these are used in quite a lot of places like engineering.
So maybe in a manufacturing plant. They’re ideal if you’re doing like air
conditioning units and you’re fastening like cable trunking together around
ceilings so when they’re joining long pipes they want to Rivet them together,
drill the holes out. You probably need a slightly bigger drill bit than the
rivets that enables the rivet to be pushed in and then you can buy different
lengths of rivets which then with the pull, pulls them inside so they can join
piping and things together like that. It’s also ideal for like thin aluminium
because you can buy different lengths of rivets so it’s quite a useful machine
for different different products there’s loads and loads of jobs that this
can be used from but obviously it’s manly aimed at metal work jobs. So this is another one of our new products what this one is it’s the 12-volt wrench. Now you can
also use 10.8 batteries on this. All Lithium obviously. So some of the
features on this is you can lock it or unlock it. You’ve got a variable speed on this one, with an LED light ,so you can have a good
forward or reverse, you can also change the socket end which is a 3/8 stroke 1/4 and you can do a through thread. So you, ideal if you want to tighten a nut up. like a threaded rod which could be holding a ventilation pipe, which could be air
conditioning units, maybe suspended ceilings. We see a lot that in these
restaurants and retail parks you’ve also got a small little thin body so this is
great for getting into little tight nooks and crannies where you maybe want
to tighten up some bolts. Once it’s tightened to the torque which is for 7.5nm you can also then use it as a spanner which will allow you to
tighten it as well. So a great little addition 12-volt wrench. Look what’s out! For the garden season 18-volt brushless blower this has got some great features on it. You’ve got a variable
speed which means you can set it to a certain speed running and you can also
have it blowing on full power as indicated. With a hanging strap. You’ve got
a 0 – 1800 run speed, you’ve got a great velocity of 13, you’ve got an
airflow in there as well of 52. It’s run for roughly a quarter of an hour but that would be on a different Ah battery. You can top these batteries up any time you want so
you’re gonna get various different speeds and different lengths of time
whatever you want to run it for. It comes with an array of outlets we’ve
also just released a garden redemption scheme which runs until the 31st of May
this is one of the products that you can claim back on our PG to range on
selected models. This you need to look at on a link, thank you. So this is showing you how good the constant speed control is using on something like
football. So here we go. Great control constant-speed the new DUB184 a must for every garden. So what’s this? This is a new attachment for the handheld a t-ball box so you’ve got two models a black and
blue and a white one you can even have a straight push on mode with a clip mode. You can fill that with water or dust, it’s mainly aimed at dust but it will also get
out trouble if you’ve got a leak. You fill it up, you’ve got a guide point. Just
attaches like so. What it does is it, misses going into the main filter of the vacuum unit so
makes it more efficient and stronger suction. How do you connect it? This is
the model without the connection nozzle so it just push it in like so and then
you can then just attach your pipe to the underneath and then if you went for
the model with the click mode, make sure you’ve got the right model, that clicks in
like so and then your attachment clicks on, like so. Now we’re gonna have a look at it in action so this is the model with the just push on mode, it’s gonna attach like so. So we’re all set to go! Want to know more about our products
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tool show or any dealer show, come across, come on look at the products and say hi
to us! Thank you.


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