MARSHMELLO – LIVE at Ultra Music Festival Miami #ULTRA2019

In your a sense a heavy blue Want to love I want to lose sweetie, right Over the truth water don’t make me too Family – – The stars in the sky By You’ll probably need it you’re better now We got the windows down I don’t really care Oh Made it And it is that’s how you friends are inds get – it is We’re just friends An amazing Feeling right now, let’s have some fun. Let’s keep it going Hey Yeah It’s karaoke time Tell me try one I need you guys. Yeah In Would you turn to your best friend or your loved one I want you to give them a big hug right now Not required for sword Show me I mean Edom Shiva in fact I think so much Child care See Not be quiet for I want you to breathe me Let me be your head Let me run over See This is from my day ones my brand new mellow gang you guys are my family. Thank you guys so much Oh You’re crazy all true You guys I Still hear your voice when You sleep next to me. I still feel your touch Fuck But uh Without you it’s hard With those laser beams I usually do this less I’m Chong come hi, but I’m both right now. Got me talking about my life. I Do this wrong? Yeah Bitch I was Really I was really on the floor then I woke up in the chit ain’t know how to die. No, nigga I just like a demon I’m shoving their name is Marlon every season But the nuke really funny bands only can’t even be Like niggas no Richie I take my ride – honest income flies. Did I just talk about my lifestyle riding ever since that jar so we don’t let these dimes When I’m riding Business English all day One more time 1,000 I need you guys right now. We’re gonna take a picture on the count of three On the count of three. Let me see everybody’s hands up. All right on three one two three hands up Ultra Let’s keep this going We’re stay Back in high school, I used to bust it shut it dance now hit that LP or duffels in my hands I didn’t have as in 13 hours till I’ll and I’ll be out like a light Like a life is left to the flight me not for the night 767 minute she got double bedroom and I’m still supposed to settled man. I’m crap down the Middle, right? Yeah cut the lights you hate a price you niggas ticket sweet It’s on site. Yeah, nothing nice Vegas my eyes Just as Christ checks over stripes. Yeah, that’s what I like. That’s what we like lost my respect Not a threat when I sue my shot that she wedded like on shakes Make some noise – bitches Mitchum on a rampage mask on my damn face All right, let’s keep this going Miami I can’t fuckin break I Just a few weeks ago this is some idea with the band they’ve churches that song is caught here with me I cannot tell you something just between you and me When you go far as I know finally free Every single word is perfect as it can be and I need you here with me When you let me I can speak to you by saying To breathe every day Here with me every I see a face in every place Hi Every single night Every day Here with me every Yeah, tell you something just between you and me When I hear you force, I know finally free Every single word is perfect as it can be Is I need you here with me Motor you guys are amazing. I love you guys so much You always keep this going right now. I Want to see everybody moving everybody jumping let’s bring it back up The socks off Everybody Let me see My dream Coast-to-coast to drop bombs on you motherfuckers Fuck Hey teacher, hey to trip the children came to chirping children comes on My best day chirping ice came to trip children came to trip the children came My recital I think it’s very vital Blue See You used by You I’ve been I’ve been thinking I love you guys. Let’s do this when the morning comes we see what we’ve become in the cold light of day number five we begun every argument every word we can take Kids with all that this happened. I think that we both know the way to the story Oh Oh I’m left there with my thoughts Alma indeed. You you being that someone else was it’s eating me up inside Course we pretend Now if we jump together, at least we can sleep far away from the wreck No Follow me let’s go lately. I’ve been arguing taken We Even though I I think they’re gonna be happier. I want you to be happy Then Oh Oh I love you guys so much. Thank you guys I take a Boner take a photo with everybody. Let me see. Everybody’s hands up right now hands up Let me see everybody’s flags up anything you got. Let’s go on the count of three. Let me hear you scream ready one Two three hands up Thank you guys so much hope you enjoy day one. Thank you guys


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