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[music] Hi, my name is Kyle Stanek. I’m from Bellevue, Nebraska, and I recently graduated from Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. As an intern at B2 Interactive, I do content writing with the content team, and I write various blog posts for the different websites they manage. For me, the special thing about this internship is that it’s fun– I enjoy getting up every morning and coming to work, and just that I get to be with really nice people. Hi, I’m Colette Rector and I go to the University of Missouri. and I am a Digital Marketing Associate here. I work on the social media team, so I write tweets and Facebook posts and Google+ posts for our different clients. This [internship] is a lot different because in the past I’ve worked more with print organizations and different things like that so it’s nice to be able to do a digital media type of thing instead. My name is Dan Webb, and easily the most special part of this internship was that it turned into a full-time job. As an intern, I helped with the local websites here at B2 Interactive, and mainly used WordPress– used that system to design websites, and set them up on the servers. The company culture here is great. You really feel like you’re a part of a team, and it’s not uncommon to have a dog running by your desk any given day. Hi my name is Emily Butz, and I graduated from Creighton University. I am the video editor and producer here, so I run everyone’s YouTube channels, and edit videos, and just try to add some more multimedia content to our pages. What started as a hobby of mine, just doing video for the fun of it or for a couple classes in school, I now get to do it full-time and it’s a blast. Hi I’m Jessa Diebel and I recently graduated from Creighton University. Well, I started here in September of 2013. I was an intern for about 8 months and I did a ton of different stuff: I went from content marketing to web design. I would definitely recommend this internship to anybody who is interested in learning about a really exciting field. It’s the perfect place to learn, and to really spread out your talents and figure out what you want to do. Bill and Brandon, our co-founders, really want you to feel comfortable here, and they want to find people who have passion for their work and I think that they’ve collected a great group of people that really love what they do. [music]

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