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These are some best practices and tipsand tricks, so this is something that I feel pretty strongly about. I used to be a college instructor myself, I then was in the training world where I would go into the classrooms and train instructors across the country and really, to be very blunt and honest, is that if you don’t know how to use MindTap and you don’t take the time to initially set it up, and know how to navigate, your students aren’t going to use it to their full capabilities either. So it is important for you as an instructor, and once you do this, you do it literally one time and then you can copy classes over very easily, so it’s just putting in that one-time effort there. But I would strongly consider that you go through and complete the assignment yourself just one time so that while they’re in lab or they’re at home and they send you an email, you’ve already done that. You’ve already been there, you know exactly how to help them. We also know that and we have this research, and this research is all listed on our website that I’m gonna show you next, but we have found out that students who are in MindTap three or more times a week have a 90% chance of, or I’m sorry, yes, a 90% better chance of getting an A in the course. And so we strongly suggest, especially with the lab and advanced computing, at least 60% of the grade. That way they go in and they actually do it. It’s that hands on that they absolutely 100% need, so I put 60 to be conservative here. That’s up to you and depending on how the rest of your course is outlined. And then when the course begins, make sure they do that systems check that you saw Kate do ahead of time. I like to say your first day of class, go over all the expectations, your syllabus, the normal stuff, and then the first day, well either class or lab depending on how you have it set up, get them into MindTap. I’m gonna show you a great video. It’s linked here but I’m gonna navigate you around the site but that will get you directly to it when you get this PowerPoint. And use the video, make them watch it and have them all get into MindTap while they’re in class that first day, you walk around, you help them if there are any questions. It’s actually pretty darn easy. And then if you’re teaching any courses using LMS which I know one of the individuals on this call is, she let me know that she’s using Brightspace or D2L. Use the student videos for this, you can integrate them into your LMS wherever you choose, and also in LMS you can make them worth a grade, as I was saying earlier. It can maybe only be three points but you know if they watch that navigating through something MindTap you can give them a few points and they’ll do it because it’s worth it. Okay, so I’m gonna share my browser here with you and here is this website. Cengage.com/training/mindtap, but like I said, you will get these so don’t worry about it one bit. We have a ton of stuff on here. You’ll notice at the top somebody on the call was asking about Brightspace. I can click right here and everything that has to do with MindTap and Brightspace will be here. Also notice over here on the left-hand side you can filter, so if you’re looking for that how do my students get registered video ’cause I wanna show it in class, I would hit student, only two things come up there, but just for the sake of it, let me show you that you can go down even further and do videos. And now here, look at this. MindTap on Brightspace registration. It is a fun and pretty short video here, it’s about four minutes long. It walks them through, that is loud. (video jingle plays) There we go. It walks them through the steps of how to link from their Brightspace account into the MindTap. All you have to do is hit link and then you can copy this into your LMS. It is already copied on my dashboard, I can open up text editor and notice it’s right there. We also have just other student-facing, so if we get out of Brightspace and we just want to search other MindTap functionalities maybe we haven’t had a chance to go over today and you wanna show your students, you could do students, video training, and it will show them, there’s more, but how to use different things within MindTap, how to complete assignments, submitting papers, experiments using MindTap, things of that nature. Now for you as an instructor, you’re gonna have different videos. So we were talking about spend some time and make your MindTap course what you want it to be. After that, you can copy it over to your other sections or next semester and beyond. Course section and management, you can edit that learning path any way you’d like. You can reorder it, you can take things out, you can hide them, you can set certain dates. All of that short little videos once again in here for your disposal. So use these, they’re extremely helpful and they’re not very long. We also have, let me show you here, in the link here, we have a video for our IDE, instructional videos, and so it’ll link right out here[Video Instructor] Welcome to the MindTap training video.Here we go.And we have a couple of these videos that are coming out that we just made especially for the IDEs. So make sure that you check them out.

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