My 3 Favorite Delay Plugins

Hey it’s Matty at
Delays are probably my most favorite effect in the whole wide world I like
them almost as much as I like compression. So today I thought it’d be fun just to
go over my three favorite delays. Some cool stuff I’ve been using lately and
just creative ways you can use them as you’ll see I look at delays a little
more than just a delay I like to add effects to my delay so these three
plugins kind of help me do that. So let’s check them out and you can see the
different ones I got. So I’m just using this loop here. “say I couldn’t sample
shit but still I just looped it” right now we don’t have any of the delays on but the
first one we’re gonna use is called the Relayer and it is insane all the stuff
you can do with it so let’s turn it on. “shit but still I just looped it” that’s
the delay I got right now it’s called out to my buddy Big Seth who recently
passed away and it is just kind of an effect I got from him and…”shit but still
I just looped it” so its a quarter note delay panning back and forth and then I got a
filtered over here so I’ll run through this thing really quick as you can see
it. You got your basic delay stuff here, time feedback in the repeats which is a
little different so the more repeats the more repeats as here and what’s
interesting about this plug-in is you can actually turn the gain down of the
different repeats which makes for a pretty creative delay. But we’ll start
with two and then it’s got modulation here if you want to modulate a bit
diffusion here gives a little more of a reverb sound and then over here has this
color section which I have an EMT reverb on so it’s going to go delay and then to
a reverb which is pretty cool just to be able to do all that in one program. So
it’s got 480 like the lexicon reverb all kinds of different reverbs in here
different tones megaphones and stuff laptops, speakers, real rooms
so there’s tons of stuff and then special effects like talking cans and
all kinds of crazy stuff you could then put the color through and then you have
your master filter here and you’re wet and dry. Now you also have a pan section
which you can pan and left it right or however you want to go and that can go
the more repeats check this out the more pans you have. So it can get really crazy
then you have effects which I love this wah-wah effect I use a lot but it’s
got a phaser, comb filter, Redux which is like a bit crusher and it’s got another
one here where you could do another effect if you like and then you have
this feedback section which you can also throw different device types on. In this
section too which is cool it’s kind of like a ducker, they call it the Ducker
but what it does is you could put the delay on the whole time and
kind of gate it so that only when the artist stops singing the delay goes. So
this thing has just about everything you could ever need in it. So I got this
effect I got a couple other ones that have started building. This is
like the latest delay I’ve got and I got the Dreamy verb I made. “shit but still I
just looped it” so you can see I got the EMT big fan of EMT’s and then this cool
wah-wah effect this is pretty tight check this out. “shit but still I just looped
it” So you can see with the wah you can
build the wah wah so you hear how it kind of like opened up like a wah wah
sound when the delay went so I turn these up slowly. “shit but still I just
looped it” so that’s a really cool effect. So this thing is insane you could spend
your whole day mixing your delay and not your song with that thing.
This one is an oldie but a goodie and the reason I say that is because Echo
Boy has been around since I was a small child. But with the rack you get more
than just the Echo Boy and so I’ve built effects in here too.
Where you can have your echo boy but then you can have throw a micro shift on
there and some crazy filtering and make some really creative cool delays this is
just Mattys filter delay that I made. I’ll let you hear this “shit but still I just
looped it” so you can see and hear as the delay goes it kind of filters down like
a low-cut. “shit but still I just looped it” And it does it automatically which is cool and then
it has a little micro shift on there but I got tons of stuff in here too and
really cool effects. “shit but still I just looped it” So some of these might not
sound that on this little loop we got here but, gate slap back. “shit but still I
just looped it” and that’s something you can maybe put on a whole track and then
they have thousands of different sets prese ts you could go through. They got
this ambient echoes, dotted echoes that’s pretty cool I use a lot and look it’s
crazy it’s like three echo no four echo boys together. “shit but still I just
looped it” just kind of fizzles things out. So this
thing is insane and kind of like the relayer now that they have this effects
rack you could do so much with it it’s crazy. So there’s that one and then last
but not least is my boy Manny Marroquin’s delay and this thing is awesome too – this
thing is great it’s like the others in a way that it has other effects but to me
this one you can just kind of get there quicker. The other two you could spend
a long time making effects but this one is like boom little reverb turn it on
turn it off turn it up. Same with distortion it’s got a doubler and a
phaser on it so. “shit but still I just looped it” and it makes it really simple
you can put a doubler on there or you could take the distortion off and really
reverb it out with a big size. Then filter it or whatever. So this ones great its always good to have this ready to go
because if you couldn’t have an effect in your head you can turn that one on
and get it really quick whereas the other ones you have a little more
ability to change things but you could get lost in those delays and I have
quite a bit. So anyway I hope you guys liked the video give you some ideas on
different delays you can use to come up with some really creative stuff and it’s
isn’t just for vocals you can use this on keys and drums or whatever you want.
But I always find myself using delays mostly on vocals and keys but mostly
vocals. So if you got any questions please leave them the comments below if
you need your song mix or mastered hit me up at Thanks

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