My experience as a female designer in tech

– Hey everyone, welcome
back to my channel. For today’s design chat,
I want to talk to you about being a female
in the design industry. Now I’m very lucky that I
have not felt like I have been discriminated against in
any way because of my gender when applying for a job or
when working at a company and I know that I’m very
lucky because of that and very thankful for it
because I know that that is not the same situation that everyone’s in. I mean discrimination based
on gender happens across the world no matter what
industry you’re in I’m sure, I can’t personally speak
to whether it’s worse in the design industry than in others. But today I want to talk to
you about what I’ve noticed about the gender gap in design. So when I was at university,
if I’m remembering correctly, the majority of my class were female. And this was in the graphic
design major that I was part of. I think when you look over to animation and motion graphics
perhaps, that was a bit more male dominated but for the
most part my experience at university was that there
were more female designers than there were male. When I went into my first
job after university, I was at a very small company and I was the only designer for a time and I also both worked with
a male and a female designer at varying points, so again
I didn’t really notice it that much but that was when
I was doing print design. When I made the switch
over to working in tech and being a web designer,
that is when I noticed that the design world there
is very male dominated. I joined the company as
the second female designer and I think there maybe like,
eight or so designers total, so you know the ratio’s not great already. But then by the time I left,
I think we were up to like, 20 designers total maybe more and from what I can remember,
there were only four of us who were female. Again like I said at the
start, I was never treated any differently because I was a woman, but it’s just interesting
to note that most of the designers that were working on the team were hired were male. And I didn’t really notice until recently but because I did a lot of
my learning at this roll, it was amazing for increasing
my design knowledge, about web design in particular
and growing my skills, but because I was learning
in that male dominated environment, I think it had a big impact on my design style and it’s
not just this work environment that I was in but actually
I feel like the whole tech design industry is dominated
by white male designers. I don’t know if saying
that white males dominate the design industry is
a fact, I don’t actually have any statistics on
it and it might turn out to be more diverse than we think, it’s just that white males are who we see speaking at conferences
and talking about design, writing about design. They’re the ones who are
speaking confidently about it and I suppose that
comes with the privilege that happens when you are a white male, that you have that air of confidence more naturally than
perhaps someone who isn’t. Just an idea, again, I don’t
have the stats on that, but it seems likely and
yeah, a lot of the design discussion that I see online
does come from a lot of males and there’s very few female
voices in the conversation. Just by the way I’m not at
all trying to attack anyone by saying this, I have many good friends who just so happen to
be white male designers and they’re lovely people
but I think it’s important to talk about these
things because diversity is needed and we can all learn from it and I think it’s a good thing
to have this discussion. Right now at my current
job, I am on a very small marketing team, it’s just me the designer, another woman Dani who is our writer and then our male manager Barrett. We were having a discussion the other when I was showing some designs to them, asking for feedback, and Barrett commented that the look of them was
very white male millennial. And I sort of thought
about it and realized, I don’t know perhaps the fact
that I’ve been surrounded by so many males throughout my web design current outside of school
I suppose, learning, that my style has unintentionally
been influenced by that. And I reflected when I
was creating these designs that I showed to my team
and realized a lot of times I would be heading in one direction, and then stop myself
because I’d be thinking, no that’s too girly,
let’s shift back a bit. My own stuff as you’ll
know if you watch my videos and my vlogs or whatever, I don’t shy away from more feminine elements like, soft colors
and script fonts, you know. I go full in on them. But I don’t know,
something I had in my mind that my professional design
couldn’t look too feminine because that wasn’t professional
and excuse my language, but that is just bulls**t. So we had an awesome chat within our team about connecting with that feminine energy and bringing that out in design more and how that’s totally
okay and will fit in absolutely perfectly
with our target audience and you know, our aims
and what we’re doing and so I shouldn’t be afraid of that. Design shouldn’t have a gender. I mean, it’s just bloody pixels and so this is not something
I should be worrying about. Anyway, I don’t really know what my point is with this video, I
just wanted to talk about my experience as a woman
in the design industry. And how I’ve been affected
in a not necessarily a negative way by being surrounded by a lot of male designers. Like I’ve said many times
before, I don’t want this to be just a one way discussion,
I really want to know what you think about
this so in your career or your industry your school whatever, what’s your experience with
gender diversity in design. I’d love to hear about it
down below in the comments. It would be also be
really cool if you wanted to leave links to your favorite female or non-binary designers
down below in the comments because I’m sure those
voices are out there, it’s just that they’re not
as loud as the main ones that we see, so I want
to try and make sure I involve of them in
my feed and in my life so that I can get inspired
from much more diverse sources, if that make sense. Yeah, let me know what you think, give this video a thumbs
up if you enjoyed it. And if you like to see more just chat’s like this, I suppose. Thank you for watching and I
will see you next time, bye.


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