Odoo 11 website builder

select the website builder to create your website we can build a custom website for our business click the install button wait until it finishes the installation there are two themes available by default select a theme according to your choice this is our home page we can add more content by clicking the edit button you can simply drag and drop the snippet we can customize the snippet by clicking customize button on the top there are a few customizations available for each snippet we can find more snippet on the left side menu add content by selecting more snpippets you can change the colour we can add slide like this we can adjust the slider from here we can select any snippet and easily drag it into the page each snippet have diffrent customization options you can save the changes by clicking save button this our home page there is also some options for customization we can promote our page using this seo menu you can add the keywords for seo optimization we have completed our home page we can add more pages in website by clicking the new button in menu you can name the page from here the new page is empty you can add content using the snippet you can customize it according to yuor requrement save the page this is the website dash board we can add the contact form from here click the install button to add this feature we can now see the contact us page for our website we can fill the contact form we get a success message like this you can view this on the crm menu we can add blog to our website click install button to add this feature we can add our blogs here we can add the author avathar by enabling this option we can create new blog posts we can add the blog content here click the publish button to publish the blog your website is redy Thank You!


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