Olympus E-M5 MKIII Vs E-M1 MKII – Battle

The new Olympus camera OM-D E-M5 mark 3 was launched last Thursday and since the specs are pretty close to the em1 mark 2 I Decided to make a small battle and see which one of these cameras is better as usual on these battles I have different features and different things that I compare and give points to A winner of that round and then we will see which one of these two cameras is better. If you’re considering getting one of these this might be very useful for you, but let’s start with the battle Hi there, I’m Peter Forsgård and an Olympus Visionary and a professional photographer from Helsinki, Finland And before we start the battle between these two cameras Please consider subscribing to my channel and hit that bell. So you get notified when there is a new video online My channel is all about you getting to be a better photographer. And of course about Olympus gear and remember, I post two videos a week, usually on Tuesdays and on Fridays But now let’s get into the battle okay, the first round is all about look and feel of course always a new camera might be a bit more appealing the thing about The color of these cameras you can get this black. But this one with the silver top is not very good-looking But this one with the silver top is really classic. Look Of a camera and actually why this is has been so popular in the past. I just found out about the Chrome things that they have on top of the camera Was that usually the one that was a silver on top was a bit cheaper than the whole and then the black version? And that’s why this came to be very popular color of the cameras And if you only look at the what these cameras look like I think this is a way more beautiful than this one but of course when you’re doing photography, that’s not the main point not for me, but Okay, let’s say that if you’re a social or lifestyle photographer the look and feel might be one of the most important things and I can understand that when people like To photograph pretty things. It’s nicer to make those images with a beautiful camera, too so in that sense I can understand what the look means to some of some of you but then if we Take this and grab these To the hand and we can see that this one has a bit. Let’s it’s that way the camera has a little bit bigger Grip than this one. I have the extra grip on this one because I just Like get better with the break It’s a bit too small for my hand, even though it’s a lot better than the previous m5 version the mark 2 and But there was one thing that will decide this and it’s the back wheel. I like to use the back wheel for exposure compensation and on this one The back tire is a bit, too Far away there the Design is a bit different on this one. It’s also but this one has a bit better curve on on here and this one is straight if this one could be a bit curvy or go a bit more inside then it Would be equal so the first round about look and feel goes to m1 mark 2 because the better positioning of the back wheel and that Is actually really important to me So that’s why I picked it up if the back wheel is not important to you then Just pick either one. Both of these cameras are really good in your hand So not a big thing for many but for me It’s a pretty crucial thing and then round 2 the usability this one is pretty close to look and feel because they have some same like the back dial is more more or less a Thing that is about usability both of these cameras Like all Olympus cameras are really really good in custom but to be custom so you have lots of buttons that you can customize to put the feature you want in there and this one has actually Seven because in my first impression video I forgot all about the button right here where you can check out the depth of field But that can also be customized to be something else. So in that it has actually seven and This one has eight plus Of course, if you have the pro lens, then you have the lfn button there. You can’t see in the camera this way and That’s why This one has more customizable buttons Because it has eight but I don’t know if that is Really a big thing But then what really makes the difference is the mode dial? this one has only one custom button or custom mode and this one has three on the Mode dial so it’s easier to access those custom modes and that’s why also the second round goes to M 1 mark 2 the new contender has been you know left be a bit behind do you think this camera can Win more rounds in the in the coming around so that it will challenge the old guy Well, we’ll see And also the lens is that you have are of course affecting the usability of the camera and this one is quite You know small and light camera, but what about if you have a bigger lens on this one? does it feel a bit unbalanced let’s make it a difference and see how it feels and It is when you’re holding it like this it is a bit unbalanced but if you hold your camera properly so that it You know land or kind of like holding it with your hat with your palm and then you lift it up here Then I don’t think this feels very unbalanced. But of course if you have a strange Grip like this then it will be unbalanced. But if you have or hold the camera properly then it wouldn’t be any problem to To be a bit unbalanced But let’s put this back in and In focus right now hope so And then what about round 4 which is all about LCD and the EVF They both have exactly the same LCD and that is good thing. It’s One of these flippy screens both have them. It’s very good for For video and very handy if you want to you know shoot yourself we are doing video of yourself and Then it can also be you know turned out so if you don’t need it, like most of the time I don’t need the back LCD, so I just Turn it this way and it will protect it. What about the EVF? They both have two point three six million dots in the EVF and both have really clear and nice EVF But there’s one Small difference which is actually not that small This one that has better a EVF because you can use this one with your glasses You can have it’s 27 millimeters from the From the what? I call the from the body and you can still see 100 percent of the viewfinder So you don’t have to turn the camera or the head just to see to the edges so you can make a perfect Crop what with this one with glasses? It’s not that easy. So this round goes to the New contender the new kid on the block. So it’s 3 2 1 so finally the m5 mark 3 One around and then we have round 5 and this one is easy. You probably guess which One is better on this one Big if you have watch my first impression video on this one The in 1 mark 2 has a bigger battery and a better battery life So this is easy, even though of course, this one has USB charging. This one has not so in that sense It could be a tie but I have to give it to the m1 mark 2 because of better battery life It can be used a longer time. And if you have two batteries, you can shoot all day No problem from from early morning to the evening but with this one you need to have several batteries or you need to stop shooting for a while and Use the USB charging which is of course the USB charging is a good thing, but to be honest I’d rather have a longer battery life than USB charging So that’s why it’s 41 to be in one mark 2 and then round 6 I this all Olympus cameras or at least the new ones have a stunningly good Image Stabilizer and they both have 5.5 in the body and then 6.5 with the sync is 12 200 millimeter lens and I tested these side-by-side I could not find any differences on that. So even though usually you say it’s easier to hold a Bit heavier camera steady, but with the lens 12 200 millimeter f/4 lens. I was testing it I had the same specs on both the digital and the sensor shift on + 2 to 3 seconds with either one of these cameras no problem at all. And and that’s that’s really a good thing That’s remarkable thing to have or to be able to shoot two to three second exposures and No problem with the sharpness. So this one is a tie here is the score Then are we already on round seven its image quality on paper? It should be Exactly the same because both have the same processor and both have the same sensor the 20 megapixel live most sensor I tested on different occasions In different places and took some images with both of these and could not find any Difference in the image quality and no difference in the noise level either If we compare the image quality on these two no difference so it’s a tie And it’s not a surprise. As I said in the beginning of this round that they have the same sensor. They have the same Process or so image quality. It’s the same and that’s a pretty good thing because when I conclude the whole thing Then you will see that these cameras are a bit for different purposes of different uses so Don’t go away. We will still have some Concluding of the battle to do as you probably saw In 1 mark 2 won this battle, but it does not mean necessarily That it is a better camera for everything you do with photography If I need to choose between these two cameras, I would choose for professional work I would choose this one and for leisure I would choose this one and I will explain the thing why this one has two memory card slots Which is very important when you’re doing Professional photography you need to have backups. You might want to have rows and JPEGs or you might want to Record RAW images to both to cards just to have the backup and then it has a better battery life It is more reliable in that sense. I can make longer days and shoot more with this one and That’s why I would choose the m1 more to form a professional work But I said that full Asia and for travel and for fun, I would choose this one because this is more fun camera Of course, it’s a new one and you have a certain appeal to new things. At least I like because it’s a bit different It’s it’s more exciting with it because it’s new and it has some great features to have the small Zuikou lenses is great It’s a really really nice package for your travel your street photography your you know Whatever you do want your travels the tourist shots selfies, whatever you like to do This one is better. I think for that and The reason is that it is small and yet they still have the same You still get the same great image quality with this one. They have the same as you saw and then of course Are really really good in weather sealing except of course If you have em zuikou Lenses which are not then you might not be that good covered with the weather sealing but talking about the weather sealing and lenses I think right now would be a perfect time for Olympus to Come up with lenses that or let’s say the Holy Trinity of em Zuikou lens is 17 millimeter 25 and 45 and have those lenses Let’s say F 1.4 and whether sales or maybe F 1.8 be fine, but a small weather sealing for those lenses That would be great and a great price for that also, so it so that they won’t be too expensive It would be a perfect companion to the new camera And then of course, there’s then that I did not talk about it All is the video qualities and the same goes here. I would have this for my professional video work because it has the headphone jack and so that I can monitor the order when I’m let’s say Not clogging but video Shooting a interview for example, then. I need to monitor the audio of course. Otherwise, it would be too risky But for vlogging and for you know, social media videos and stuff like that This one definitely is a great choice because it’s it’s smaller to carry around and it’s easier to do You know to hold like this and and vlog it’s it’s it’s a lot better for that because it’s lighter and smaller which I’ve said several times on this video, too and In that sense it all depends on which things you are photographing and why you are getting a new camera and I will make a video about comparing the em5 mark to with this one and see if three and five mark 2 is still a good choice for a camera I’m probably not making a battle but just to compare the features on those two cameras and see what it is and then there is One more thing it’s about the price of these. They are quite similar it This one has been on On different sales and has had very very competitive Prices about the same and this but but the base price on this money is about 200 euros two hundred dollars more than this one so that could also be one of those things that you Need to consider as I always said never break the bank because of a camera By the one that you can afford if you can afford this one fine And then if if this is a bit too much then get this one It’s totally fine. You can get great images with both of these cameras and let’s see if I still have something here Oh, yeah, you might want to watch this video next It’s about the first impression on this one and then I have a whole playlist of videos about the m1 mark 2 which is the lower one there and If you like this video Put the thumbs up and thanks for watching and bye for now


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