Outsourcing Your Graphic Design [Small Business Tutorial]

[Upbeat music plays] Your business communicates with the world.
Your voice is your logo and brand, which speak to your customers through things like your
website, flyers, brochures and ads. Creating eye-catching and effective designs
can be very affordable and accessible these days. In recent years, we’ve seen many different
types of design services become available for small business owners – some, just the
click of a button away. You can now outsource almost anything from
logos, business cards, flyers, brochures and even social media graphics such as your Facebook
profile and cover images. Client (Narrator): I need your help in creating
a voice for my business. I want my branding to stand out from the crowd. I’ll also need
to get some business cards, brochures and graphics for my website. What do we need to
do to get started? Graphic Designer: Sure, so the first step is to decide
your brand identity. What is the personality you want your business to have? We can put together some ideas about
what you would like to incorporate into your design, the look and feel of the imagery, as well as really think about what you would like to leave from your designs. I guess the first step would definitely be to try and understand who are some of your competitors? Adding design flair to your brand can help
you stand apart from your competitors and really make your brand memorable in the minds
of your customers. Attention-grabbing designs can mean that your
email gets opened, your Facebook post shared and your brochure used when deciding what
products to buy. There are many ways to reach out to talented
and affordable designers depending on your budget. The most popular ways are through
referrals from people you know, or by searching the net. There are also websites such as 99Designs
or DesignCrowd where you can create a graphic design contest and only pay for the winning
design. My advice? Just be aware of what you’re
getting, before you hand over any money. It’s important to do your research before
settling on a graphic designer. You should always ask to view previous work samples and
discuss work deadlines, payment arrangements and milestones in advance. You should also
ask them how much opportunity you will have to review and make modifications after receiving
the initial draft. When it comes to giving a brief to the graphic
designer, be descriptive. Provide as much detail as possible and include images of other
designs that you like, sketches, and a description of the colours and styles that you’re after. Once the Graphic Designer has come up with
an initial draft, you should review this and suggest tweaks where necessary. With all of the different graphic design services
available, there is no reason why your organisation can’t have a catchy logo, stunning promotional
material and a Facebook page that makes an impact. Outsourcing your graphic designs CAN take
a bit of time and patience, but will pay off in the long term. So, do your research and give your graphic
designs the attention they deserve so you can truly stand out from the crowd. For more information head to… [Upbeat music plays]

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