Oxide Blending on Black Cardstock – Make a Card Monday #286

– [Kristina] Hi, everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another Make
a Card Monday video. Today, I’m planning to
create a birthday card using this stencil from Newton’s Nook. This is the Clouds stencil. And I think what’s kind
of really neat about this is you can use both sides
of the Clouds stencil and kind of like move it around your card and make a bunch of clouds. So, that’s what I’m planning to do today. I’m gonna use a few different
colors of Distress Oxide Ink and I’m going to do it on
top of black cardstock. The thing that’s cool about oxide ink is that they are more
opaque than dye inks, so you can use them on dark surfaces. So, I’m gonna be using a few different, let’s see, that was too big. Probably these are probably
about the right size of Blender Brushes that I wanna use today. And I’ll have one for each
one, so that’s kinda nice. Okay, I’m gonna start at
the top and then move down. I want to have, let’s see here, I might have to grab some
additional ink colors, we’ll see, but I do want to take this down first. Using some Therm O Web Purple Tape. I’m just gonna start right here. And I think I will
start with Mustard Seed. I’m just gonna blend that from the cloud. And this actually won’t take
too long to build the color. All right, and then I
can lift up my stencil and now I have that cloud line. Before I move on to the next, I’m going to use a baby
wipe and just wipe this off, and the ink should come off really easy. I’m also using a paper towel
just to dry it off a little bit since that baby wipe was wet. All right, so this was
the one I used there. So now, I’m going to turn it and I can position it so
that it’s a different, about a different line of clouds. And I’m going to move
on to Peacock Feathers. Doing the same thing,
I’m loading up that brush and then I can start bringing in the color from right below that line. Remove that, now I have the blue line. Wipe my stencil. And then come in with
that paper towel as well. All right, and now I can turn the stencil. In fact, I can even turn
it the opposite direction, like, turn it over and now I have another line of clouds. So you have almost an endless amount of lines of clouds to choose from. If you use the full length, you’d have four different
lines that you can blend from. All right, I’m going to
go to Seedless Preserves. Just blending that from
the line of clouds. Super fast and easy. All right, I was using this since and now I’m going to turn it and do this other end. And I’m also going to switch colors. I’m going to go to Picked Raspberry. And I think I’m going to
bring in some Ripe Persimmon. All right, so now I have all
of those clouds ready to go. I’m gonna set this aside to dry while I clean up my work surface. I’m going to speed
along the drying process by heating this with a heat tool. (heat tool whirring) I’m going to be doing
my really large greeting in embossing powder. So, I’m going to test out to make sure that the embossing
powder isn’t sticking. Looks like it is sticking to some areas. Just checking everything
to see which areas I need to make sure I
heat with my heat tool. Okay, so it looks like along this line and over on these sides here. The reason you wanna test
it before you go into it is because now, I could
take a clean, dry brush and just brush off any
of that embossing powder, redry my piece, test again, and if everything looks good, then I can go ahead with my embossing. (heat tool whirring) All right, I’m gonna let this cool off ’cause it’s still pretty hot and then I’m gonna test it again. Once it’s cooled off, ’cause I just don’t want anything sticking because it’s hot, you know. Okay, let’s test this again. Looking like everything’s
sliding off really easy, which is what I wanna see. All right, looks like I’m about right. There’s those couple
little spots right here where things are sticking but I don’t think it’s anywhere near where my greeting will be,
so it should be just fine. Using my MISTI Stamp Positioning Tool. And the stamp set I’m using today is this one from Simon Says Stamp called Big Birthday Greetings. And I’m gonna use this one down here, this really large, like, full-on greeting. All right, and just to make it extra safe for all of my embossing, I’m gonna use an embossing powder tool. This is from EK Success. Any of the powder that I put out here could be wiped off after
I’m done embossing. This just adds a little bit of powder to the surface of the paper and eliminates any of those spots where embossing powder might stick where it’s not supposed to be. I’m using VersaMark ink. It’s my favorite ink for embossing, although there are some other
embossing inks out there. This is just the one that I’ve used for years
and it works great, so I haven’t felt the need to
swap it out for anything else. It’s a really big stamp, so I’m gonna make sure
I walk my fingertips over every single part of it. Looks like I didn’t miss anything. I’m gonna go around and just
wipe away any embossing powder that’s hanging out on areas
where I don’t want it. All of those tests and prep
work have really helped though. All right, and I’ll heat
this with my heat tool. I want to share an
embossing tip for you guys. I don’t remember where I saw this tip. I think I may have seen
it in a Facebook group, but someone said, when you’re embossing on a dark piece of cardstock and sometimes the embossing powder almost looks like it’s
melting into the cardstock, try heating it from the back first and that will melt everything, and then it will prevent it
from melting into the cardstock. So, I’ve tried it a few times and I have had really good results, so I just want to mention it in case any of you have that issue. I’m gonna try it again today. (heat tool whirring) And then you can switch to the front. Okay, so I have a really crisp embossing. And the paper didn’t warp
too much, so I love that. By the way, the paper I’m using today is Black Onyx cardstock
from Gina K Designs. I’m going to put this
on a white card base, but I’m going to cut it
down just a little bit by using the A2 layer
dies from Waffle Flower. I think this set and
also the A7 layer dies are my most used dies. Okay, so not only did that cut it out but it really flattens it out a lot too. I’m using a Scor-Buddy to
score my card base at 5-1/2. This will give me a top-folding card. Then I’ll put some foam tape
on the back of the card. And I don’t scrimp on the foam tape so that when I put my
card through the mail, I won’t have any sagging
or drooping areas, so it will be nice and flat. And I always use the same pattern when I’m putting foam tape on my pieces. I go around each side, one from corner to corner, and then two smaller
ones to fill in the gaps. And it seems like a really
a lot amount of foam tape, it kind of is, but I think
it’s completely worth it. I’ve tried doing like a Fun
Foam with a little bit of glue or even a tape runner and it works. I don’t prefer it. This is just the way that I like to do it. But the other way, it
definitely works as well. All right, and then directly onto the card. And that is the card for today. Super, super simple idea and a really simple card
in its design as well. Thank you so much for watching today. If you want to pick up any
of the supplies I used today including the Clouds stencil or the specific ink colors I use, please check out the
supply list down below in the video description, and also in the supply list at my blog. On screen, I’ve got three more
videos for you to check out. These are going to be some
fun card videos for you to get some inspiration from. Once again, thanks so much for watching. If you haven’t subscribed to
my YouTube channel, please do. And when you subscribe, don’t forget to hit that notification bell so you don’t miss a video. Sometimes my videos don’t make
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a new video goes up. Thanks so much today and I will see you guys very
soon for another card video.


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