Palette Perfect: How Material Design Makes Color Easy

There are no wrong colors. What matters most is how to use them. But with such a broad spectrum to
choose from, how do you know which colors will work for you? The material design palette provides a simple, smart approach to building with color. Starting with the primary 500s, it scales
from light to dark offering a variety carefully chosen
values. These color ranges are then applied different elements in the UI. The 500s are perfect describing the dominant theme in your product and are great for toolbars. From there, scale up to the 700s for status bars. Or down to a 300 for secondary
information. Accent colors are brighter and more saturated. They encourage user interaction, giving your UI subtle but considered color pops. They are perfect highlighting primary action buttons or FABs standard buttons, switches, sliders, and more. This system for thinking about color is powerful, immersive, and completely adaptable to any application. Whether your brand is poppy and bright or serious and subdued material design makes colors work for you. Start building get to know the fundamentals of color at


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