Professional Graphic Design Portfolios EXPLAINED

welcome back to you Satori graphics and
today I’m actually gonna show you two award-winning portfolios that do gain
high professional and highly acclaimed clients and how they do it
I’m gonna show you the techniques and the format they use to create the
stunning portfolios for their graphic design work and so another awesome
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later in today’s video so here we have the first graph a design
portfolio by Melanie and this is something I really really have liked and
I’ve checked it out before of course before making the video but it’s already
really stunning and well planned out with all portfolio one of the first
things you need to take into account when making a portfolio is your color
scheme and I’ve mentioned this before it helps to have a running theme throughout
the entire portfolio it ties things together and Melanie has chosen a kind
of charcoal black with dark black white and red which I think they do work
really well together as you can see her navigation panel is there a red which
stands out when it’s easily easily you know visible but then scrolling down her
page she’s got the About section and you can see here she’s even used her color
scheme for the white red and black this is the thinking that you need to have
when you’re making your graphic design portfolio
she’s also aligned the text to the left which is really really well done and
she’s kept everything balanced and consistent this is a really well thought
out about paid for her graph lizanne portfolio and one crucial thing that not
many people actually put into the portfolios is the actually explain their
process for the graph design workflow this creates confidence in the client
because they know exactly what’s gonna happen step-by-step and what they can
expect from the graphic design projects we’re now heading down to her work which
again it’s really neatly laid out and his balance
you know symmetrically on one side and she’s using her wife and black his color
scheme on the left and obviously on the right is her work now we could actually take a deeper look
into our projects but to save time and you know just to keep going on
just take know that she has a client from a red bull that is a huge client
and that just shows how well thought-out this portfolio is how strong this kind
of failure can actually work out for your career
and now heading down to the bottom of her portfolio design we’ve got social
media contacts and also the color scheme continues throughout of course because
it should do but finally one thing I really really love about what Melanie’s
done here is that she’s added some humor she said at her logo her own original
illustration in a kind of humorous way you know the high five in the broken
hand and this is really really really awesome and it leaves the person who’s
viewing the portfolio with a sense of happiness the sense of you know just
that was some light-hearted humor this is a really clever already thought-out
portfolio design so you should be taking some notes guys but anyway let’s move on
to the second portfolio in today’s video so here we have a graphic design
portfolio by Jack Porsche let’s say a web developer but it still stands the
same you know still a portfolio for some kind of design work and the first thing
that I’ve noticed on his landing pages he’s used some really well asymmetrical
balance where he’s got his typography on the left you’ve just kind of smaller but
his logo is larger on the right this ties back to the theory that I’ve always
spoken about my channel of you know graphic design theories of balance and
contrast and so forth these things do work and English stick in the mind so
are people who are viewing the actual content also what I love is that when
you hover over Jack’s text and it’s got some coded effects in it
which is really really neat I’m really unique you want to try and be unique
with your graphic example earlier – as you can see on the left he’s got his a
toolbar his navigation bar and let’s just check out his skills and see how
that pans out so again he’s gone for his color scheme here of a kind
turquoise but here is you some contrast using the header as the larger and more
bold typeface for font and then below he’s got the more thin text you know
this looks really neat and again there’s more balance because all that’s on the
left and on the right is what his skill sets are so again this is really
well-thought-out and Jack’s done a really great job here too I’m heading
into Jack’s work he’s got a really interesting way of doing things and that
is he’s got each of his projects in a square kind of thumbnail and I
personally I think it’s okay but I do like to have kind of gaps or space
between each thumbnail for both thing is done well his that is he’s got some
animations and roll over roll over effects on his thumbnails and of course
you need to have a contact page if you want people to contact you for work on
your graphic design portfolio and it’s continued with his color theme his font
which again is more consistency you want to keep the same fonts throughout the
entire portfolio and the final thing I want to say about the actual portfolio
side of things and gaining clients and what not I’ve said it before but that is
you need to advertise you need to promote yourself you need to take into
account everything I say about portfolios within graphic design because
you need to get a right to get the clients you know you need to promote
yourself you need to make sure the content is great you need to bring theme
you need to make sure everything is tied together so neatly and so well done you
can have some really decent work but if your portfolio sucks
it isn’t really gonna get you anywhere so like I mentioned today I’m offering
you the chance of receiving two months access to Skillshare totally for free if
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for stopping by as a toy graphics today we of course make sure have a great day
and it’s the next time design your future today


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