React vs Angular vs Vue: What to Learn to Get a Front-end Job in 2019

Are you wondering what JavaScript
framework or library you should learn to land a job in 2019? Let me help you out.
In this five-minute video, I’m gonna quickly compare the top three JavaScript
frameworks, we’re gonna look at their history, their job market, their learning
curve and then I’m gonna tell you what framework to learn to get a front-end or
full stack development job in 2019. First let me get the terminology clear what is
the difference between a library and a framework some developers use these
terms interchangeably but they’re actually different a library is a
collection of reusable code that is used to solve common problems there are
various libraries out there for solving different types of problems for example
we have libraries for performing mathematical calculations we have
libraries for machine learning and so on react is a library for building
interactive user interfaces if framework on the other hand gives us a lot of
reusable code just like a library but it also provides a structure or a skeleton
for building applications so when using a framework we have to build our
application according to that framework frameworks have opinions in terms of how
we should structure our application how the application should get started how
various components should interact with each other and so on angular and view
are both examples of popular frameworks for building front-end applications now
one of the questions I get a lot is Masch why do we have to use a framework
or a library to build an application can we just use plain old JavaScript the
answer is yes we certainly can it’s a waste of time
here is the reason imagine you want to build a desk
would you buy pieces of wood and put them together or would you go to the
forest and cut the trees first there is no reason to cut the trees when there
are already pieces of wood ready for us to reuse we use frameworks and libraries
to increase our productivity and speed up the development process there is a
lot of code that is tested and is ready for us to reuse so this is all about
libraries and frameworks now react angular and view are the top three tools
for building applications these days but which one is better let’s find out
look at the results of this deck overflow developer server in 2019 that
just came out here’s the list of the most
loved web frameworks and the winner is react it is closely followed by view
this year and angular seems to be losing its popularity compared to previous
years if you look at Google Trends you can see that react is the most popular
library out of the three now let’s have a quick look at the history of these
frameworks angular is the oldest of the three it’s developed by Google and was
initially released in 2010 until 2016 it used to be called angularjs in 2016
angular team released angular 2 which was a complete rewrite of angularjs in
fact it had nothing in common with the previous version of angular it was a
completely new framework so to reduce confusion angular team decided to drop
the jas from the original name and they called the new framework angular this
made a lot of developers unhappy any applications that were built with
angularjs had to be rebuilt with angular also over the last three years there
have been several releases of angular and we have experienced several breaking
changes as an online instructor this made me very unhappy because my angular
course got outdated pretty quickly and I had to do a lot of patches to the course
and at some point I ended up recreating the entire course from scratch but it
came soon after the course got out beta react is developed and maintained by
Facebook and it’s been around since 2013 currently it’s at version 16 and is
being used by Facebook Twitter Netflix PayPal and uber to name a few
it has a huge community which means somebody out there has already solved
the problems you may encounter so there are tons of third-party libraries
packages tools extensions as well as tutorials and courses view or view Jas
is the youngest kid in town unlike angular and react view isn’t
developed by a big corporation it was originally developed by an ex-googler
employee in 2014 and now it’s maintained by a group of passionate developers even
though it’s a new framework it has gained a lot of popularity over the past
two years now what about the job market well this really depends on where you
are located so wherever you are look at the
number of jobs advertised and the most popular job seeking website here is the
number of jobs advertised on in the US right now in April 2019 they
are roughly about fifty nine thousand react jobs followed by fourteen thousand
angular jobs and three thousand view jobs based on the popularity of react I
would say that you would probably see the same pattern in other countries in
the world but that’s just my guess so if you’re looking for a job in the u.s.
react is definitely the way to go now what about the learning curve well
angular has always been famous for having a steep learning curve
because it’s a full-blown framework or a complete solution in contrast because
react is just a library and not a complete solution it has fewer concepts
that you need to learn and understand I would say learning view requires roughly
the same amount of time and effort it’s definitely easier to learn than angular
some argue that it’s even easier than react but it’s very subjective so if
you’re starting out I would say start with react because it’s definitely
easier to learn than angular and it gives you tons more job opportunities
once you learn react if you want to expand your career options or if you’re
just curious you can learn view transitioning from reactive view is
fairly easy and I personally think that going forward we’re gonna see more job
opportunities for view in 2019 and 2020 another benefit of learning react is
that you can quickly learn react native to build mobile apps react native is the
king of cross-platform development so again you will have plenty more job
opportunities ahead of you so if you’re looking for a job as a front-end or a
full-stack developer invest your time and energy in react now how do you learn
react I have a comprehensive – our tutorial on my channel you can see it
over here I’ve also put the link down below this tutorial walks you through
all the core concepts and react even though I made it last year in 2018 it’s
still valid and up to date because react is a stable library and you won’t
encounter breaking changes Facebook takes the stability of react seriously
so watch this tutorial first but if you want to master react I had a complete
course for you that is 12 hours long it goes far beyond my youtube tutorial and
touches on concepts such as Bill
complex user interfaces routing and navigation calling back and api’s
authentication and authorization handling and login errors and deployment
pretty much all the concepts involved in building real applications in this
course you will learn how to build a real video rental application with a
node back-end this is an online video course just like my youtube tutorial and
you can watch it anytime anywhere as many times as you want you will also
receive a certificate of completion at the end that you can add to your resume
we even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re interested use the
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