Reason Why Brock Lesnar is No 1 In WWE Royal Rumble 2020! WrestleMania 36 Main Event! Wrestling News

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January 7, 2020 We’re starting off with some huge
news from this week’s Monday
Night RAW, as WWE Champion Brock Lesnar made
his return to the red brand. Appearing in Oklahoma City
alongside Paul Heyman, Lesnar’s
advocate said that there is no-one worthy of facing the
Beast for the title at this
month’s Royal Rumble, so Lesnar has inserted himself in
the Men’s Rumble match. Not only that, but Lesnar has
chosen to enter at the dreaded
number 1 slot, meaning that the Beast, who has had plenty
of short matches in the past, will
have to go the distance if he hopes to win. A victory for the Beast at the
Rumble would give him a shot
at the Fiend’s Universal title at WrestleMania, as it seems
Lesnar is hoping to make history,
being the first man to hold both belts simultaneously. From one Champion to two more
now, as this week’s edition of
Monday Night RAW also saw tensions boil over
between RAW Women’s
Champion Becky Lynch and Women’s Tag Team Champion
Asuka, mere weeks ahead of their
title match for the Man’s gold. In the ring, Lynch spoke about how
she had refused to sign a contract
with WWE until she had her match with Asuka
guaranteed but was quickly
interrupted by the Empress herself. The only woman Lynch has failed
to beat, Asuka certainly seemed
confident as she sneered at The Man in Japanese,
but that smug grin quickly
vanished when Lynch dropped her with a stiff right. Sending the Kabuki Warrior from
the ring, Lynch certainly seems
confident, though fans should remember her failed
attempts to defeat the Empress
on Pay Per View, meaning fans could be looking
at Asuka Two Belts at the
Royal Rumble. We’re next looking at some
romance news from WWE, and
viewers will be pleased to hear it’s not from the Rusev and
Lana angle. Instead, we’re looking back to
WrestleMania 33 where John
Cena proposed to Nikki Bella, but after the pair called their
Mexican wedding off, it seems
both have moved on. Recently, Nikki revealed that she
is set to marry Artem Chigvinstev
from Dancing with the Stars, and according to
Hollywood Life, Cena is very
happy for his ex and her fiance. They wrote: “He is very happy that she has
found someone that treats her
so amazingly well. Nikki was an extremely important part
of John’s life so it does remind
him of what they had and he is also reminded of his
proposal to her at WrestleMania
a few years ago but he also has thought that they have
both grown from their relationship
and they both have moved on.” Another report from Hollywood Life
says that Cena and Nikki are quote
“on great terms” and “he wants nothing
but the best for her,” in this
new relationship. As for the 16-time WWE World
Champion, Cena is now with
Shay Shariatzedeh, who he met whilst shooting his movie
Playing with Fire, which is in
theatres at the moment. Nikki has previously stated in
interviews that she told Cena
about any date she went on, but he was not as candid
after meeting Shay in Canada. Time will tell where these
relationships will go from here,
but for now, things seem to be going great, both for the
former WWE World Champion,
and the longest ever reigning Divas Champion as well. Back to RAW now, and though
we’ve already mentioned that
Brock Lesnar announced himself for the Royal Rumble, he
wasn’t the only Superstar to
make his intentions clear During the three-hour show, Drew
McIntyre kept his winning streak
alive, as he crushed No Way Jose, who joins
Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder as
the Scotsman’s victims. Post-match, McIntyre declared for
the Men’s Royal Rumble Match,
looking to earn the first World Title challenge of his
WWE career, whilst also
lamenting that he has never held a World title, or even had the
opportunity to contend for one. It wasn’t too long ago that many
fans considered McIntyre a
guaranteed future World Champion, though those same
fans also said the same about
Braun Strowman, who is still yet to win a singles title on
the main roster. As one of the most gifted stars
on RAW, McIntyre can easily be
considered a dark horse to win the entire match,
and it may be just a matter of
time before the Scottish Psychopath crosses paths with
our beastly WWE Champion,
this time in the main event of WrestleMania 36. One Superstar who hasn’t been
doing as well recently though is
Jeff Hardy, who is still dealing with issues stemming
from his DUI arrest last year. Hardy will have another hearing
about his case on January 13th,
and with that in mind, there doesn’t seem to be any
plans for an in-ring return. PW Insider is reporting that Jeff’s
contract with WWE will not
expire at the same time as his brother Matt, and the
report reads: “We are told that WWE has
pushed Hardy to address his
personal health in the wake of the arrest and Hardy has been
working hard at doing so, which
is a great thing.” In the past, WWE has added any
time missed onto the end of a
Superstar’s contract, often meaning stars stay long
after their contracts are
supposed to expire. For now, the Charismatic Enigma’s
contract is frozen so he can focus
on himself, as its clear he needs to work out his
legal issues, whilst also trying
to heal from his damaged knee, that has kept him on the shelf. From a wrestler with a past of
substance abuse issues, to the
Straight Edge Superstar now, as CM Punk has once again
denied a return to the ring, this
time in a strange way. On Twitter, one fan questioned
their followers about whether
they’d want to see Punk wrestle ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin
in Saudi Arabia, and asked fans
who don’t want to see the match to like, and those
who do to retweet. Though the tweet got a fair
amount of correspondence,
we doubt the fan actually expected Punk to get involved, as
he liked the tweet, meaning he
doesn’t want to be a part of this dream match. We’re not clear whether CM Punk
doesn’t want to face Steve Austin,
wrestle in Saudi Arabia, or wrestle at all. Something
about the question definitely
seemed to cause Punk to speak his mind by
clicking a button. Back in the ring now, and as a
publicly-traded company, the
WWE always goes out of its way to make sure that they
present a certain image on
television meaning if they see a sign that they don’t like
then it has to go. Recently, one fan was able to
sneak a sign in that said
#83Weeks on it, and though the sign didn’t mention anyone by
name, fans will recognize 83
weeks as the amount of time WCW beat WWE in the
Monday Night Wars, and it’s
also the name of Eric Bischoff’s podcast. On Twitter, the fan spoke about
how his sign was confiscated,
and so was a sign promoting a local indie company
in Memphis. He wrote: “He just said, ‘hey 83 weeks. I gotta
take that sign.’ I was like wtf u
serious? He was like, ‘yep.’” “Guy in front of me had his sign
taken as well. All it said was 901
wrestling! 901 is the Memphis area code!! So stupid.” WWE has a lot of people watching
their shows and they don’t want to
provide free advertising for anyone, and that
rule apparently expands to
mentioning projects that involve the disgraced former
SmackDown Executive Director. Back to the ring now, and ever
since his wife revealed her
affair with Bobby Lashley, fans have come to learn a lot
about Rusev. One tidbit of information fans
recently picked up about the
Bulgarian Brute is that he is a patient man, as he waited
inside their wedding cake to
attack the Destroyer last week. While speaking to Booker T’s Hall
Of Fame podcast, Rusev
revealed that he was in that oversized wedding cake for half
an hour, but it was worth the
wait as the final RAW of the previous decade ended in
a huge way. He said: “I was in that cake for about 30
minutes. I kind of ribbed myself
because as soon as I got in, five minutes later I was
drenched in sweat. You have
no idea how hot that cake was. If I was back to 310 (pounds),
it would have been impossible to
fit in the cake. Call it fate or whatever you want that I
was able to lose the weight so
now I was able to fit in When I was able to get in there is
a tricky question because the
lady who made it is a huge Rusev Day fan.” “Thanks to her and her helpers,
they were able to sneak me in
when the timing was right. That’s what happens when
you’re a Rusev Day fan. We
find ways to help each other. The cake was in two parts.
There was no way anyone was
going to have a bigger cake than Lana. That
backfired for her. If it was a
regular cake, I would not have been able to pop out. Lana
wanted the hugest cake.” With 2019 behind him, Rusev will
now look to 2020, as WWE
attempts to put all of the pieces together that were strewn
all over the RAW stage last week. Who knows when the former
United States Champion will
need to hide for an extended period of time next, but
hopefully if it happens again, he
will be more comfortable After last week’s wedding, Bobby
Lashley and Lana were not in a
good mood on RAW this week and though the pair
did tie the knot in a much
quieter ceremony this week, the couple’s proverbial
honeymoon isn’t getting off
to a great start. Interrupting the happy couple via
satellite, Rusev gave them the
gift of a wedding album, that featured last week’s
humiliating situation, that left
his ex-wife in hysterics. To defend his blushing bride,
Lashley challenged Rusev to
a match next week, and though Rusev accepted, one
person who was conspicuous
by her absence was Liv Morgan, who made her shocking
return last week during the
wedding, revealing a relationship between her and
the Ravishing Russian. In a post-show segment though
the former Riott squad member
said that Rusev may need someone in his corner
next week to cancel out Lana,
so fans can expect to see this new side of Morgan back
on RAW next week. Another week of RAW meant
another Erick Rowan match,
as once again, a local talent felt the wrath of the former
Wyatt family member. This week, it was KJ Orso’s time
to feel the pain, and though
Rowan handily defeated him, the former SmackDown Tag
Champion seemed more open
to showing other people what he has been
carrying in his pen for the
past few months. After showing Mojo Rawley
backstage, an act that left the
Andre the Giant battle royal winner shaken, Rowan also
showed Orso, which similarly
caused a shocked reaction from him, and also left the
enhancement talent covered
in a strange red liquid. Whatever’s in that pen is still
anybody’s guess, but it looks
like we’re getting closer and closer to the day where we
finally find out. This week’s show also saw not
one, but two title matches
open up the new year, as Andrade defeated Rey Mysterio
to retain the United States Gold. Later on, in the night, the Viking
Raiders were able to retain their
RAW Tag Team titles against both the Street Profits
and the OC, though Gallows
and Anderson’s pal AJ Styles had much better luck. Facing off against Akira Tozawa,
the Phenomenal One
channeled his inner Apex Predator, hitting a middle-rope
DDT and an impressive RKO
to end the match, as well as send a message to Randy
Orton, who he’ll face next week. After Charlotte Flair defeated
Sarah Logan en route to
being in the Women’s Royal Rumble, and Aleister Black
defeated Shelton Benjamin,
only to be attacked by Buddy Murphy after the bell, it was time
for a huge 6-Man Tag main event. After weeks of being assaulted
by Seth Rollins and the Authors
of Pain, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe were hungry for
revenge and promised a big
surprise as their mystery partner for that match. That big surprise ended up being
the Big Show, who made his
return to the ring, after over a year away. Perhaps realizing the monumental
task on his hands, Rollins chose
to take the DQ loss after hitting Show with a chair,
though it would be Owens, Joe
and Show would have the last laugh, as the World’s
Largest Athlete downed the
Architect with a KO punch post-match. Despite Show’s last match taking
place on the November 20th,
2018 edition of SmackDown, the seven-footer
didn’t show any signs of ring
rust, and we can’t help but wonder what will happen next for
the former World Champion,
as the road to WrestleMania draws near.


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