Sander Hoogendoorn – Frontend Love 2020

Hi everybody my name is Sander Hoogendoorn
and I’m the chief architect for this nice IT company called Quby and I ‘m
really excited to be doing the opening keynote at the Frontend Love conference
on the 19 of February in Amsterdam my talk will hopefully inspire you and
we’ll explain to you how fast the world is actually changing and that we as
developers make that change happen so we will talk about moving into shorter
cycles building smaller items both front end and back end in smaller teams and
with much higher speed even than we do now so my talk will do I will talk about
going beyond agile and everything that comes with it and everything you need to
do to make your company more competitive in comparison to other companies out
there so I hope to see you all at the opening keynote of Frontend Love on the
19th of February in Amsterdam

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