School Days: When You Have A Crush On Your Teacher | The Timeliners

The compass in the geometry box isn’t only to draw circles but also to draw a souvenir of your love Deeper the name engraved truer the love By the way, after the free period getting cancelled and before the beginning of the maths period Everyone’s face is like that keeping aside.. him! Good morning ma’am! Good morning class Sit down! Thank you ma’am! Good morning Bhuvan! If we stereotype we can say that the back benchers are always lost But this guy.. being a first bencher is still lost all the time in love! Bhuvan! Bhuvan! Concentrate! yes Bro! Look, immature! He joined the DramSoc so that he could spend time with Chhavi Can’t you fail? What do you mean? It’s very easy You fail at maths Then take extra classes from ma’am Oh! Noo I have an idea! You fail at all the subjects Then you can be with ma’am for one more year. Your life will be sorted Are you crazy? Jasmine you’re a girl Please tell me how can I impress ma’am? Bro! You do one thing Join the army You are so immature Then come after 15 years and win her heart! That’s what SRK did in Main Hoon Na! Ma’am would be 10 year elder to me Now how to impress someone of her age, how would I know that? With such a huge belly, do you think that ma’am could ever be your girlfriend? You too, bro! Bro, Roopa ma’am! Jasmine! How will you get impressed after 10 years? Think about it and tell? Class Someone bring a duster from 12-D Yes ma’am! Ma’am! Thank you! Class, duster! Yes ma’am Ma’am! I have it! Ma’am, duster Thank you! Ma’am take them all How sweet of you! You are coming to drop me everyday, right dude? Why do you come? Tell it now! Tell, answer now! She’s far away from the gate, that’s why Ma’am! Yes Bhuvan, tell me? Nothing ma’am, just like that bye! Ma’am! Ma’am, bhelpuri? Bring it here! Get me some bhelpuri too sometimes You also have it ma’am! Everyone is here? Move! Move the bus, all the students are here Bro! Ma’am has really started liking you She gives you certain looks Looks! Really? ‘Those looks’ And do you know? for you everyday.. she also eats bhelpuri, bro You go and try Atleast talk to her, go! Happy Teacher’s Day ma’am! This rose is for you And I think I’m in love with you What is this? Do you come to school to study or molest your teachers? Don’t you see this vermilion on my forehead? Oh shit! And this mangalsutra? Shit! Let’s go to the principal Let’s go! Hey Bhuvan! What are you hiding? Show! How sweet of you! Thank you!

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