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hi guys good morning I’m having coffee or enough you see today is a very sunny bright day it’s gorgeous and the goal you guys for today and tomorrow is to do a screen printing marathon because I need to take a few t-shirts with me to Chile and also I need to prepare the new collection of t-shirts that are going to be featured on the website for October I think October the second is that I where we’re going to launch the new collection I have said that worked so many times it’s so nice by the way that I can finally share this with you because in the past I had to be like super secretive about it but now that you know and the cats out do you say that the cats out of the bag what a horrible thing to say anyway it’s super nice that I can finally share all of this with you first of all I think I need to change into something more comfortable like this outfit look at these this is enough this is a t-shirt actually that I’ve used a couple of times for like you’re saying you’re my but yeah to like try a couple of designs but now it’s my printing t-shirt so anyway let’s just let’s just do this good before we start let me explain what we’re going to do today so today we have to print all these bastards you guys all those are dope all of these are radical and all of these are poop t-shirts as you can see radicals can only be white because it’s a t-shirt that has two colours CN and pink dope and poop can either they can go either way it’s really hard to do this selection like deciding which is going to be which but I’m so happy so the first thing that I think I will have to do is to print the CN layer of all of the radicals so while they’re getting dry I can move on to other design and then I can once this layer the first layer is dry I can go and put the pink on top does that make sense no it’s the other way around pink is first and then CNAs ii did i make sense [Music] [Music] [Music] by the way I’m going to start listening to Parliament mothership connection previously we were listening to Janek Jackson and Harry Smith and good ol David Bowie but today’s turn is 4:11 I have never listened to Parliament so it’s going to be interesting and later on I think oh my god [Laughter] anyway it’s you baby it’s you [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m sure many of you guys have a billion questions about screen printing or why my hair look so messy but honestly I had to learn it’s not that I had to learn but I realized I had to learn about screen printing when I realized no one could do that for me so when I started this whole idea of nice humans and my online shop my goal was to ask someone else to this whole screen printing for me and I remember I did so much research about screen printing and I realized that no one wanted to do that for me because I was using sorry about letters because I was using and I am using second-hand t-shirts and I remember feeling super frustrated because lots of companies were like oh we would love to do the printing for you but you will have to either buy the t-shirts from us or you will have to provide us with new t-shirts and I was just like no the whole idea of this of my business is to use second-hand t-shirts and they like lots of companies refused to work with me because they thought that secondhand t-shirts had like a poor like poor quality which is insane if you think about it like all of the t-shirts that I have in which the teachers are you see on the background there amazing quality t-shirts 100% cotton no like so it was insane that no one wanted to do this because they were used so I’m like okay the only way I can do this is if I learn it do everything by myself otherwise this thing is not going get done so I watched so many tutorials on YouTube on how to do screen printing I of course made I didn’t make the screens by myself i order them on a company called NorCal i think as soon as this screen arrives I write I was feeling really nervous because I’m like okay this is say it I need to practice but yeah it’s actually super easy in my love’s it’s super easy and gets like you need to make sure that you’re putting enough pressure and I still feel like I don’t have it like I am NOT an expert doing this but it’s working out I guess so if there’s a lesson behind this whole story is that if no one can do it for you you’ll have to just do it yourself so yeah I just wanted to share that story with you if you’re feeling discouraged or you feel like oh my god I don’t know how to do this baby everything is on YouTube you can do it yourself like if I did it you can do it [Music] hi guys good morning today’s Friday and we have lots of things to do my love’s let me show you really quickly what is the situation so these are all the radicals that yesterday you and I I’m pointing in the same direction you’ve mapped it together and all of those are the dope t-shirts that way together so as you can see all of these babies are all dry finally and what I’m going to do now is I’m going to put all this dope I think over the table another table although the chair because eventually and I think today or on Monday I’m going to hit press all of the t-shirts I also need to take out all of this radical because I will need extra space because today my love’s together we have to print all of the poop that sounded weird I hope you that I have a design coal poop otherwise that would have been super shocking not shocking but weird to say out loud anyway that’s our plan for today printing the poop taking the radicals out and the dope out and probably iron doing heat press on the dope and on the radical because on Monday I would love to sell all of the labels for the t-shirts and start organizing which are the ones that I’m going to take with me and which are the ones that I’m going to live here in New York so we can do the photo shoot next week so I love that I can finally share all of this process with you guys so a Monday not probably on Tuesday and when am I going to do this photo shoot somehow next week I don’t have to do the photo shoot for the t-shirts that are going to be up on October 2nd on the website I have no idea how I’m going to organize this but I’ll make sure to record everything for you guys so let me change into something more printing appropriate and we can start doing this together [Music] by the way my twelves I didn’t mention this yesterday but Parliament mothership connection is an insane album and you should totally give it a go please picture me print screen printing these t-shirts with this album because it’s perfect to do like any type of work whatsoever and you guys already know what it’s going on what is happening right now oh yeah bitch oh yeah anyway so these are the babies that I’m going to be printing right now and this is the screen print is this pouring for you guys I hope it’s not because otherwise yeah so I always leave the screen right beside me and the paint that I’m using because I know a lot of you guys were asking me privately on instagram i’m using speedball for fabric and i’ve read lots of reviews on internet on the internet and apparently everybody was super happy and everybody was recommending this brand so that’s why i bought the big top because the big jar the big container because this is the color that i use the most for the t-shirts and all of the rest of the paint that you see down there it’s also from speedball but i mixed the pink like the bright pink they have with some white so that’s what I have been using [Music] [Applause] I love this cute mess hi guys updates still Friday I got myself some coffee you can’t see why it’s over there because I was getting too sleepy and I didn’t bring coffee from home today so I went out and I got myself nice old oatmeal iced latte and we are officially done with all of the radicals I just so the label on them and I wanted to keep them hang because hanging hand because since we’re going to do the photo shoot next week I will love these t-shirts will remain creaseless is that even a word anyway so right now I’m going to keep them like that oops are still getting dry I mean they’re probably already dry but I I’ll have to wait until Monday to do some iron pressing and sewing the label on them and right now my last task for today is to show the labels for this t-shirt which I’m going to do right now I just love I know it’s super messy right now you guys but I just love how my studio looks it’s like crazy anyway I just wanted to give you an update because I will probably won’t keep blowing vlogging blowing I won’t keep blowing until Monday but yeah I’m super tired but I’m so happy I am making some progress here yeah hi guys good morning happy Monday so I just spend I think an hour organizing my thoughts organizing emails organizing all the things that I have to do this week because you guys this week is going to be intense I have lots of things to do for patron usually the last week of the month is quite hectic for patron because I have to do the livestream the last Sunday of every month and also I have to do a newsletter that happens to be it’s this Friday and also the patron Q&A which is on Wednesday plus a to edit this video and I need to organize all of the things that I’m taking with me to Chile because I’m going to Chile on Monday for you on Monday for me mix Monday but anyway on Monday and I need to take lots of t-shirts with me and products because some day I don’t know when exactly hopefully very soon I will be opening a shop with my mom a pop-up shop and I have to keep some t-shirts here in the US for October the second that date in which we’re going to upload the second batch of t-shirts and also I need to take some of them with me so today I don’t know if you can see but all of these are the poops that’s really together Friday that’s on it amazing although these are the poops that we did they’re super dry but today I need to iron them I mean I hate I need to Dada he he pressed them and so the label on all of them all of these are the ones that we did on Friday so all the radical and the over there the dope ones and I’m putting them on my hanging because this week we’re going to do the photo shoot and I will love how you already said this I will love them to be creaseless so today tasks where the task for today my loves is going to be to heat press all of the poop and so the label of all of the poops and go through all of these ones because these are I made them a couple of months ago and since I’m running out of t-shirts to take with me to Chile I will have to go through those ones and see which ones are cute enough to take with me and also at some point I would love to start organizing my stickers because I’m also taking stickers with me so it’s going to be a very hectic week I don’t know if you can see but we can do this guys because a we have no other choice but also it’s always like this before I travel even though I’m traveling because of my brother’s wedding it’s also going to be like a business-related trip so that’s it I’m so excited to see my family again by the way I haven’t seen them since this is the first year in which I visit Chile twice in a year since I moved abroad so it’s been first time in six years in which I’ve been to my country twice which is always nice but yeah that’s in my loves we can do this together [Music] I’m not using my what is the word for that like octopus situation the thing that helps me to do the screen printing and I am not using that machine I’m gonna get what the name of that machine is because I need to actually screw like screwed that’s a ton of weird that machine to a table and I’m running out of tables because I don’t know if you can see here but the table that I have right here has my heat press and the octopus sent and it has many lights or arms he will clash into the wall if I install it here but I need to be near a plug like sockets to plug the heat press so right now I have no table in order to install the octopus and it has to be drill into a table I made that clear enough yeah that’s why I’m not using the switch I don’t know if you can see bad it’s right under the table and if you can see that it’s really dark but it’s there so once I have the space our prowling stole it properly because I’ll have to buy a second table for that but on the time for the time being I’m doing all the screen printing on a table and it’s fine it’s fine [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah guys we did I was just editing this week’s video and I realize we never celebrated that all of the t-shirts already I am so happy thank you so much for making me company during this very intense three days I have a couple of shop announcements for you guys so on a tour of the second we’re going to launch the second batch of the t-shirts please stay tuned to October the second for those t-shirts number two please subscribe to our newsletter because it is going to be the Ryan the one writing the newsletter so if you want to stay tuned to news about the shop or when future collections are going to be launched please subscribe to newsletter I’m going to leave all of the details down below and three we I love that you can see double but now the first planner is available for sale by its own not only as the pack with the dust bag and the stickers but you can find it on itself if you want to purchase it by itself and we still have a few copies of the second like the planner second year available so if you want to check that out you can do so this is not shop related but before I leave I wanna leave them below in the description box a link to you and this creative pep talk podcast because he interviewed me last week and I forgot to share the link with you down below it was a very heavy inspiring funny and very emotional episode and I just wanted to share with you because I share sort of much of my life and my upbringing there and I love if you guys give it a listen and I think that’s it guys right now I have to go to the post office to drop all of your orders because we’ve them together with I don’t know if you can see not you can’t see them I’m gonna drop the spacer right now for all of you so thank you that’s it guys I think that that was what I wanted to say thank you so much I don’t know if I’m on focus maybe not I just wanted to thank you so much for all your support by watching my videos or like purchasing stuff on the shop or being my patron thank you so much patrons anything that you’re doing right now everything and anything you’re doing is more than enough and I wanted to thank you so so much for doing this it means everything to me I’ll make sure to vlog all of my experiences in Chile I’m really excited to see my family and friends so yeah my love’s I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday and weekend ahead and I’ll see you next week bye guys

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