Shiva Ka Insaaf – Jackie Shroff | Poonam Dhillon – Superhit Hindi Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

Greetings Lawyer sir.
– Greetings. Ramu uncle, did you see
my Bholu anywhere? No lawyer sir, l haven’t. You haven’t? Then where is he? Bholu, son Bholu. Did you see? Bhola hasn’t
returned yet, has he? All this is due to
your pampering. Whenever l scold him, you hide
him in your lawyer coat.. Your pampering and love has
spoilt him completely. Once you start talking you
won’t stop. – What else can l do? Today is Bhola’s birthday and.. ..God knows where has
he quietly run away? Our village is so small. Can’t
we find our small kid in it? You don’t worry. l will
find Bhola soon. Bhola.. son Bhole. Bhola. Jagan. What happened? What happened
to you! – Shanta.. No. No Shanta no. Shanta.. Shanta.. Shanta. Shanta.. Shanta.. Sha… No Shanta no! You can’t
Ieave me alone, Shanta. Mummy, mummy.. You run away from here son.
– No. l won’t go papa. Son, l have kept one box inside.
There is a black diary in it. ln that diary there are
pictures of three men. And their addresses are written
under their pictures. You go to them son. They will lead your
childhood on.. ..the path of truth,
to your youth. Let me go. Let go of me. Before those villains break
the door and come in you.. ..take the pictures and run
away. Run away.. run away. Don’t hit me. Don’t.. So government lawyer sir, have
you seen the condition.. ..of your family and your life. That day in the court,
you proved.. brother guilty
with your legal.. ..knick knacks and lead
him to the noose. l tried to bribe you. l offered
a heap of wealth at your feet. But you kicked away
that heap of wealth. lf you have the courage to watch
then lift your eyes and watch. Your house is looking as
if it never was a house. But a cemetery! And in this cemetery, l
will add one more corpse. Uncle Ram. You stupid fool Ram, l have
told you so many times ..not to inte_ere in our work. You crazy fool, till
the time that.. ..goons like you commit crimes.. ..l will keep on inte_ering. Fool! Son, why are you following me? You are Ram uncle, isn’t it? Yes. My name is Bhola. l am Prakash Nath-ii’s son. Oh l see! You are the lawyer
sir’s son, are you! You have grown up.
How is lawyer sir? What is the matter? My.. mummy and papa.. Speak up. What is the matter? The dacoits killed
my mummy and papa. Yes uncle. They killed him.
They killed him. Killed him. Don’t cry son. Don’t cry. Ok son. If you hadn’t found me,
where would you have gone? To Robert uncle. Rahim, Robert. Oh come Ram. Why are you so late today? Who is the kid? Come home. l will tell
you everything. l couldn’t sleep for
the entire night. l kept on thinking about
Bhola the whole night. So what did you think? l have an idea? What idea do you have now? We will send Bhola to
a boarding school. Over there he will
get educated turn.. ..into a fit gentleman
and come out. Shut up. Is boarding school
a place to stay! Mr. Rahim. Lakhs of people study in
boarding. Why can’t he? Lakhs of people stay in iail
too. Why don’t you too stay there? Listen you fools.
Don’t talk rubbish. Think about the kid. Think
about how we should nurture him? Uncle. You don’t have
to worry about me. l will go away from here. Where will you go? Anywhere, where l can learn
tricks to revenge my parents. l will learn to be independent
and not be a burden to anyone. Burden! Who said that you
were a burden on us? l have heard you talking. You are troubled due to me.
Hence l will go away by myself. Oh son! How can you go this way? Dear son, whoever calls
you a burden, is a fool. You are the angel of our heart.
– Leave me. – How can he leave you? That rotten idea was mine. Son, you do something.
You break my teeth. You pop out my eyes. You can
break my leg make me lame. You bash me up and make
an omelet out of me. But don’t go. You can
make an omelette.. ..out of me son, but don’t go. –
How can he go! He is.. ..our lion. And lion’s don’t run. They make people run. Now
you just watch and see. We will make you the
lion of the jungle. The time is ripe to
start a revolution. We will have to find
an answer for felony. The time is ripe to
start a revolution. We will have to find
an answer for felony. The time is ripe to
start a revolution. We will have to find
an answer for felony. Are you hungry? Come over. Not so soon. If you
want to eat,.. will have to
walk over these.. ..floating logs without
touching the water and come here. You are a human, learn
humanity first. Every person is needy,
Iove them first. You are a human, learn
humanity first. Every person is needy,
Iove them first. Hearts can’t be
won with swords. People will raise their
voices against crime. We will have to
bring a savior. We will have to find
an answer for felony. The time is ripe to
start a revolution. We will have to find
an answer for felony. Whenever the fires of hatred
burnt the earth.. ..Shiva’s eye opened creating
a commotion. Whenever the fires of hatred
burnt the earth.. ..Shiva’s eye opened creating
a commotion. Shiva took birth every time.. ..and became the savior of people. Durga will have to be
awakened once again. We will have to find
an answer for felony. The time is ripe to
start a revolution. We will have to find
an answer for felony. The time is ripe to
start a revolution. We will have to find
an answer for felony. Wear these clothes. Today our efforts and your
penance have ended. You are being asked to wear
these clothes in this temple of.. ..Lord Shiva, because today
you are being named Shiva. Shiv, who drank all
the poison from the.. ..society and filled it with
nectar. Even you have to do that. You have to be the pillar
of strength for the needy.. will have to help the
poor get their rights.. ..and protect the innocent
from injustice. Come on Shiva. Take a vow that
you will honor your name.. will respect it’s
fame. Take a vow. l promise that l will be the
cure for every poor man’s pain. l will protect crime before
it burns the society. Wherever iniustice crops, l
will destroy it’s existence. From today Lord Shiv’s
son, Shiva will.. ..have iust this goal
in life, forever. Shiva, this ring has the power
of Lord Shiv’s third eye. Wear it on your right hand. ln the war of life, whenever
you raise it against anyone.. ..he will be destroyed. This is a Trishul, which
is Lord Shiva’s weapon. From today this will be the
declaration of your arrival.. the enemies of society. Whoever this Trishul touches
will never again dare to.. ..snatch poor people’s
rights by mistake too. Shiva, you don’t have
your own strength.. ..but Lord Shiva’s
strength in you. Dacoits. Dacoits have come.. You sinners, what are you doing? Oh God! Where are you?
Where is your justice? Do you really exist? And if you
do, then show your strength now. Who are you? The breeze that will extinguish
the fire of injustice.. ..the cure to poor men’s pains.
My name is Shiva. Yucks. There are many
lice in your hair. Go on. Stand in the queue. You son of asses, go and sit
on your father’s backs. Come on. Fantastic. Terrific. l have become your fan. Like
a lion, like a tiger.. hit the dacoits
and drove them away. l felt that l was
young once again. As if we mixed little bit of.. ..all the three of us
and created Shiva. Uncles, whatever l am today,
whatever l have learnt.. ..its because of you. But one
thing remains to be done. To find out my father’s
murderers. Bhola, we haven’t forgotten
our friend’s killer and.. ..our sister-in-law’s murderer. Without your knowledge we have
been inquiring about it.. ..Our investigation is going on. We don’t know who
the murderer is. But we do know where
he can be found. ln the city, he is called
the uncrowned.. ..prince of the dark
world of crime. That’s why Bhola, you have to
Ieave this place and go away. To the city? Yes. There is a newspaper in
the city called, Awaaz. The editor is our old friend.
We will write a letter to him. You will get a iob over there. We have an old house in the
city. You can stay there. You fight as Shiva in
the world of crime. But in your normal life, you
will have to be a new Bhola. Why is that uncle? That’s because, when you will
fight against crime, the people.. ..from the dark world of crime
will become your enemies. They will try to kill you. lf they are unsuccessful in
that, they will try to bribe you. ln the midst, it may happen
that you come across the man.. ..who is guilty of killing
your parents. Sir is not in. You mister, where are you going? l am going to give this letter. You are going to give this
Ietter! First give it to me. l will take it inside and show
it. Then you will be called. And then you can go in.
Understood? – Yes. He has come to give a letter. Greetings sir. Sir is inside. l am the sweeper. You have been called in. Whatever we have written
is correct. Yes, yes. You can go to court or
do whatever you want. Understand? Yes? Come in. What do you want? l want to meet the editor sir. l am the editor. Who? – Tell me, what
work do you have? Oh, l see. This letter is yours? Yes. But, you are 3 years late.
– What! Yes. Ram swami was my father.
He expired 3 years back. Anyway. What is your name? My name is Bhola. From where have you come? l have come straight from
my village for a job. But right now, there is
no vacancy over here. Please employ me. Else l will drown in the sea
of people in this city. l feel sorry for you.
But there is nothing.. ..l can do for you right now. Hello. Hello Rekha-ii, l
am John speaking. What? There has been a robbery! John, are you sure? Yes madam. Definitely. Badri, Jawan, Gopal, Shankar,
where is everyone? Madam, they are not here.
They have gone out. What nonsense! Is this
a newspaper office or.. ..a waiting room! They come
and go whenever they wish. l don’t understand. You. What is your name? My name is Bhola. Don’t feel shy in this way.
Hold this and come with me. But.. but l don’t understand. l don’t have time
to explain. Come. Who is it? What is it? How amazing! Who are you? l will tell you.
l will tell you. But first you tell me,
how much commission.. ..did you get in the
jewelry shop robbery? Me!
– Yes you. You are an accomplice
of those robbers. You only informed them
that new and valuable.. ..iewelry has arrived
in the shop. Tell me, else l will
smash your brains. Yes or no? No! Even if Shiva goes to a
cemetery, the corpses.. ..there get up and tell
their name an address. And l don’t want to
take you there. Tell me, who are those people? According to the list
that Girdhari gave us.. ..all the goods
are present here. Besides we got hold of Rs.
2.5 lacs cash too. Doctor is very happy
with our work. He said that he will
give us our share.. ..and in addition a bonus too. Girdhari, why have you come now? We told you that your share
will be given to you after.. ..1 week? Why
don’t you say anything? What is that mark of
an eye on your cheek? Who are you? The breeze that will extinguish
the fire of injustice.. ..the cure to poor men’s pains.
My name is Shiva. Shiva! Who Shiva? After today, not only you,
but the whole world.. ..will know who is Shiva.
Shiva’s justice will arrest you. And the court’s iustice
will punish you. Crush him. Start the car fast. Drive the car. Forgive us. Forgive us. Shiva. What is matter? – Vikram,
doctor has called you. l am coming. Vikram.. – Yes dad. You
called me? – Come son. What is the matter dad? Today for the first time
l am seeing you worried. l have some worry. Tell me dad. l will change.. ..the worry into a solution,
in no time. Every worry can’t
be solved easily. My reason for worry is Shiva. Shiva! What is this thing, dad? lt is a horrific thing which
has thrashed our people and.. ..thrown them behind bars
like dogs. – Really! Yes son. And now, you will have
to find Shiva. And that too.. using the editor of the
newspaper, Awaaz, Rekha. But dad, what is the connection
between Rekha and our men? There is a connection, son.
Because our men where found.. ..unconscious outside
Rekha’s house. Now you do one thing son. Get close to Rekha and try to
find out who is our enemy. Buddy, who is this Shiva? l don’t know. But he has been
a mystery to everyone. But why did he leave the gang
of goons.. ..on Rekha’s doorstep?
– Yes, why did he? l think Rekha knows
Shiva very well. Then let her come. We
will ask her itself. She has a long life.
No sooner we took.. ..her name and she has arrived. Rekha-ii.. Who is this Shiva?
– Rekha-ji.. – Rekha-ji. Where did you meet him? Wait, wait please. l don’t
know anything about Shiva. Nor have l seen him. Whatever incident
happened to me.. all have read it in
the newspaper. That’s all. Bhola. It’s you. l thought that
l wouldn’t meet you again. l was disappointed and
returning home.. ..when l saw your photo in the
newspaper at the bus stop. So l came to wish you
for the last time. Last time? Yes. l have thought
that l will go.. ..back to my village, shave my.. ..head, wear the holy thread
and become a priest. Shut up. You are
talking rubbish! l have finalized your
job over here. Job. My iob?
– Yes. Your job. Brother listen, l got
a job. l got a job. Ramii.
– Yes madam. Type his appointment letter.
– Yes madam. lf you can’t find the
words, then why.. ..waste your time
in searching them? Ramii.
– Yes madam. Explain all the work to him.
– Y.. yy.. – It’s Ok. Wh.. What is your name? Bh.. Bh.. Bhola. Welcome. Welcome Rekha-ii. My
eyes are strained waiting for you. lf your eyes are strained, then
go to an eye doctor immediately. Else the clinic will close. l am a karate champion. l have achieved a third degree
black belt. In no time. All that is Ok. But why
have you come here? l have come here to remind you
that l am still waiting for you. When will l get the
chance to wear.. ..a love belt from your hands? So you want to wear a band
from my hands? – Yes. Do you know, who wear belts
from girls’ hands? To dogs. l am ready to become
a dog on the lane of love. At least, l will get a chance
to get close to you. – Rekha-ji. Forgive me. l didn’t know
that your brother had come. What! Brother! Srivastava has given these
contracts to check. Yes, get them. ldiot! This sign means, get out. Vikram! Why have you started
screaming suddenly? Have you gone crazy?
– This fool is imitating me. How can l imitate him? He
himself is making dirty signs at me. Am l a.. a.. Shut up. Who is he? He is a new member of our
staff. His name is Bhola. – Bhola! Bhola, give this file
to Ramji. Go. – Ok. So Rekha-ii, l was saying that.. Vikram-ii, will you allow me to
work or will you go on forever! Please go from here.
l have work to do. Rekha-ii, there is no other
work except love in this world. Even our religious books say
that, the one who loves.. Should be hit with a
stick on his head. What did you say! l didn’t say it. It’s written
in this newspaper. You rascal! If you come in
again, l will break your bones. Why will you break my bones!
My bones are not for free. l am Rekha-ii’s assistant. lf she tells me to come in,
then l will come in. lf she says go, then l will go. lf she says sit,
then l will sit. lf she says stand up, then
l will stand. – Shut up. Bhola, you go out please.
l will call you later. When will you put a love belt
on this dog.. – Rekha-ji.. What is it? Have you called all of us? God damn it! Shit! ls this an office or a market? Rekha-ii, l will meet
you later, Ok. ldiots! Come on brothers,
our work is done. Yes, come on. Bhola, this is my house. You will
go ahead from here, isn’t it? – Yes. Take this. l am going.
– Bye! Hail the Lord.
– Hail the lord. Rekha-ii. Who is it? lt’s me. John. John. Thank you for yesterday’s
news of dacoit. Today l have some
new news for you. What news?
– First give me Rs. 100. All right, take this. The news is that tonight at
the Blue Diamond Club.. Who is the murderer? His name is Goga. But you be careful. Take
bodyguards with you. You don’t worry about it, John. You call the police
and reach there. Till then l will try
to stop them. – Ok. Buzz off, you goon. Or else l
will give you loads of curses. Buzz off, you goon. Or else l
will give you loads of curses. You will think of
me and complain. You will think of
me and complain. Once if l hold a hand,
l won’t let go. Buzz off, you goon. Or else l
will give you loads of curses. Buzz off, you goon. Or else l
will give you loads of curses. You will forget throwing
about your heart. Since, even l know how to take
away hearts from the chest. You will forget throwing
about your heart. Since, even l know how to take
away hearts from the chest. Your eyes are piercing. Buzz off, you goon. Or else l
will give you loads of curses. Buzz off, you goon. Or else l
will give you loads of curses. So you are the one
who prints news.. Oh! Such a beautiful girl
and such horrible deeds. You print news about
all dacoits. But let’s see if you
will print the.. about this dacoit today. Who are you? The breeze that will extinguish
the fire of injustice.. ..the cure to poor men’s pains.
My name is Shiva. Shiva! Remove the mask from his ugly
face and put him in a coffin. Shiva.. Get aside. l will
finish him off. Listen, you are Shiva, isn’t it? Yes. You had left those four goons
outside my house, isn’t it? Yes. Look, l am an editor
of a newspaper. l want your real name, address
and l want to see your face. Don’t even touch this
mask by mistake. No human hand can touch
this mask. – What! Bhola.. Yes Rekha-ii. Bhola, what are you doing here? l heard you talking to John. So l thought you might
be in danger. Hence l came over to help you. Help and you! Come on. l will drop you home. You might fall unconscious
due to fright. Shall we go? Bhola, did you see him? Who is him?
– Shiva. – No. Bhola, if you had seen him once,
you would have kept on staring. What a man he is! How manly! What rubbish! l don’t like
him at all. – Bhola. l am right. My grandfather
used to say that.. who has a pure heart
has a pure face too. He doesn’t need to wear a mask. He surely must be a thief,
a dacoit or a goon. – Bhola! Beware if you say one
word more against Shiva. l am right, Rekha-ii.
He is not a good man. Shut up. l am going. Now you
go home walking by yourself. But if l fall unconscious
on the way? – Shut up. Oh dear God! You have destroyed our
efforts of a lifetime. We had made you a
lion and sent you. But you have turned into
a goat in this city. We trained you and made
wood out of glass. And that wood has turned in to
a cucumber here in the city. You fool! Damn you. You
couldn’t fight 3 old men.. us even after being
so young yourself. Dear uncles of mine! l had
recognized before itself.. ..which hands are hitting me. How could l return these blows? Don’t try to fool us. Fool you. No uncle. From the time that l was a kid,
these hands have nurtured me. And these hands are my father,
my mother, my brother.. sister, my teacher. They
are everything to me. And uncle, no one recognizes
this hand better than me. And to face them is
like facing God. How can l raise my hand
against this God? l can iust bow my head. Bless you, son. Bless you.
You made me happy. May God give you so much
happiness that even if you keep.. ..on distributing it,
you may never lack it. But my uncles, tell
me something. Why have you come to the
city all of a sudden? lt had become difficult for
us to live without you, son. Actually, without elders,
children are orphaned. But l swear by God,
we are those oldies.. ..who were orphaned
without our child. Take this child. Take it.
– This is for you. Take this. Diwan sir, take these 30,OOO
rupees for the orphanage. Because of your grace, these
children are being educated. For them you are like
God. – Don’t say that. These children
are everything for us. Whatever we do for them is not
enough. – Thank you very much. Mother. What happened son?
What happened? Those old memories are coming
back to me in my dreams and.. ..piercing my heart,
deepening the wounds. Uncle, till l find those
murderers, l won’t be able to relax. l won’t be able to relax, uncle. Don’t worry, son. The path which you
are following.. ..will someday lead you
to those villains. Doctor, because of Shiva,.. ..all our businesses
are getting finished. All our people who
are arrested are.. ..getting a sentence
of 3-5 years. Shiva is attacking us like a
lion and we have become like mice. Do something Doctor. Otherwise
all our businesses will end. Dad, l can do this iob. l will finish that
Shiva in no time. No son, no. You are my only
child. l can’t take such a big risk. But Dad, who will stop
his marching steps? Who will stop us from
being destroyed? Son, l am the king of
the world of crime. The people of the dark
world call me Doctor. Because, l operate the world of
Iaw and make a way for crime. Son, l will find a way
out of this too. Do something. You call Shiva at
some place by deceiving him. And then crush that bastard
so hard that even.. ..Lord Shiva is not
able to revive him. Where is Shiva? Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! That bastard has destroyed
us completely. All my men have been scattered. Half of them have run away
and half are behind bars. No one is ready to ioin us now. Find him. Search him. Remove
him from the face of this earth. But Dad, who is Shiva, where is
he, from where does he come.. ..where does he disappear?
No one knows that till now. We will know son,
we will know soon. Bhola, you are hanging
it tilted. Move it to the left
a bit to the left. Not so much. A bit upwards. l think my office has turned into
Shiva’s office. – Big sir, it’s you! Like people pray to their God
in their houses, the same way.. ..our people have started
praying to Shiva. This is not prayer, big sir. lt’s faith and respect. One person is fighting for the
poor, helpless, innocent people.. That’s all right. But l don’t
understand one thing. From where does our office
get all these news? Big sir, big sir. Our
office gets all.. ..the news at the last moment. And our Rekha-ii prints them.
– That’s what l am saying. Why does our newspaper get all
these news, and not any other? l don’t know. Right now, you do one thing. Find out who is Shiva, from
where does he come.. ..what is his reality? And l
think you can only do this job. Me! And if you find out his
reality, l will give.. Rs. 5 lacs as a
reward for this job. Rs. 5 lacs! For finding such a great man,.. ..Rs. 5 lacs is a very small amount. Child, by doing this
job you will be.. ..doing a very big favour not.. ..only for this newspaper but
also for me and the society. l want to see him.
l will learn some.. ..tactics for being
true from him. lf that is the case, then l accept
this challenge, big sir. – Good. Big sir, tomorrow is Shivratri. And we have kept a small
function at the office. lf you come, we all
will be very happy. Thank you for the invitation. But son, look at my age. l am
not fit for this function. l will do something. l will send my
son, Vikram in my place, ok. -Ok sir. Kalyan-ii, what has
happened to me? Nothing has happened to you. Bhang (intoxicating liquor)
is making us enjoy. Bhang (intoxicating liquor)
is making us enjoy. Add a bit of ‘Dhatura’. Life without ‘Dhatura’ is
like life without a wife. Bhang is making us enioy. Bhang is making us enioy. Add a bit of ‘Dhatura’. Life without ‘Dhatura’ is
like life without a wife. Bhang is making us enioy. Then, don’t ask me my friend,
slowly there will be such an.. ..intoxication, that the lion
will just march ahead.. ..without turning back. Have a little and all your
dreams will come true. Bhang is making us enioy. Bhang is making us enioy.
Add a bit of ‘Dhatura’. Life without ‘Dhatura’ is
like life without a wife. Bhang is making us enioy. l think you have had it too.
Now we will dance and have fun. l think you have had it too.
Now we will dance and have fun. Why to feel shy, why
to feel afraid? Everyone is our own
in the lane of love. Dance as if you are my peahen
and l am your peacock. Bhang is making us enioy. Bhang is making us enioy. Add a bit of ‘Dhatura’. Life without ‘Dhatura’ is
like life without a wife. Bhang is making us enioy. Rekha.. Rekha.. It’s a secret. lt’s hidden from everyone.
Don’t let anyone know. Do you know who l am? l.. l am Shiva. Shiva. So you are Shiva! Shiva.. Shiva. lt’s a secret.
It’s hidden from everyone. Don’t let anyone know. Do you know who l am?
– Who are you? l.. l am Shiva. Shiva. Shiva. Son of an ass! You are Shiva! You bloody idiot! Why did
you say that over there? Forgive me uncles.
l have committed a mistake. l am still feeling dizzy. l will hit you so much
that your entire.. ..body will keep on turning
like a fan all your life. Thank God that people thought
he was joking in intoxication.. ..else our lifetime efforts
would have been. l will give you one.. l was deceived into drinking.
Otherwise do l ever drink? Ok. l apologize. If you say,
l will catch my ears. But don’t get angry.
This is the first.. ..and last mistake of my life. Please smile, uncle. Please smile no uncle. My uncles are smiling. Shankar. – Yes. Rekhaii. Shankar, call Bhola. Yes John, what happened? What!
Such a big chaos! Where? Wait a minute. Tell me. Thanks John. But l wish
Shiva had got this news. And he would have reached
there. Their lives would be.. ..saved. Else, so many
innocents would be.. ..killed without any reason.
Yes, l will come right now. So, you are trapped by my act. So now, Mr. Bhola,
stop pretending. And kindly remove this mask. There is no use going back now. l know your reality. Bhola, remove this mask now. Bhola. It’s you!
– Yes, it’s me. – Then him! Shiva.. Shiva.. Shiva, come out
from wherever you are hiding. Shiva, l am telling
you, come out. You can’t escape me, Shiva. Shiva, come out. l won’t spare you Shiva.
Come out. Rekha-ii, are you all right? We were saved on the
nick of the time. Else we would have
been discovered. You know Uncle, Rekha
is a very sharp girl. No one knows yet
that l am Shiva. But she has got the doubt. You son of an ass! Why do
you worry when we are here? But son, there is a problem.
– What? Tomorrow you have to conduct
a show before public. Show! And that too
before public! Yes. There is an orphanage
in this city. And from the last 20 years we
have been donating to it. You!
– Yes. But this time, we need a lot of
money to repair the building. And that money will only be
collected if you conduct a show. When we told the children that
you are coming, they went crazy. Shiva.. Shiva.. Shiva.. You are the Shiva of tomorrow. You are the Shiva of tomorrow. You are so lovely, so dear,
you are the apple of my eye. You are the Shiva of tomorrow. You are so lovely, so dear,
you are the apple of my eye. You are the Shiva of tomorrow. We will always support
each other. And then this life
will always smile at us. The bud of hope will
always bloom for us. You are the Shiva of tomorrow. You are so lovely, so dear,
you are the apple of my eye. You are the Shiva of tomorrow. Hello! Here you are. Let me sit in the toilet calmly. Just think of so much.
Just know this much. You have to live a grand life. There is no difficulty
on the path of truth.. ..if you fight bravely. You are the Shiva of tomorrow. You are the Shiva of tomorrow. You are so lovely, so dear,
you are the apple of my eye. You are the Shiva of tomorrow. Hey! It has been
a miracle today. That Shiva has done such
a big thing today. Hey Ramdin! Robert!
– Hey Babu! You! Why, Babu? How are you?
– Hey! l am fine. But how come you all
are in the city? You all had gone and settled
in the village, isn’t it? Yes. But whenever there is some
special work over here.. ..then we come here. By the way, where
do you all stay? Do you stay at the same old place or
have your address changed now? Hey, you crazy fool! We don’t even change our hearts
or our whereabouts. We iust change the forms
of the rascals. Hey! Take out some time
and try to come home. l will definitely come,
brother. l will definitely come. Fine, come on. Let’s go.
Goodbye! – Bye-bye. – Bye. – Bye. Good morning, Miss Rekha!
– Good.. Hey! Let it be. Let it be. lf your sneezes are not
allowing you to complete.. ..the word good morning then
why are you taking the pain? Bhola, by giving
a false news to.. Shiva and by trying to test him ..l have made a
very big mistake. Now Shiva will never
speak to me. So do you want that he
should speak to you? l want him to talk to me! l love
him so much that.. – Yes, tell me. Tell me whatever is
there in your mind. Otherwise your mind
will also fall sick. Do you love Shiva? Don’t love him! He is
just full of clothes! What is he inside the clothes?
Is he made of wood.. ..iron or anything else? How will anybody know?
– Bhola! Forgive me. l am
your well wisher. That is why, l was telling you. l want to invite him for
my birthday party. Then invite him.
– How do l invite him? Just dial his love number on
the telephone of your mind. He will definitely
call you up. Hello! Bhola, your name shouldn’t
have been Bhola.. ..but it should have been dumb. Dumb! If you want to keep my
name as dumb then keep it. l will iust have to make
changes in my ration card. Enough! Bhola, you go outside.
Go and do your work. Don’t wreak my brains
unnecessarily. Hello. – Hello. l am Shiva
speaking. – Shiva! You! Yes, it’s me. – l am.. l am
unable to say anything. What do l say? But l understand the language
of unspoken words. There is no need
to say anything. So will you do one favor
for me? – Yes, tell me. Tomorrow, l am throwing a party
on the occasion of my birthday. lf you would come then..
– l don’t attend parties. Please. For my sake. For you! Just for you,
l will definitely.. ..come to the party tomorrow. Exactly at 9 o’clock. – Thank
you. Thank you very much. l will wait for you. Bhola! Bhola! Bhola!
– Yes, Miss Rekha. Bhola!
– Yes. Shiva had called up iust now. He has agreed to come to the
party tomorrow. – Really! Yes! Now tomorrow you will
have to be with me only. lf l will be with you then
how will he come? – What? l mean to say that he is coming
to meet you, isn’t it? Where are you making me
inte_ere between the two of you? Bhola, stop your nonsense. Tomorrow you will have to do all
the arrangements of the party. Did you understand?
– l understood. Shall l leave now?
– Yes. l am dead! ‘Bhola had said that Shiva
would definitely call up# ‘ls Bhola only Shiva? No!’ Vikram, you may spray as
much scent as you want. But you will not be
able to pacify Rekha. She is crazy for that
masked person. Today whoever will
go in front of.. ..her wearing the mask of Shiva
..she will embrace him only. Hey! Hey! Correct! Anybody can come wearing
that mask. Hey! l am a fool. Why didn’t this idea come
to my mind first? Now you quickly go and call
a barber and a tailor master. lmmediately! Now there will be loads
of fun in the party. Hey! Miss Rekha, when
will you cut the cake? Actually, l am expecting a
very special guest tonight. We iust have to wait for
him until 9 o’clock. Who is your special friend? You all iust wait for some
more time. Excuse me. Bhola, where are you going? Miss Rekha, l am going
to bring the glasses. Hey! So many glasses
are lying over here. What is the need to bring
some more from outside? Hi Geeta! Bhola, where are you sliding
away slowly like a cat? Actually, milk.. Milk..
– Milk! Forget about the milk. Come on, look after the guests. Fine. Fine. Hi everybody! Hi darling! Hi sweetheart!
– Hello! Hello! Thank you. Thank you very much. ‘From where did this
other Shiva come?’ Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you! Thanks a lot. Thank
you very much. Thank you! Actually, l am.. Shiva, thanks a lot
for coming here. Not only for coming
here, Miss Rekha. Even if l will have to go away
from this world for you.. ..then too l am ready. What is wrong with your voice? Actually..
– Hey! Actually, Miss Rekha.. ..he has to be awake all night. He has to help the poor people.
– Yes. Yes. He also has to fight with the
goons. That is why he has tried. That is why, his voice has
been affected. – Good! Now that l have met you then
the voice as well as my health.. ..they both will
become all right. Miss Rekha.. – Miss Rekha,
this crowd, people.. l have come for the first
time amongst these people. l think that l will not
be able to speak.. you properly in this crowd. Come on, lets go somewhere out.
– Lets go. First you. Come in Rekha-ii.. please
COme. Please come in.. Rekha, l want to reveal
whatever is in my heart. l.. l love you, Rekha! ls that true. – Yes Rekha. The only person whom l have
Ioved in my life is Shiva. Then embrace me and break
this distance between us. But first have to take off this
mask. – No, don’t touch this mask. Rekha, l have taken an oath
that l’ll reveal my face.. a girl, who’ll become
a part of my life.. ..the one who’ll give her love,
her soul and her body to me. l’ll show my face
to that girl only. Otherwise l’ll be cursed, Rekha! You’ve already been
cursed, you fool! There are two Shiva’s here. Yes Rekha, iust as people
sell duplicate items.. ..using labels of
the real items.. ln the similar manner
he’s a duplicate Shiva. You liar, cheat, fraud, today
l’ll surely teach you a lesson. You won’t go alive from this
place but your dead body. Vikram.. Shiva.. please listen
to me.. Shiva.. There’s nothing left to
be heard or to be said. You do realize what
would have happened.. ..if l hadn’t reached on time. This is your fault. l have always loved you in
this attire, in this mask. l have loved you without
seeing your face.. ..but you’ve never shown
me your real face. Shiva, why can’t you reveal
your face to me. l cannot give this
right to anyone. Why not? Do you want people
to impersonate you.. ..and fool me to think
that it’s you. What has love got to do
with seeing a face.. ..the heart can always
recognise it’s beloved. Listen Shiva, l won’t
compel you but if you.. me even a little bit
then you won’t refuse my plea. l close my eyes and if you
are still here then.. ..l’ll think that
you do feel for me. lf not then it’s my destiny. Bhola!
– Yes Rekha madam. lt’s you! You? ‘From the eyes to the eyes,.. ..promises were made# ‘Now let the hearts
Iose themselves# ‘From the eyes to the eyes,.. ..promises were made# ‘Now let the hearts
Iose themselves# ‘Let me hide you inside
my eyelids# ‘None other than me
can touch you# ‘Let me hide you inside
my eyelids# ‘None other than me
can touch you# ‘No one sees you the.. ..way l have seen you# ‘From the eyes to the eyes,.. ..promises were made# ‘Now let the hearts
Iose themselves# ‘Whatever shall happen
Iet it happen# ‘l’ve to live in your arms# ‘Whatever shall happen
Iet it happen# ‘l’ve to live in your arms# ‘Let us keep walking like this# ‘ln all the paths that lead
to our destination# ‘From the eyes to the eyes,.. ..promises were made# ‘Now let the hearts
Iose themselves# ls there no method by which
we can finish Shiva? ls there no way for that? The way is known to me. Babu! You!
– Yes. What are you saying? You think that god had send to
us three brave people who.. ..had made the world
shiver once. What are you saying?
– l’m telling the truth. l met the three of them
yesterday after a long time. Doctor, if the three of them
join hands with you then.. ..your life will be peaceful
without Shiva. lf this is true, Babu, then
call the three of them. lf they are able
to my work then.. ..l’ll pay them whatever
price they demand for it. There lies the problem.
They don’t accept money. Then what? Their weakness is the cries of the
poor and the sighs of the orphans. lf we can take advantage of
this weakness then they can.. our iob for us. Why Babu? You said that we have
help some poor children. There is nobody here.
– l’m here. Babu has brought you
here on my orders. Why? – All of you will
have to finish Shiva. You son of a bitch! What’s
this you are saying? No. Don’t do this foolishness,
you fools. Otherwise the children in your
orphanage will be blown.. firecrackers burst
out on Diwali day. l’m telling you the
truth friends. We’ve placed so much dynamite
in your orphanage that l.. ..can burn it into ashes
standing here. You don’t seem to believe me. See that building in
ruins over there. lmagine that it is
your orphanage. Where you infant orphans stay. lmagine that you’ve refused me. And l have.. ..pushed the button
of this remote. Yes or no.
That’s great. So dear friends. Till you
do not finish Shiva.. ..till then you will stay
with me as my guests. Come along.
– Who are you? Get lost. Rekha.. – Police! Babu, really your three warriors
have done a wonde_ul thing. Now Shiva will have come
to free Rekha. – Doctor! Shiva has come. So you this name of mine also? Not only the name but l know
everything about you. l’ve heard that you pe_orm
surgery on law and take out.. ..the ways to do crime. But today l’ll pe_orm a
surgery on you and take out that.. ..dirty soul of yours and
finish all the paths of crime. You! What are you all doing here? We have come here
to kill you, Shiva? Me? Yes, we have to sacrifice your
life to save the lives of.. ..three hundred innocent
children. No! Shiva! No! No! Excellent. Excellent. You’ve not killed Shiva but
you’ve actually finished my death. Son, remove the mask from the
face so that we can all see.. ..what’s the power hidden in him that
had made all our lives miserable. Bhola! Bastard! Mr. Jagan. Whatever
we had promised you.. ..we have now fulfilled that. Now you keep your side
of the promise. Free the children of the
orphanage and release this girl. What is fulfilled
is not a promise. What is adhered
to is not a deal. Moreover, will a man who has got
three brave men like you leave them? Mr. Jagan! As long as there is dynamite
in your orphanage you will.. ..continue to be stuck to me
like my arms. Like my power. Son, out him in a coffin
and these people.. tie them up. Friends, the Shiva who had
sucked the blood out of you.. ..and made you into living
corpses is lying inside this coffin. Now you see the corpse of that
Shiva with your own eyes. Vikram open the coffin. Sir, there is a snake
inside this. – Snake! Who removed the corpse? We. How? Like this. Where is the corpse?
– Look it is very hot here. Maybe the corpse must’ve gone
walking outside for some fresh air. Cut the crap and answer
my question. You son of a bitch. We answer
Iooking at the man only. To the straight one a straight
reply and to the crooked one.. ..we give a crooked reply. You know what l can
do in a second. However million times
you wish what happens? Only what the god has
destined will happen. lf you don’t believe
this then try it out. Then you’ll see what happens. Okay. You see what l do to those
Iovely children. Did you see, you son of a
bitch? What happens to those.. ..who cheat us? Okay. You see what happens
to you three bastards. You fool. We killed Shiva in
front of your eyes. But he is not.. ..dead. He is still alive. You brainless fellow. That
Shiva is our child. He is the son of lord Shiva. He cannot die. As long as he is alive no one can
kill us. – Greetings. – Oh! l see. Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! l’ve cut of the wires
of the dynamite. The lives of the children
are out of danger. But your live is swimming in
a sea of danger. Hold this. Shoot them all. Look at this cheat. – Yes. Fraud! lt’s you! Traitor. You scoundrel. Go. Shiva. You are trapped between
the father and the son.. a goat in between
two lions. Now, what it is to be
seen is, whether.. .. the father makes a prey
of the goat or the son. Son! Shiva, my son is dead. My son is dead, Shiva. Why? Are you feeling sad
on your son’s death? Jagan, look at me. l’m that unfortunate son who
saw his parents dying.. front of his eyes. Remember that incident that
happened 15 years ago. When you killed my mother and
my father, lawyer Prakash Nath. Prakash Nath? Yes, Prakash Nath. That day l
had taken a vow to finish you. No. l’ll not kill you so easily. l will make you writhe so much.. ..that death will shiver
Iooking at you. Jagan. Run! Run! Save me! Save me! Save me! ‘Shiva# ‘Shiva# ‘Shiva# ‘Shiva#


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