Should Designers Code? & My Answer(+한글자막)

if you just start typing in Google shoot dishonours guess what is the first research appear that is shoot designers code today’s topic I brought here would be a little bit arguable that is shoot designers code my answer for this question is yes I’m a new widest honor to do code and it’s been almost four years I can code HTML and I say access a little bit JavaScript as well today I want to share how coding is beneficial for designers based on my experience first knowing how to code miss my design implementing exactly the way I wanted back in the days I didn’t know how to code my new Joe is mostly having Forshaw for visual work and after completing my design and Sons of PSD file to the developers and the developers completed the static pages while I was checking those pages coded I found us some differences but to my initial design and implemented pages such as an image was not lining up properly with attacked and the smaller button that it was supposed to be I felt frustrated and this happened all the time and I was pretty much or knowing and this is the major reason why I started learning to code getting to know coding techniques in HTML and CSS little by little I became a to write more of my own codes and finally complete the entire page by myself luckily I was able to make a chance to code for every project in my team so all of the finer launch pages are not exactly the same as why I initially fine because I I coated the webpage that I designed beckoned I can fix the issues in the website by myself before when I found some areas of the website I reported those errors and I had to wait until it was sold by the quarters sadly appeal they were never solved due to the test priority so-called minor errors they think obviously I understand the importance of efficiency but still I feel like the error is not being soaked was not satisfying after learning how to code I was able to diagnose the problems quickly under what find myself and fix them right away I did deep pocket yeah it was massively time stabbing and I edited to wait out age of coders ristmas anymore that’s the beauty of learning for the last benefit of learning how to code I can independently launch my idea to the world I think the best example can be my foot boy website I don’t want you to have one website since I started working as a designer and I didn’t want to use any templates wandering Oni internet I just wanted to create the layout suite site that is cool using my own services so I can’t assume that I need to broaden my Carter knowledge so I took all tutorials and asked developers what I didn’t know and visited lots of websites and viewed their codes using chrome dev tools eventually I built a website on my own and it’s still running well I guess just thinking of building my own website in my own codes to be my own design it’s just absolutely fantastic I truly command that you at least learn some basic of HTML and CSS may be super super helpful to create something on your own that’ll be definitely super cool my philosophy has a UI designer have to be descend to keep learning and enrich my skill tree so as to follow up the design trend and tech knowledge and new tools I will never regret at learning how to code during my entire design life if you learn how to code it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made okay that is all for this video and I hope that you enjoyed my stories thanks so much for watching and I see you next time bye [Music] [Music]


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