Simplistics Web Design Inc.

(bright, upbeat music) – [Narrator] Every company
wants their own website or mobile app to make
their brand stand out. For a developer like Itzik Levy, this is the perfect environment
to build something lasting, which is what he did with
his company, Simplistics. – I’ve been coding and
doing development work for pretty much my entire life. I went to the Humber
Web Development Program. Right out of Humber,
I did my internship. Didn’t really enjoy
working for somebody else. I contacted Jeremy who is
now my business partner, and we decided to open
up this company together. – [Narrator] Simplistics builds and designs custom WordPress
sites for their clients, and since 2011, Simplistics
has built over 500 sites, but they started small. In fact, Itzik secured his
first client with a print shop while trying to get
business cards printed. – The first client that we
had was this print shop. They actually called me
while I was in my internship looking for somebody
to rebuild their site, and once we started Simplistics,
we brought them over. So just from Humber, they
became our first client. – [Narrator] Starting
with just two people in a 200 square foot office, Simplistics has grown into
a company with two offices, 17 employees and clients that
have included Scotia Bank, Loblaws and many more. Along Itzik’s journey,
Humber offered its support. – The caliber of students
that have come out of Humber have been excellent. – On week, Itzik came in and
told us about Simplistics. I knew right away that I
wanted to work for Itzik. – The atmosphere is
probably the biggest reason I love working here. Itzik and Jeremy know
the industry really well. – Humber has really
contributed to our success.

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