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Hi I’m Alex and today I want to talk about something new we’re starting. Sitemanager is a platform for web designers It’s great time-saving technology that helps growing your business. But that’s not where we want to stop. We want to grow SiteManager to become a community of web designers. We want to share resources and education to help you learn and grow. And that’s why we are hosting our series of expert classes. Expert classes are part of the SiteManager Academy In an online webinar we match web designers with industry experts to share insights and strategy about web design related topics like search engine optimization, ecommerce, and content marketing. Our first Expert Class will be about search engine optimization. In an hour we won’t turn you into an expert. But we will share high-level information so you can better address customer’s expectations. We will inspire you with solutions, tips and tricks, to bring your service to the next level. I would like to welcome you for first expert class. Please fight link below to opt-in for the webinar.

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