Soldier says new CSS VSAT Inflatable Antenna rocks!

I am Staff Sergeant Kornoelje, 92 Alpha, 498th
CSSB battalion to demonstrate the ISA and what it can do for my mission
readiness here in South Korea I like the ISA system here in South
Korea better than the VSAT because instead of using the very small aperture
terminal better known as a VSAT which weighed 450 pounds now I can use this ISA inflatable satellite antenna which weighs a maximum 220 pounds. Instead of
having four 92 Alphas set it up, I can do it in under 15 minutes with just myself and
another Soldier, it’s lighter, it’s quicker, it also works with the GCSS system
it’s tactically efficient and I hope to take this to Fort Bragg North
Carolina where I PCS next. Hooah!

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