Spicy chicken & vegetable soup (Dakgaejang: 닭개장)

(chopping) (bright upbeat music) – Hi everybody, I’m on my balcony. Today is a very cloudy
day in New York City, just a little bit drizzly,
and outside is a little chilly. I want to show you how
cloudy it is and also how noisy it is. But once I close the
door it will be quiet. I want to make really
delicious and hearty food, let’s go inside and cook
together, let’s get cozy, make some cozy soup!
(laughs) (sirens wailing) Today I’m making spicy
chicken and vegetable soup, Dak-Gae-Jang Sounds good, isn’t it? I’m going to use one chicken. This is chicken I chose, organic chicken, not much fat, that’s why
I prefer organic chicken. Four and half pounds (2 kilogram). I’m going to wash very
nicely, what do you think? You guys wash chicken? It’s very controversial. Some of my food critics friends say they always clean, but on the internet they say, “Don’t clean! bacteria, bacteria!” I always wash my kitchen
sink and clean with hot water, no problem! I will show you how I clean,
but if you still don’t want to clean the chicken, go ahead, you
can eat cooked bacteria. (laughs) What do you think? And this is my green onion,
called dae-pa. I already introduce you to this
daepa. I thought only Korea
and Japan use daepa, but actually my readers, viewers, YouTube viewers left a comment, “Hey we use it too!” I’m sorry. You know I’m learning
all the time a new thing! So this is daepa, large green onion, if it’s
not available you can use regular green onions. Ginger, this amount, I’m
going to wash this guys first and then chicken, (water running) And chicken. I will use some salt and clean. (water running) Wash your sink with hot water. I wash all these guys so clean, but I want to get rid
of something just like tip of this part. And around this part, usually
lots of fat is here. This is organic chicken,
so there’s not much fat. But this kind of fat, I don’t want to eat, especially when I cook, the
fat is going to be floating. Let’s see, good! Some chicken gizzard and
stuff, I put them inside. I’m going to use my
heavy and large pot. Put this here, and then this green onion, let’s cut this in around five inch long. Add this here. And ginger. (chopping) I will add 14 cups of water, Heat over medium high heat,
We cook for an hour, until the chicken is so tender, and also the broth
is really delicious, chicken broth. This is fernbrake, mountain vegetables, imported from Korea, you
need this kind of texture to enjoy this kind of soup. How can you make this tender? Check out my another video,
gosari namul. stir-fried fernbrake,
I filmed it in Korea. Basically I just boil it for
a long time and soak it overnight until very soft. Or if you have a pressure cooker
at home, just cook around 50 minutes, then you can get really
plump and tender gosari. It looks like this, but when this is soaked properly, it looks like this. Thick and plump! I can
squish like this. This has a unique flavor and also very delicious texture. That’s why it goes well when
I make this kind of soup. I will use around eight ounces. Now I’m going to make spicy oil. It’s made with dried red pepper and onion. 1/4r cup cooking oil and
heat it up over medium heat. I’m going to heat one
minute, meanwhile I’m going to cut this onion, just a small onion, around three ounces, and also
this is my dried red peppers but if you don’t have these, just use more hot pepper flakes. (chopping) Cut into chunks, and add this here. I don’t use stem part. Sometimes inside is dirty
so you need to check it out, but we’re going to use the seeds. Fry these onion chunks seven or eight minutes until this onion is crispy. We are cooking this chicken for one hour. Now it’s really boiling and bubbling. Keep an eye on this, and
don’t abandon this! Always keep an eye on it, so if
this is really boiling over, you’ve gotta turn down the heat to medium. Time to add my red chili
pepper, just break these, including seeds. And stir until this red chili turns a little brown color. I turn down the heat to medium, now it’s vigorously boiling. My oil color is a little
orange, it’s done now. Very delicious and smells
so good! You see, this chili pepper
color changes to a little bit orange color. Be careful, pepper seeds
also really give a good flavor. Press down.
These are fried, so it’s not gonna be squeezed too much oil, but between the chili
peppers, so we can squeeze just a little bit. We got the really nice flavorful oil! I will add 1/3 cup hot pepper flakes, and one tablespoon salt, and one tablespoon sesame oil. And ground black pepper,
one teaspoon, and mix. This is still hot, so with the hot oil, we mix all these ingredients. Smells so good, whatever
I make this, if I add this, it’ll be tasty, really
spicy, smokey, and yummy. Very good! And also it’s salty,
I added one tablespoon salt. I got to crush the garlic,
12 cloves of garlic. Okay I crushed all these
garlic, I set my timer one hour. Around 45 minutes later, I’m
going to turn over this chicken so that it’s all cooked evenly, the whole chicken. It’s nicely cooking! Now, let’s prepare vegetables. So gosari, my fernbrake is already plump, I
measured 8 ounces, 2 large green onions, and
one package of sukju-namul. Mung bean sprouts. (water running) I washed three times. Green onions, I will just cut around
4 inches long, like this. It’s thick, so you can
cut it in halves, like this. Gosari, let’s just cut just only once. I use only three different
kinds of vegetables, but you can add also mushrooms. Mushrooms are also delicious, but this amount is perfect for this
soup, if I add too much, the soup is going to be too thick, so this is a perfect size. (timer ringing) 1 hour passed. Let’s see how my chicken turns out! Turn over again. Cooked nicely! You should be able to pull it apart easily.
I’m going to take out this chicken.
Let’s turn off the heat first. Everything’s hot, so I can’t touch this. I will just set it aside to cool it down. The chicken broth also will be cooled
down. Next! I’m going to mix this all together with the spicy mixture with the
hot pepper flakes and garlic, and mix. And coat all these vegetables very nicely, very fresh vegetables on my tip of fingers, really good feeling. This is an important step, because when you pre-mix like
this, it will be more incorporated. Okay! Press down the vegetables. All seasoning is done, now
I’m going to wash my hands, and wait until my chicken
is just cooled down so that I can take out all the bones. Now it’s cool enough
that I can handle this, I’m going to separate
all meat from the bones. You remember this part, oyster? Oh my! It looks like an oyster! Some people may not like
to eat chicken skin. In case of that, just
remove it. When I was young, my father
one day, I never forget it, my mom cooked a whole
chicken for my father, Always father is number one
in the house. When my father told me,
” tear this apart.” I just assumed that
tear it apart and I eat. So I just tore it and then
I ate, there’s some salt and black pepper mixture and then I ate. My father said, “oh I
didn’t mean you eat, I meant just tear this for me.”. I felt very embarrassed! Do I look serious? Yes, I’m serious. I don’t want to waste one single bite! Okay and these are bones.
You can also make bone broth with these.
just put these in a pot, and add some water and boil until the color turns milky. That’s it! Now we get a lot of
good chicken meat here. Transfer this meat here. (water running) I’m going to season with
fish sauce and salt, one tablespoon fish sauce,
and one teaspoon salt, and mix together. All seasoning is done,
vegetables and my chicken are all seasoned. Now I’m going
to take care of my broth. In a large bowl, strainer, and
this filter paper here. (water pouring) Then just lift this.
Can you see lot of oil? Underneath there’s really nice clear broth. Quickly I’m going to wash my pot. (water running) I cleaned this pot, and pour this. This is around 11 cups. Cover and bring to a boil over medium high heat. When it’s boiling, add vegetables. I’m going to cook for 20 minutes. These vegetables should be
really well cooked and soft. 20 minutes after I will add my chicken and five minutes more cooking, that’s all! Let’s open! Wow, my chicken. Stir this well, it’s going to be
all mixed. Cover and cook another five
minutes over medium high heat. I just have rice and kimchi. This dakgaejang is going to be my meal today, my lunch! Looks so good, lots of vegetables. Look at this! We made dakgaejang! Let me taste the soup first, Oh so good, really savory,
but little sweet, green onions give some
sweetness, so delicious! Chicken is very tender,
it’s not greasy at all. Fernbrake is a kind of earthy,
green onions are well cooked, almost mushy and very sweet, and also the mung bean sprouts are just a little bit crispy.
This soup has all kinds of nutrients inside. Today we made, dakgaejang: Spicy Chicken and Vegetable Soup! Enjoy my recipe! See you next time! Bye~! (bright upbeat music)

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