the difference between web design and web development

one of the questions that people have
what is the difference between web development and web design indeed it’s
confusing for most of people so in this video I’ll explain the difference and
requirements for each one of them so let we get into in a nutshell web design refers to
aesthetic portion of the website like shape buttons, slideshow, login and sign up
forms use Adobe Photoshop and illustrator and some other designing
software’s to create the layout of the website on the other hand web
development make the design becomes true using HTML CSS JavaScript PHP and some
other web programming languages so web designer create the design and web
developer make it becomes true so let we take a close look on each one of them
web designers begin by taking the client’s opinion and what is suitable
for them then start creating the wireframes
and finally the designing stage so the web designer should make balance between
colors font styles images to create the best layout for the website but web
developer take the design and build a fully functioning website using
HTML CSS JavaScript and it’s frameworks and PHP but HTML create the structure of
the website and css style it and using javascript or any programming language
to make it dynamic okay I agree with you with all this and it’s easy and make
sense but how can I decide to be a web developer or designer what are the
requirements for each one of them so let we see this
so web designer need graphic design skills like using Adobe Photoshop and
illustrator and other visual design wire framing you should be familiar
with HTML CSS JavaScript and also some other skills like choosing colors and
font styles have a good UX which short for user experience and this mean that
you should have the sense of what people will feel when the USe your site always
think like you are a client to make something easy to use not complicated
and finally the requirements for web developer of course you have to be
familiar with HTML have a good skills in JavaScript and one
or two of its frame works like jQuery or react good at PHP, Python and MySQL
indeed web development divided into two parts front-end developer the
one responsible for making the layout for the website and of course make it
dynamic using one of programming languages like JavaScript or one of its
frameworks and back end developer who cares about data storing in databases
and servers using PHP or there is another thing called dot net and the
database for PHP is MySQL so you have to learn PHP and MySQL and I will create
another video to explain the difference between front-end and back-end web
development and the requirements for each one finally if you see this video
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