These are the Must Have GRAPHIC DESIGN Tools For Your CREATIVE TEAM!! w/ Gio Dizon

Hi I’m Gio Dizon senior graphic designer
at Hall Pass Media you might be curious on how creatives come up with really
cool looking designs in this age of digital and cloud computing today I’ll
be giving you a glimpse of what’s inside the toolbox of the creative team at
HallPass at Hall Pass Apple products are the hardware of choice for computing
they have been an industry standard for creatives for a long time having this
Apple ecosystem allows us to share files and communicate with different devices
seamlessly the creative team uses Adobe products more than any application the
days of compact discs and serial numbers are long gone and have been replaced
with Adobe Creative Cloud having a subscription to Adobe CC allows us to
use every single Adobe product like Photoshop Illustrator InDesign After
Effects Lightroom and XD to name a few for any creative it is great to have all
these applications available in one subscription back in the day you only
have one or two of these applications with Creative Cloud all of these are
available if you need web design starts with mock-ups and wire framing which are
valuable steps in the web development process a couple of great tools for this
are Adobe XD and sketch once the designs are approved they are now ready to be
developed as live website web flow and WordPress help us transform those
mock-ups to beautifully designed responsive websites a few other
invaluable tools in the design process that help our team include a font
manager like expensed a suitcase a Pantone color book and even a pen tablet
like Wacom Intuos these are just the basics new and improved devices plugins
and applications are being developed as fast as we can think of them and those
are topics for the coming days I hope you have learned a few things about the
essential tools that we use we are a passionate team of creatives that are
adapting and evolving with the latest technology to best help us and our
clients achieve and exceed our goals all of that happens here at Hall Pass Media

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