Top 10 Scary Berlin Urban Legends

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
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are talking about the top 10 scary Berlin Urban Legends ! JA! I’ve been to Germany a few times, but only
to Cologne where my mate Christina lives. I would absolutely love to go to Berlin, though. It is the home of some of the most interesting
political and historical events! With a city dating back to the 13th Century,
Berlin has seen some action…find out what is going on in the capital of Deutschland. Let me know if you believe in ghosts and if
your town or city has any scary stories? 10 – The Wailing Lover of the Spandau Citadel
Firstly, lets just have a little moment to appreciate how bloody beautiful the Berlin
Citadel is. What a Renaissance glory! The building was finished in 1594 and is one
of the best preserved military structures of its time. It seriously is beautiful…and kind of romantic
to look at. As it happens, the building is home to a twisted
love story…but not just that, it is home to a heart broken ghost. Back when Germany was a collection of states,
Berlin was known as Brandenburg. From 1535 until his death in 1571, the state
was ruled by Joachim the second. Joachim was married to Hedwig of Poland, but
in 1549 she suffered a terrible accident that rendered her unable to walk without crutches. Joachim then decided to take a lover, Anna
Sydow, who is regularly dubbed the beautiful foundress. Joachim asked his son, on his deathbed, to
look after Anna, but he threw her behind bars and she was imprisoned until she died. To this day, it is said that she never left…. She roams the halls looking for Joachim to
set her free. Sometimes dissonant wails can be heard. 9 – The limping monk of the Graues Kloster. Ah, you have to love an old gothic monastery. There is almost no way one of those babies
isn’t haunted by some kind of ghoul or trapped repressed religious spirit. So, sitting in ruins on Klosterstraße is
the Church of the Franciscan Monastery. The place may be ruins today, but it has a
long and interesting fraught, dating back to 1250. Sadly, the majority of the church was destroyed
in 1945 during the bombing of Berlin. These days, part of the church’s early history
seems to still remain in the form of a limping monk. The monk was said to have walled up his son
and left him to die in the monastery walls. Right. His malicious presence can still be felt today,
although he seems to have gone off walling people, he is said to pinch them instead. 8 – The Ghosts of the Reichstag
The Reischstag has been the on and off seat of German Political power since it was built
by Bismark in 1894. Since then it has been rebuilt twice – in
1933 following the suspicious Reichstag fire and again after the second world war, as the
building was once again destroyed. Since Germany was reunified, the building
was restored and became the meeting place of German Parliament once again in 1999. A lot of people consider the building to be
haunted by the political ghost of Hitler, but in reality, he hated the place and never
set foot in there after the Nazis rose to power. Politics aside, the building is thought to
be haunted by actual ghosts too, many former country leaders and possibly even Van De Lubbe,
the Dutch man accused of starting the Reichstag Fire. He didn’t die in the blaze – but was executed
as a result. The emotional trauma the event had on his
life may explain an imprint on the building. 7 – An Urban Legend from Hitler’s time – The
Reichstag Fire Was Prophesized The Reichstag Fire was the talk of the town
in 1933 and of course caused a big stir and a huge political scandal…perhaps even a
constitutional crisis. Three days before the fire happened Erik Jan
Hanussen, a famous clairvoyant, predicted the blaze. The story of Hanuessen is actually pretty
fascinating – he was a Jewish performer who would present magic and hypnotic skits
across Berlin. It seems that Hanussen sensed the Nazis rise
in strength and he decided to try and try to win favour with the party….a dangerous
move for a jew. He lied about his heritage and managed to
win favour, even performing with Hitler on stage. While he had the public convinced, it seems
his Clairvoyance may not have been a natural gift, he may have been privy to intel that
the arson attack was planned. When Hitler caught wind of his prediction,
it is alleged that he had Hanuessen killed. He was killed in the 25th March 1933 and his
body was found in a field on the outskirts of Berlin. Bringing it back to the modern day 6 – The
Mystery of Berghain Berlin is known as the home of Techno music,
even though it originated in Detroit. In Berlin there is a nightclub called Berghain
North of the Spree in the Fredrichshain neighbourhood. This club is notoriously hard to get into
and bouncer Sven Marquardt, here he is…say hi…. He is the one who gets to decide whether or
not you made the cut, but nobody can figure out exactly why. It is said that it helps if you wear black,
but nothing is ever a given with this place. Some people queue for three hours to get a
chance at gaining admission to the nightclub, and many of those are turned away and simply
have to go home. Some people claim the mysterious door policy
is racist, sexist, hetrophobic, homophobic, xenophobic…all the phobics…. But others think there is something stranger
going on, that Sven and those behind Berghain are in a secret cult and those that get in
know something we don’t. What goes on inside that industrial estate
mansion? No one will tell you, including those who
have been inside. There are no photos of the club, either…as
there is a strict no camera policy. 5 – The Legends of the Führerbunker. What happened to Hitler in his Berlin Bunker
as Nazi Germany fell has been the topic of much speculation. In fact, the Berlin Bunker has been the focal
point for a number of wild theories and urban legends for nearly 80 years. The generally accepted course of events is
that Hitler committed suicide in his bunker in the 30th April 1945, but his body has never
been found. When his bunker was stormed, the Fuhrer was
no where to be seen and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin was convinced he was still alive. Berlin was scoured top to bottom, but no body
could find him. A lot of conspiracy theories say that the
bunker was more complex than at first suspected and that he somehow managed to escape to Argentina. Some urban legends even suggest that the United
States Government were in on his escape, allowing him passage to South America in exchange for
assurance that Germany would surrender. A lot of this makes up the drama in the docu-film
Grey Wolf. Others think he lived out his years in disguise
in Berlin. 4 – The Ghost Wall
Along Oranienburger Straße sits the Gespen-ster-mauer – the ghost wall. According to a popular urban legend, the section
of wall is haunted by the spirits of two children from an unknown time period – although the
area was subject to heavy bombardment at the end of World War Two so it could be they were
killed in a 1945 ariel attack. It seems the kids will grant you a wish if
you stick a penny in the crumbling wall. The proviso is that the wish must be modest
and unselfish, and if so…the children will set about doing it. To be honest, while ghosts are scary, these
two spirits seem pretty friendly. 3 – The Abandoned Spree Theme Park and the
Fire of 2014 Opening in 1969 as the Kulpurpark Planterwald
in East Germany, the amusement park was better known as spree park. Despite surviving the fall of the Berlin Wall,
the Park closed due to insolvency in 2002 and is now one of the most famous ghost theme
parks in the word. The park is closed to the public, but of course
that hasn’t stopped urban explorers investigating the place and taking a number of eerie pictures. Eesh. The park owner was a dubious chap linked to
a Peruvian drug ring. He was arrested and sent to jail for seven
years for trying to smuggle 180 kilos of cocaine from Peru to Germany in 2004. In 2014, a large part of the park was destroyed
by fire. Firefighters indicated that two blazes merged
to form one bigger fire, suggesting it may have been arson. Who lit the match and why they wanted the
park to burn, we don’t know. 2 – The Nuclear Secrets of Vogelsang
Vogelsang is an abandoned city in the Brandenburg forest that was built by the Soviet Union
in 1951. In its day, the city was home to around 15,000
soldiers and civilians as well as a whole bunch of weapons. It is thought that the city held atomic weapons
ready to launch on West Europe at the touch of a button. Four of the weapons stored in this town were
allegedly set up to hit the United Kingdom. The bombs stored here were said to be 20 times
more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Nobody but high ranking soviets were informed
that the missiles were housed in the town. Now, no living souls are present in the town,
but there are questions as to whether there are a few unliving ones, trapped forever among
the rubble and hiding the towns nuclear secrets for an eternity. So there was that! What a corker! The Top 10 Scary Berlin Urban Legends. 1 – The Bright Lights of Brieselang
Brieselang is a park on the outskirts of Berlin. In 1945 a young girl, 12 year old Elisabeth
Wieja, was raped and murdered by soviet soldiers in the Brieselanger Forest. Perhaps it was this trauma, or the trauma
of the war in general, but since the late 1940s, mysterious lights have been spotted
dancing in the sky above the forest. The phenomenon gained national and international
attention in the 1980s and to this day people still try to visit the park in order to see
the dancing lights. There are a few grainy youtube videos of the
lights… but really you have to see them for yourself. The lights are reported to be white, red and
green. They flicker on and off and appear in random
spots. Not only that, many people have reported hearing
voices around the park…whisperings and voices. There is also a very creepy abandoned inn
next to the park…which adds to a sense of unease. Some people try and explain the lights as
a natural phenomenon related to the ability of the soil to store gasses…. But a lot of people consider this explanation
to be tenuous. So there we have it, that was the Top 10 scary
Berlin Urban Legends! This was a tough one to script! I feel like the city keeps its cards close
to its chest. Anyone from Berlin that knows anymore spooky
stories? Let me know. Also let me know what urban legends you would
like me to make next! Comments from my Top 10 Historical Misconceptions
You Were Taught in School. Swiftie Runner 89 wrote: My favourite class
was lunch! Always got an A+
My favourite class is always lunch! We did get to do food tech in school too,
which was basically like 2 hours of extra lunch. Captain Weegee wrote: My favorite classes
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at school, too. I love a good informative comment! Clara P wrote: Not only were Washington’s
dentures made of human teeth, but some records have caused historians to speculate that were
ripped from the mouths of slaves. Also, the reason that Cinco de Mayo is celebrated
and treated as Mexican Independence in America is because the U.S passed an act around that
time that prevented anyone from celebrating foreign independence days. This act was mainly targeted toward Mexican
immigrants, who were then forced to choose a seemingly random battle to celebrate legally. I could be wrong about those things, though,
and if I am, please let me know. Just trying to be informative-ish for those
of you who didn’t know. Thank you for your time! :)?
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