Top 5 Design YouTube Channels (+한글자막)

hi everyone I’m a me again from the last video I learned that I made it some high quality devices but about a new camera I thought I needed to deliver my store with a clear voice and high quality screen so this is my excuse I just wanted to find you one anyway the information of this product I have is here and today I’m going to talk about my favorite finds on YouTube channels let’s get into it [Music] the first is on YouTube channel I brought here is AJ and smart I woulda found out this channel and this company as well AJ Smart is a design agency based in Berlin and cut the fat out of the standard design process to launch their product factor come here Chris AJ smart it was absolutely breathtaking moment because working start-up I dealt with development methodologies and I would think it would have been great had there been a clear and simple design methodology the nice range of AJ smart was definitely something out of looking for so I was really excited with their design work process recently they unloaded videos about design sprint 2.0 the other videos are about like design thinking and product design and some one Sunday flag is the corner I liked the most that’s really fun and all of the people there are so sweet and lovely if you wander just watch their gears of course after my video remember second channel is the Fox philosophies the person if you look of rants tickle it’s currently working as a relented liner but also business owner he’s providing several different kinds of videos like how to start balancing web design process and building design portfolio I’ve actually earned lots of tips from him like how to start working as a freelance signer and what has to be developed in my portfolio case studies he struggles as a designer and all design process and lots of interviews with other designers are completely eye-opening and get me inspired a lot thanks to him the third one is Shelly Mary TV this is the channel i watch most frequently she’s completely totally entirely amazing I really like her file they call it – Shelly is the web and graphic designer from New Zealand chip has designed videos about diverse topics I truly admire her passion and diligence are very most so I suppose this is one of the most rigid channels Emily next one is the future the future is an education platform and has a YouTube channel to share their stories they also have a large number of actors relating to um design graphic design branding and business they all seem like academic and professional because the quality of all videos is awesome for me the most impressive series is young girl there are five young graphic designers they’re all younger than me there are their design skills and passion are absolutely amazing you can also check their portfolios and challenges and creatives by christow who is the coach from the future just check out their videos – the last one is just shorter just sure these are design and web development videos each week focusing on – technique and project we get call him like full spec designer it’s not as specialized in UX UI design but takes both front-end development it has a large spectrum skills so you can find you align designer series and design thinking how to design and code sauce and many things on his channel when I found this channel I was so glad then he was still in wavefront and development using sass as I be used at the act as for my front-end development project yeah s CSS is a little bit different from sass in text but it’s all intimate a lot for me so I just subscribe this channel right away well that’s it those one my favorite five youth on YouTube channels I’ve been watching and getting inspired if you enjoyed this video please give this video a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe thanks for watching and hope you have a great day I’ll see you next time bye [Music]

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