Udacity’s UX Designer Nanodegree Program

The greatest innovations in human history,
from the wheel to the iPhone… …all had one thing in common: great user design! As innovations migrate from the physical world to the digital, the interactions between users and products need to be
designed to ensure a great user experience. In Udacity’s brand new User Experience Designer Nanodegree program, you’ll learn UX fundamentals and how to conduct
design research and, when you finish, you’ll be adept at journeying from concept to lo-fidelity prototypes,
and from prototypes to high-fidelity UX Designs! For the capstone project, you’ll build a case study
that can be incorporated into a UX Portfolio! The projects will give you real-world UX Designer experience! AND you’ll be able to use it to showcase
your skills to prospective employers. Udacity’s UX Designer Nanodegree program teaches you
everything from visual design basics and UX design fundamentals to how to convert low-fi sketches into high-fi interactive design
using Figma that are ready for engineering handoff! UX Design is everywhere, from the smartphone in your pocket,
to the interactive menus on your television! Shape how humans interact with our world’s greatest products!

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