Uncertainty of App Development and Getting Started

Hi! This is A Minute Of Overpass. My name is Eric and I make apps. Now this week I want to talk about “The Uncertainty of App Development”. Alright, so this week I wanna change gears a little bit and talk to people who are just thinking about starting an app or you have an idea and you haven’t quite started it yet or maybe you started it but you’re sort of a kind of dragging your feet a little bit. I wanna talk about getting started. I think getting started is the hardest part, right? It’s that motivation because you don’t know whether or not it’s going to work and nobody could tell you whether or not it is. I know this firsthand because people will contact Overpass, and we’ll get in the first meeting and then they’ll tell me their app idea and then look for me. They look at me and like hope that I’ll validate it for them. They’ll be like “So what do you think Eric? You think it will work?” or you know and I just can’t. I’m just a terrible salesperson because I always say “I don’t know. It might.” because you know you never know. Well, you can make assumptions. You can do market research and all that, but you really don’t know until you get something out there on the market, right? And that’s the hardest part of it because you’re investing time and money and you got all this uncertainty, and even if you look at somebody who’s already done it before, that doesn’t necessarily mean you could do the same things and get the same result. So it’s a constant struggle each day. So just to give you an idea, I guess I can remember starting the first app. First, I had the idea for my first app which is…Well, I won’t tell you what my first one was, but my second one was Ear Spy. So the first thing I did was I got the computer books out and I thought I’m gonna learn how to code this, and I started learning Android, and I started working on it on nights and weekends, and I just didn’t get anywhere. It was just like such a slow process and plus because I was doing it myself, I was second-guessing myself all the time, you know this perfection went in. So in the end I just changed tax and I hired somebody. And they weren’t the best developers in the world. God believe me they weren’t the best developers in the world, but it got done. So we have a timescale. They went overtime, right? like six weeks late, but it wasn’t that big a deal because I didn’t invest too much money in it, but for me it was a lot of money at the time. So putting that in there, and I can just remember I didn’t tell anybody about it because when I mention it, you either got some people say “Yeah that’s great! You’ll make millions.” which was kind of you know even then I consider to be hyperbole, you know they’re just…. I didn’t expect to make millions but I just wanted to be able to make something to see whether or not it would work or there were people more often than not you get the “Oh Eric, why are you making an app?” you know and then the rolling the eyes and I like to you know in my mind I like to think that I have like unwavering confidence, but I don’t. I have like such wavering confidence. I think you know Overpass would have moved so much faster with somebody with more self-confidence than I have because anybody who says something that causes doubt in my mind, I’ll kind of stop and then check things out. Even though it’s inch forward forward forward, we know we’ve got 6 million app downloads. We got working you know making enough money to survive off of. I don’t have to go into work every day anymore. All that stuff’s really good, but still it’s kind of inching forward, inching forward, inching forward, but I remember what that was like. It was a you know it was really hard to when you’re surrounded by people who haven’t made that kind of… haven’t taken that kind of risk before, who haven’t taken that you know gone on, got creative, have done something in a creative manner like they don’t know whether or not it’s going to work. And I tell you what, everybody well not everybody, but a lot of people have a reason to give me why. Why it wasn’t gonna work or what I should do to change my idea, or you know why I should wait a year or why should you know maybe next year will be better or even worse. The time you should have done this was two years ago. So it was really hard because when you start something like this yeah I just remember what it was like. It was a constant not knowing whether or not it was going to work and when it first went live on Android, I can remember within the first few days we have the first review which was 1 star and all it said was “WTF? This sucks!” right? and I was just like then I was ready to quit. I was Oh you know we tried you know and but then it started to pick up a little bit. I started looking at different stuff, started learning about keywords, learning about doing better screenshots, all this kind of stuff and eventually started to pick up, but you never know when you’re an app developer because there’s no rule book, right? There’s nothing to say exactly what you should do. Although there’s loads of people who will sell you advice, right? There’s lots of people who will give you a course or a book or whatever and they’ll say “This is exactly how you do it.” but there is no exact way even today, right? When we talk with our team, it’s always like how can we get people downloading our apps today and even the apps are doing well you know those could like go away tomorrow or whatever. The users could just disappear you know you’re just you’re constantly every day is getting up and think how do I get people into my apps you know and doing it every day. So let’s try out this ad network, let’s try out… let’s try out YouTube videos, let’s try out you know let’s use a social this social media network or let’s try this or let’s reach out to people and all this kind of stuff, and it’s a constant you’re not only you know even after it goes live you’re still kind of on your own. So it’s you know all the developers who watch this channel, all the app owners out there you know what it’s like because you have something out there and everybody’s giving you advice and everybody’s saying “Oh you know you should do… oh you know …” whatever and even especially if you have an app that’s not doing well, right? Like I mentioned this before our apps fail more often than they succeed, but we’re releasing them all the time. So in fact this week, I just released 2. I released the..well they were both kind of the same theme. It was Cantonese Spy and Spanish Spy, but it’s putting things out there and and then trying to get people to find them, playing around with keywords, trying to make sure that you get the right exposure everywhere, trying different ad networks, trying different messages within the in-app purchases and experimenting. So for those of you who are getting started, I mean one of the things you can learn from a lot of the people who watch this channel and leave comments is that they all have this kind of experience, right? We’re all kind of in this together. The one thing I really hate is going through and meeting… I’ve gone to a lot of like conferences where you meet with like big app developers, like a giant company that went got loads of funding and there you know they have hired all these people who are in user acquisition. They’re User Acquisition Specialist and all they do all day is think about how to pay to get people to download the app, right? For most of us we don’t have that. We’re just trying to go out there and get people to use it and for what and sometimes it could just feel like it’s not going to work or you’re just wasting your time, but I guess if there’s one thing I could say is that..that’s not the case, right? I think about every time I release a new ad or a new feature I hope that the next day I look at the stats and It’ll just spike up, right? like they’ll be like a hundred downloads today, but then tomorrow after I release this feature there’ll be 10,000 downloads, right? but that’s actually never happened, but I might have 105 and then 110 and so it’s a much more gradual thing. And I just want to say to those of you who are about who are just thinking about getting started and I’m sure a lot of people watch this channel will agree with me, the best thing to do is get started because you’re never ever ever going to be sure, right? The only way you gonna know is to start and even when you do start more often than not the progress you see is going to be slower than you you think it should be, but you’re not gonna make any progress if you don’t do anything at all. So that’s it for this week. I just wanted to talk to some of the people because you know we get a lot of questions lately about this kind of thing. So that’s it for this week. I hope it’s been helpful. That’s it. I’ll talk to you next week!

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