Unlimited Graphic Design Services: The Truth and What You Need to Know

– There’s one big thing that you need to know about graphics design services. This unlimited graphic design, it’s a little bit misleading. It’s really not unlimited graphic design. It’s unlimited graphic production. (digital beeping) For those of you who were
asking about the blue shirt on yesterday’s broadcast, here you go. Blue shirt right here. This is the Consistency is Key right here. See, Consistency, and
then, there’s a giant key. Giant key, well, you
know, you see it there. A giant key. I hope everyone’s doing well. And I wanted to get on,
do this broadcast today to answer the question that often comes up when we’re talking about
different services with clients, and it’s this idea of unlimited
graphic design services. Unlimited graphic design services. You see them popping up
in your Facebook feed. You see unlimited graphic design services pop up in Google searches. If you’re using Fiverr,
then you’ve probably seen them pop up into different
conversations about Fiverr. And they’re really cool services, but there’s one big thing
that you need to know about graphic design services. Is it’s really not
unlimited graphic design. It’s unlimited graphic production. And what I mean by that is, what you really, really get
with unlimited graphic services is a whole bunch of graphics produced in a short period of time. So you’re not really
getting high-end design. So if you’re thinking, man, I need graphic for my business. I need a new logo. I need to get some designed for some PDFs. I wanna do some freebies. I wanna do some downloads. I really wanna get some webinar graphics, some social media graphics. If you sign up for an
unlimited graphics service, what you’re really going to be getting is unlimited graphic production. And why would I say this? Because what you are getting, and it makes sense, is
you’re getting somebody who’s taking a short blurb
about what you say you need, giving it to someone who’s
completely unfamiliar with your brand, unfamiliar even with
your country, sometimes, much less your industry, and the industry in the particular country that you’re living, and they’re trying to interpret it. But if you’re really looking
for unlimited graphic design, it doesn’t exist. Unlimited graphic production exists, but unlimited graphic design doesn’t. Where you wind get, the designs are inconsistent
across the board. If Project A is worked on one designer, and then, Project B is worked
on by a different designer, it’s gonna be inconsistent. Our experience has been
that you’re really not getting graphic design services, you’re getting graphic production. And so, a lot of them will
say that you can do designs and there’ll be a 24-hour turnaround, and that’s great. A lot of them will say that
you’ll get a dedicated designer, and that’s fine if your
dedicated designer is good. And really, honestly, it’s
kind of a double-edged sword with a dedicated designer. On the positive side, you
get that dedicated designer and you feel like, okay, well, I’m gonna get some consistent designs. On the negative side,
it’s only one person. Meaning, if you put something in today and you’re looking for
a 24-hour turnaround, that 24-hour turnaround
with the same designer, it’s unrealistic. And that’s what we’ve
found to be the case. The service that we’re using right now, I would say we probably have
three different designers who will typically work on our stuff, and their turnaround time
is actually pretty good. We can count on 24 to 48-hour design. The weekend, they don’t
design on the weekend. You don’t hardly ever get any projects delivered to you on the weekend. And then, there are
occasions where you’ll have to bump something back up to the top because it’ll go two,
three, four days in a row where nobody responds to your project, and so, you kind of have to bump it up. What’s the service name? Design Seed, right there. And so, they’re the best
ones that I’ve used. We use the agency license,
or the agency plan, and that $399 a month for
two projects at a time. So that’s another thing to
talk a little bit about. The way these work is
per-project at a time. So what’ll happen is, it’s
unlimited graphic design. So you can send 15 projects all at once. However, they’re only
gonna work on one or two, or whatever your plan is at a time. So you might upload 15, but it would probably take about 45 days to get through all of those 15. Because what happens is, you put in the request, they send back Graphic Number One. Then, you send back changes, and they send back Graphic Number Two. So that’s two days right there. Then, you send back final changes, they send back Graphic Number Three. That’s three days. And then, finally, you ask
for the finished, you know, PSD file, the Photoshop file or the Adobe Illustrator file. So I would say, you’re
looking at a minimum of two business days
before you get something that you can use. And then, most of the
projects that we work on, it winds up being four or five, sometimes, even six business days. If you say, “Oh, I want a logo design”, which that’s a whole nother deal. We’ve done the logo design and, really, all you get is a graphic. That’s what you get. You don’t get a brand mark. Folks think they want a logo. You don’t want a logo. You want a brand marker, something that people can
associate your business with a visual indicator. And so, how can you get the most out of unlimited graphic design? Because, as much as I
have positive or negative to say about it, how can you actually get the most out of it? If you do choose to use an unlimited graphic
production service, right, because it’s not design, it’s production. They’re just gonna produce
a whole bunch of stuff. There’s a few things that
you’re gonna want to do in order to get the most out of that. So in order to make these
services work for you, number one, you need to
have brand guidelines and, at the very, the very least, you need to have a strong brand marker. So a logo that contain
multiple variations. You want a logo that’s stacked, where the icon is on top of the wordmark, a logo that’s horizontal, where the icon is next to the wordmark. You wanna have icon-only. And there’s a good chance
you wanna have just the font type only, right? So tex-only, icon-only,
icon and text stacked, and then, icon and text side by side. Those four variation are probably gonna give you everything
that you need ever when it comes to your
business logo design. On top of that, you’re
gonna wanna have colors. If you can deliver colors to
the unlimited graphic people and say, “Stay within these colors”, you’re gonna get much more
consistent output, all right? You wanna have at least a primary color, a secondary color, and one accent. It’s really helpful to have five colors, and then, have a version of
black that you like to use, and have a version of
white that you like to use. So if you have, you
know, three main colors, plus, a black, plus, a white, you’re gonna be in good shape
getting consistent colors. If you have a good
horizontal, a good stacked, a good icon, and a good font type, you’re gonna get good consistent design. So those are the first couple of things. The next thing that you
want is you wanna pick out a couple of fonts, okay? If you pick out a couple
of fonts and you say, “Stay within these fonts”, then you’re not gonna
be giving the designer the freedom to go out there
and pick whatever fonts they wanna pick. They’re gonna design something and, just by the fact that
they’re using the same fonts you’re using, it’s gonna be consistent, gonna look better than it would be if they just kinda picked the different fonts, you know, based upon
whatever they could find on dafont.com or Font Squirrel
or something like that, or whatever they can find
inside of the Adobe Typekit. So you wanna pick your logos and have a well-established stacked logo, horizontal logo, icon, wordmark. You wanna have your colors, and then, you want to have
your fonts picked out. And, typically, you’ll
wanna have two fonts. One that’s a serif and
one that’s a sans-serif. You’ve got your logo,
a well-designed logo, a great color palette, okay? You’ve got your fonts established. What do you really want from there? What do you really need from there? I like to have something
called visual style examples. At Shrein Media, we developed something called visual marketing assets, okay? And what these visual marketing assets do is it provide our brand displayed across different visual applications. So we will show the artist, we’ll show the designer, we’ll say, “Hey, we need
some new graphics design. “Here are five example of what we like “our graphics to look
like when it’s on social.” And then, we provide an example. “Here is an example of
what we like our graphics “to look like when it’s on our website. “Here’s an example of what
the thumbnails look like “that we do for YouTube videos.” And so, we give them
five, six, seven examples of what our graphics are
supposed to look like. And we say, “Keep the
look and feel consistent “with this style of graphic.” And that does a really good
job of giving them parameters. You see, a lot of times, people think, oh, I want creativity, right? I don’t want parameters. I don’t wanna put restrictions. No, you want parameters
and you want restrictions. Think about a baseball field. Today’s opening day. If there were not foul poles, we wouldn’t know what a home run is. We wouldn’t know what a fair ball is. We wouldn’t know what a foul ball is. Everything would just be all over the map and it would be chaos. The rules provide guidelines so we know what success looks like and we know what, you know, still need to work on it, right? Because failure is just an opportunity to get it right, again, right? Another opportunity. So you want those restrictions. You want those guidelines. You want to tell your designer, “Here’s our logo. “Here’s our colors. “Here’s our fonts. “Here’s our visual style. “And then, here are some examples “of that applied into other applications.” Okay, so you’ve got the
hard stuff down now. If you submit a request to an unlimited graphic
design service and say, “Hey, I’m doing an event. “I need a graphic that’s a feature graphic “that I can print on a flyer”, they’ll get pretty close to something that’s gonna consistently
represent your brand if you deliver all those things. Another thing that you want, you want to be very, very clear on exactly what you’re creating. Tell them, “I am creating a graphic “to post to Facebook”, or, “I am creating a graphic
to post to Pinterest”, and then, give them the design dimensions. Tell them exactly what the dimensions are supposed to be. So, for instance, a thumbnail image that’s being shared on Facebook is to be 1200×630, alright? A graphic that’s going to
be display on Instagram that looks really good need to be, what, 1024×1024. 1400×1400. 1080×1080. A square, 1:1 ratio. Tell them exactly what you’re designing and what the dimensions
are supposed to be. That way, it doesn’t come
back and it’s all whacked-out, and then, it takes
another two days for them to get it right. I’ve found that, even when
I give explicit directions on what the size is to be, or what the colors are supposed to be, there’s still times when they come back and it’s not the right size or it’s not the right colors. You have to be very, very specific and, even then, they’ll sometimes get it wrong. So it’s not a surefire, hey, you’re gonna get exactly
what you’re asking for. It’s gonna be perfect right away. There’s a really, really good chance that it’s gonna be different
that what you’re requesting, even though you thought
you made yourself clear. So the next thing after that
is you want to tell them exactly what program you
want them to design in. So, especially, if you’re
gonna make changes to it, or you’re asking them to design something like a template, tell them what program you want them to design it in. If you want Photoshop, tell Photoshop. Because, if you don’t say Photoshop, they’re gonna design it in Illustrator. If you want Illustrator, say Illustrator. Because, if you don’t
tell them Illustrator, they’re gonna design it in InDesign. There’s a good chance
it’s gonna be designed in a software. No matter what software you’re using, and no matter if you use all of them, chances are, what you
request is gonna be designed in a different type of software; and you’re gonna get it
back, you’ll be like, I don’t know how to edit this. I never do this type of
graphic design in Illustrator. And you’re gonna feel like you have to keep going back to them. It’s just gonna take even longer. So those are the, that’s the truth about unlimited graphic design services, and that is a list of recommendations of things that you should do in order to get the best and most
value out of utilizing a graphic design service.

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