Use the JavaScript Dialog Control to Create Custom Message Boxes

Need a way to
display an error notification? Show warning information? Or request login details? The dialog control can help you notify users
of valuable information. The dialog control comes in two types:
Modal, for when the user is planning to work with the dialog control before interacting
with the parent application. And modeless, which allows interaction with
the parent application with the dialog control open on the page. Key features of the dialog control include
the ability to: Add action buttons, including convenient built-in
options. Customize headers and footers through a template. Drag and drop a dialog anywhere using its
header. Resize elements as needed. Position a dialog in any custom location. Configure different animations when opening
and closing a dialog. Localize all static strings to any preferred culture. The dialog control also supports WAI-ARIA
accessibility and keyboard interaction. To learn more about the dialog control and
see more controls for JS 2, visit

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