UX-pert Shay Howe on Freelance Front-end Developers & Networking

Hi, guys. I’m Shay. I’m a designer here at
the Starter League. And we’re at 1871. Let me show you around. So we’re at 1871. And that’s the year of
the Chicago Fire. And that’s how 1871 got its
name, because after the year 1871, Chicago had
to be rebuilt. And that’s the goal here
to do with startups in technology in Chicago. So 1871 is a place where
designers, developers, entrepreneurs can all
get together and start to build companies. If you had a company that you
were meeting up at Starbucks, 1871’s that perfect place to
come, and be around others just like you, and get
mentorship and advice from some of the best in the business
here in Chicago. It’s a great place for anyone
looking to start a company, join a company, or get their
feet wet in the technology scene here. One of the best ways, I think,
to boost your career as a freelancer is to get involved
in the community. So places such as 1871 have
meet-ups, generally most nights of the week. And if you can get involved in
some of those meet-ups, you can meet other people like you
and other people who need people like you. And slowly but surely, you
build up a network. And so long as you provide value
to your network, you’ll get good jobs. So one of the best ways to
probably provide and raise your presence of business
is just to provide value to people. So whether that’s through
a blog, or tutorials, or creating things to give away, do
things that get you in the light of people, and you’re
not asking for things, but you’re actually helping out. There’s a lot to consider
when trying to hire a front-end developer. The first part of that is
exactly what type of front-end developer do you need. Do you need a generalist
or a specialist? And I think that revolves around
what type of problem you’re trying to solve. And once you can narrow that
down, then you can better filter through candidates
and find the right person to talk to. And talking to that person– I think actions can speak
louder than words. So the best way to talk to them
is to actually look at their code. And when you finally meet with
them, the best way to actually approach them and discuss some
of that code is to look at it, but then also understand where
they come from, and maybe pose different types of questions,
and try and get around how they think. And maybe give them problems
that have nothing to do around code. Maybe you give them a puzzle of
some sort and see how they solve it, and tell them that,
perhaps, the right answer is worth one point. But solving that puzzle
is worth 99. That way, you can get an insight
to how they think and how they work. And if you can do that, then you
have a pretty good sense of who they are. Hey, guys. It’s been great hanging out. I got to go teach. Hopefully I’ll catch
you next time. [MUSIC PLAYING] Moo.

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