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We had another question that was on version control and what it is and which ones you should use, because there are quite a few out there.>>Okay, sure. This is purely subjective answer, but that’s why you’re here, I guess, right? I use get. I would recommended everybody use Git. It’s really, really nice. I used CVS back in the day and then Subversion replaced that. Then Mecurio replaced that and now I use Git and that’s great. Basically the whole notion is you have the source directory and you’re making changes to files and you can log what those changes are, what they were for, you can go back in history, you can merge changes together, you can be working with multiple people and merge your changes together. So it’s a great way to share code between multiple computers. It’s a great way to keep track of your development. I do it. For example, in Udacity I’ve got a Git project for all the files I’m using for you guys, for my blog. Occasionally I have these different branches for different homework, so I can be recording unit 6 and then working on homework 3. I can switch between those two states of the code really easily, and then I can check out the homework 3 branch and tar it up and put it online for you guys. Then I can go back into the future to homework 6, that sort of thing. It’s really handy, and it’s very fast. It’s really good. It was written by a Linus Torvalds who also wrote Linux. He’s a pretty competent guy.>>Probably. I would suggest Git. You can use Git Hub. Git Hub is like a third-party cipher storing a code if you want to store it in a remote location. We use Git Hub for Hipmunk, for example, and Reddit, incidentally. There you go. Short answer is Git. If somebody tells you different, raise an eyebrow.>>Great.

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