Walls of Chocolate, Cake Heaven and The Gran Hotel. (Just a Day in Mexico City)

Catherine magnesium Wow this is basically coming back in it Wow cacao is awesome so you know that means you need the more authentic chocolate that’s an order [Music] down the crack all right guys ready to roll all right so today we are headed to the National culture Museum right yeah cool and that is next to palatial nationale so we can just take a quick walk there because so many things are so close to where we are yep oh and yesterday Wow good evening what about that more like right but the turkey man turkey and moley it goes so good together have no idea next Thanksgiving if we’re in the States for Thanksgiving we’re totally adding male to the menu okay now I don’t care what people say I’m adding male to my mashed potatoes delicious yeah I mean Turkey and male mashed potatoes oh my goodness it’s gonna be delicious [Applause] I totally agree with you me man it’s one of the great things about traveling you learn so many new things and me always likes to stop whenever she sees a really good position [Music] which is very picky – she doesn’t think they’re playing the violin rack no money if she thinks her playing the violin wonderful go out of her way to go give him a sip [Applause] [Music] [Applause] this okay do you like check it I’m just gonna point out this side of the culture Museum which we’re not going to go into because it’s about exotic dancing what oh geez oh yeah interesting yeah yeah anomic and aunt what’s an aunt it’s just an addiction like letter a NK o said on current I would think that would spell honk oh really like how Arabic still announce the peak and how basic install pronounce the J make sense he was the god of the sky Oh horse was the gun of this guy yeah in in Egyptian mythology yeah you know why they always made them why they always meet the people sigh please listen because if it showed the full form then they could bring the power back which in the life oh really so they only put half of them Wow you guys know a lot about Egyptian mythology that’s cool [Music] all right without school museum I know you guys like the Egyptian mythology so that was cool and then I’m hungry yeah so I would really like to go eat you may get any good ideas yeah let’s do it so now we are headed to the Grand Hotel to grab some lunch I’ve been told that it’s a very beautiful place maybe we can get one of those seats those tables that overlook the tsul’kalu that would be cool I heard the food is decent and I heard the building is gorgeous okay so the Grand Hotel is right there on the corner and you can actually see the terrace where people are eating that’s cool and hopefully guys hopefully that can be us okay [Music] yes [Music] oh it is a brush [Music] buzzie visitor Raveena’s aquata [Music] green juice carrot juice how could I make a cocoa no tamarins Oh porkchop oh okay over there making I want I’ll get you a plate if you’re filming you just tell me what you want [Music] we started at the inn well this is the intimate place so this tells me this is probably the starting spot yeah I’m just saying that looks like the end because it’s over the service yeah desserts me man you want me just fill you up with desserts yeah sure let’s throw these for those no I don’t want those those were for I just want I just want ten brownies and ten of those macro wrong things oh here take a look at these cups see these cups right here yeah these cups are going to be in an upcoming video man Bob oh great okay so be mad you want to need this bread Mottola okay we’ll come back and get some vitoli right now I’m just gonna get you a plate or the food I can cut some of this bread here or we can just grab some right here you want some of this you already cut some watch me [Music] chick wanna you want to eat these breads and that’s fish there’s no you want you know any fish you want some Willis carnitas that looks delicious to me okay I’m gonna grab some for myself oh here’s some Mexican barbacoa in yeah take some beans good for my heart waffles some only for bata with chicken I think you can get them on your I just don’t have much room on my brain so that’s what you’re thinking about not the sweets that you think of but that way yeah I can’t really grab a small piece of this oh here we go [Music] taco station where you get all your packing yeah I think if I could fit all this in my belly I can grab some more of that but probably me thinking we’re also going to need to describe a thing at 40 is anything but let’s go back to the table okay so you want me to have good you’re a smart boy are these cute little tortillas yeah [Applause] Wow they got a pretty good display here yeah I’m very happy with my choices boys okay southern great it’s not as good as what we had the tox collar that’s good I’d eat it if I made this at home being like oh yeah it is oh good they brought us salsa thank goodness wow you’re really loving that fruit right now huh Oh Aaden got some atole – the Sweden that’s pretty good yeah go try you know that uh robust stuff it was in a tolling bobba a toilet that’s fantastic that reminds me of engine it’s almost eggnog it’s really good coffee with the tolling [Music] that is delicious coffee with the dual yeah toffee flavor dystocia that is delicious this one’s mine No that’s quite a plate you got there bro yeah that is your sock cake wow that’s like church they chase that soaked oh man looks good ro suz I can uh Nene I’m gonna have some that of this new second round of Mateus okay good that last one that I had I could barely chew through it these are good don’t be a jolly [Music] hmmm that’s really delicious that was Aidan’s idea you don’t drink oh look eggy yeah oh it’s like I’m almost a flan and a pudding interesting let’s fantastic monitor it’s caramel goodness deliciousness [Music] beautiful place pretty good lunch I’ve been was just good you know bakery sweets that’s what really really was above par if you ask me the rest of the food was definitely good some tortillas first batch tortillas were like breaking your teeth on so I guess they were just old that I was like come on are they really making tortillas like this but they were just they served us on the 30s it was still delicious you saw the price good stuff so now what we’re doing are gonna go check out the second floor of delirium that’s right because we didn’t see the second floor we went there in fact we didn’t know there was a second floor so we’re gonna head there and because we just filled up with sweets we don’t have to buy anything well the thing is is that we’re also gonna be going to the top but Museum oh yeah yeah that’s right we’re going to the chocolate Museum – so there’s no way we’re gonna buy any sweets Yeah right right but we’re gonna want to buy chocolate for sure chocolate the chocolate yeah Sophie oh we get to choose one or the other yeah I say this running to postal area ideal real quick the zoom up there and see what the second floor has to offer and then moving on hey Tim what do you say now you’re good either way yeah we’re gonna get sweets either way so you don’t care and plus you just ate like four hundred cakes sorry 373 I hate to exaggerated honest I only ate one like what one cake yeah one cake and 437 other sweet type deals you 300 and sweets at the okay fine 272 no good gates all right they’re gonna win this one okay good so that it that we’re heading out yeah yeah this is pretty cool you know really nice it’s nice and plush okay all right well let’s get up and start walking some of these calories off because I could fall asleep here yes we’re all very relaxed from the food [Music] [Music] hold on buddy that’s cool that they tell you how much everything weighs so you’ll know how heavy it’s gonna be like you say hey I want one of these then make it up for you you can guess the weight you know the weight so you can know the weight Wow I love the stalagmites it’s like nitrous like tights uh select thanks good you know you know your geological formation is my friend hey Dad I’m going to just show you my favorite cake yep all its pieces uh good old chess cake look at this monster here look at this monster oh my goodness this what my favorite cake is what oh the weight of this thing and I would say maybe 110 kilograms he probably thought yeah I saw the sign alright okay 200 pounds that’s more than what I weigh it’s like 230 pounds paw Patrol cake has gum Wow yeah I know I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many cakes before and it just keeps going and going look at this oh my goodness I don’t know we got cakes of meaning you want that Batman headed like you like what you doing ma’am look what you’re doing over there don’t you do that on my streets I’m Batman least this guy isn’t backdoor yeah but at least it’s not fat Thor yeah Alexia’s buckteeth [Music] yeah so what you say is that you say that resisting all these cake is burning calories in itself mix loss has to be well I can’t believe it but we went into this place this hostile area of fossil areas and we didn’t buy anything not even a tiny cookie yeah I know we went straight upstairs it straight downstairs which is good and it helps that I’m full right now and then I just had a bunch of sweets yeah otherwise there’s no way okay well I’d say now let’s go to where [Music] so go to the Chuck Museum and see if we can go to two places without buying any dulce I don’t know if that’s gonna happen I don’t think so either okay let’s head out yeah you know you have to have a guard if you have a chocolate museum I mean come on that’s one place you have to have security yeah oh so you wept you roast them it takes up there chocolate in there crazy Oh cocoa beans chocolate or cacao I should say [Music] oh my goodness they had to make it so beat they they thought it was best quality if it was come the chocolate yeah so this is hurt victim depicting her pouring it from here to there mm-hmm yeah and you know what this do you know what this thinks colder hear me man what did they yeah but that’s not as big as the one that we saw in the shop at male dorm ah okay yeah the mayor doing one was maybe not as that bad but it was at least twice as long remember that be man [Music] oh wow wow there are some fancy Milenio in that an awesome O’Neill [Music] list of all the nutrients that are and pick up that oh really yeah over here Oh show me oh wow cows here it even has tryptophan in it oh that makes you relaxed and kind of sleep you like Turkey Wow cacao is awesome so you know that means you need the more authentic chocolate that’s an order that’s a Isiah mounds of Hatcher [Music] great oh yeah you know I wish they would have kept it that way that was easier one else you know I’ve never even heard of a mullah neo before coming here me neither it’s like but here it’s so common so weird that something that’s so common somewhere it’s totally unheard of who would ever make their hot chocolate with a bunny on the states you would never do never happen yeah I guess [Music] see Sigyn thank goodness [Music] go I think it’s the cow powder it’s probably cacao butter yeah just ground beans sometimes I draw in the dirt with a stick actually you know like in Japanese gardens when they’re coming the sand you know this kind of can be relaxing yeah you’d never seen that like in a Japanese garden where they have like a column and they comb the sand yeah yeah this sands I think I would prefer what’s a cute one what is this guy he’s cute he’s a happy chocolate person he’s just a happy chocolate good [Music] see what did he dig they make these what are these yeah for what exactly oh my goodness Wallace is like the best smelling room ever Wow yeah I guess it would be tempting not to try to still are yeah yeah well you know there’s always somebody guarding this room you know that mosquito there this would be a fly is paradise well you know we can’t get too hot here if it gets too hot in here and that’s a problem you think that this room’s gonna be closer than that it’s this smelly things smell our things no it’s like banana what’s that one smell like orange orange hmm gnosis I don’t know it’s definitely a high alcohol content I don’t know what it smells like though well that one’s like a mint so potentially banana orange mint right and what’s this one vanilla yeah totally vanilla yes oh it says it right there you’re right banana look we were right I didn’t see the signs I know orange a bit where HUD was incorrect and then vanilla batchelomez right an almond or not licorice or what was enough our olfactory senses are pretty good [Music] here we want to get some drinks and we want to get some repaired chocolate to go okay so we want to get a box of Prayer chocolate we were hoping to get some oaxaca but they don’t have a hot gun it’s fine but we just need to get a box this will you have a plan we have a big plan with hot chocolate it’s gonna go in a video but I can’t talk weather right now I want if we’re gonna sit here and get a drink I want something with a little chilly enough so if you could think of that and then get the boys just something that you think they’d like meaning chocolatey they’re gonna like them sure but it’d be nice to have a drink and look at these mugs [Music] like not a lot so you can just drink there right away that’s good oh oh that is fresh and tasty okay so your guys will prepare with milk yes yeah I wanted I wanted to hot chocolate with some spice in it I tried it long ago I liked it and I just haven’t had it but here Mexico is pretty popular what did you get okay just did they say what kind of chocolate was there just it’s just your basic hot chocolate whatever they serve you think it’s prepared chocolate you don’t think that’s okay and they just added chilies tonight yeah you definitely tell different color did you like try chili out chocolate in the USA something yeah I am there was a chocolate bar in st. Louis that I went to New Year’s in the years ago chocolate with some Chilean chillie husband i like do you like it [Music] yeah I like it a lot it’s really good see it goes together really well we can have all yeah I think I would like it with nothing more but that’s pretty good yeah I think I think it goes together really well [Music] yeah in fact I could use a little more chilling than what they’re serving okay what I like is that they serve each type of drink in a different so all of ours are with no I haven’t seen what cup they use for oh there’s one down there so with water is the one crying cool yeah I like these cups these are perfect hot chocolate cups maybe it’s all this also running through my veins maybe so we have a nice cool layer drinking our temperature hotness in any of the spice huh yeah [Music] I think myself give me a call Janet but I do like yes you’re great Melvin relaxing [Music] it doesn’t feel like I thought it would feel you know you you’re trying to accomplish something you’re trying to achieve a goal you know you you it took a lot of discipline to get to this place it took a lot of perseverance personal strength from within it was not easy and I felt like if I could accomplish it I would be they would be different my life would be different I would be stive would feel stronger but I can’t help but just feeling terrible about it when are you talking about well we we went into the Boston area we didn’t grab any paint I’ll say geez I thought you were being serious I am being serious [Music]


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