WARNING 2ND EPISODE | Dheeraj Kumar | Prince KJ | Gippy Grewal | Amar Hundal | Humble Music |

‘I found the one who had killed
your grandfather today.’ ‘I didn’t let him
leave our village alive.’ What will you do if someone
kills your father? Remember, your father had
not let the enemy the village alive. Uncuff me, Inspector. You haven’t completed
your term yet, Shinda. Shinda, enters and
leaves prison as he wills. His parole application
will be on your table before your reach the police station. With minister’s signature on them. Hey. My father just died, Inspector. It’s not the time for me being punished. It’s rather time for
me to punish someone. I won’t take long. I’ll be back in a week. Uncuff him. Okay, sir. Sir, what do we do now? You two will get promoted before
his parole application reaches me. I am very happy today. Because I killed Pamma? No. Pamma killed someone I wanted dead since many years. Pamma fulfilled my dream. Our enemy went way back. He had killed my brother. Why didn’t you save Pamma
if he had fulfilled your dream? He was anyway going to die. If you hadn’t killed him, I would’ve gotten him killed. Why? The reason for that is Shinda. Jagga’s son. ‘Jagga used to use brains.’ ‘Shinda has no brains.’ ‘He’s a nutcase.’ ‘He doesn’t listen to anyone.’ Jagga had contacts in the government. He thought he would be able
to get Shinda out in no time. But I managed to get Pamma to
do my bidding before that could happen. Isn’t that Kalu getting
too close to Bhaiji? No, it’s just your delusion. Not a delusion, he indeed is. I wanted someone who
wasn’t a part of any group. And that person was Pamma. Now who will Shinda go looking for? Both Jagga and the one who killed him are dead. One the first suspect will be Chaudhary. Chaudhary was the one who would
benefit the most with Jagga’s death. They were business rivals. Shinda will first approach Chaudhary. How are you? I heard about your father. It was unfair. You must be thinking
that I got him killed. I wanted to. If I was behind it,
I would have fearlessly told you so. I didn’t do it. May God make his soul rest in peace. I heard a single man
managed to pull this off. He was pretending
to be a notorious goon, but it was so easy to kill him. Heed my advice immerse his ashes in Keeratpur Sahib. Haridwar will be too far away. Someone else killed him. Then why kill him? He too wanted to kill him. Okay. There was just a month left to serve. Why did you run away from prison? I didn’t run away. I am out on bail. Those who get out on
bail don’t make headlines. Look. That bloody cop… It’s Shinda. Where are you? Your father’s ashes
still haven’t gone cold and you’ll already
committed another crime? I didn’t do anything. That cop is behind this. Papa, I am going to college. Okay dear, take care. I don’t care who is behind this. Look, it was different
when Jagga was alive. Now things are out of my hand. I too cannot do much. Minister, my father died, I didn’t. Don’t use that tone with me. Jagga died leaving
us behind with your messes. I haven’t caused any mess yet,
but I soon will. You worthless goon. We are the ones who give
birth and kill the likes of you. That bloody minister! Happy now? How many times have I told you
that these ministers are untrustworthy? But you just don’t understand. How many times have I
told you not to talk nonsense? Oh I see. Now what I say is nonsense. You would have stopped
all this if you really loved me. I hate my father’s murderers
more than I love you. Shinda, what is greater, love or hatred? Hatred. It is my fault that I fell in love with you. – Let me go.
– My father is dead. I love you too. But what can I do? I won’t rest in peace
till I don’t seek revenge. As far as the minister is concerned,
I’ll handle him. But you should try to understand me. Sir. I think Shinda is behind this. Until now,
we only had orders to arrest him. By doing this, he has got shoot
at sight orders issued for himself. ‘Let me tell you what the weather
is like. First of all…’ Stop this. She keeps blabbering. The minister is backing out now? We killed so many for him. Brother, we even killed
the ones we had never met. And the kidnappings? I would have never done that
disgusting job if not for him. We have kidnap kids of so many Vermas,
Sharmas and Sandhus. I am seething with
anger and you are smiling? Stupid, minister has
taught us so much. It is time to use
that knowledge on him. How so? Find out everything about him. I am sure you know that my father… Yes, I heard. An invite…
to my father’s final prayers. You didn’t attend the cremation. Do attend the final prayers. Shall I get you some tea? Who do you think did it? Brother, it will take only two minutes. Shall I get it? I’ll come over some other day for tea. Do let me know if you find out anything. Otherwise, we will anyway find out. I thought I’ll perform his final
rites along with father’s final prayers. You should offer water
before you offer tea. And you shouldn’t ask,
you should offer the tea. Did you get it? Good boy. Go and get tea now. And not Pamma, Shinda. I think they did it. Shinda, it’s not one of them. It’s not one of them… But one of them will tell
us who it was. He didn’t come to invite
us for the final prayers. He is trying to sniff something out. Bhaiji, he did so
much in front of you… Let him play around for now. I will let you know
when to tame this wild bull. Did you get that? Okay. What? Fine, I’ll talk to you later. Bye. How much for it? 80 rupees a kilo. – Give me the special one.
– Okay. – Talli.
– Yes. Our inspector is right. He’s seeking a promotion. He’ll get us into trouble. Gardh, my kids are still small. Kids are always small, Talli. I want to see them grow big. I wonder when will Shinda’s case
be closed and we will can rest in peace. Shut up. Sir is back. Here. Now we won’t have to tell them
where all bullets were used. He cannot escape me now. But sir, how do we find him? He is not at his usual hideouts. “I thank God…” Khand, if we don’t manage to
get anyone of Bhaiji’s men to spill even today then Shinda will have us. Is it true? Right. Bhaji’s bitches are hard
to get hold of. From the high mountains. Here, a trip to heaven. Hey, isn’t that Bikkar. Looks like him.
Call them. Hurry up. – Hello.
– Where are you guys? Your daddy’s here.
Hurry up. Coming. Hurry up. Your daddy’s here. Not me, yours. Get him. Do I need to get the leash out? – Uncle.
– Come on. Get him. – Get him.
– You. Get him. – Wait, you…
– Come on. – Move aside.
– Get him. Move it. Bikkar, stop. Stop, you… Get him. No, no! – That hurts.
– Help me up, bro. Stop! I’ll teach you a lesson. I told you not to hit me. Scoundrel runs a lot. My turn, my turn. He made us break into a sweat. ‘I didn’t let the enemies leave alive.’ ‘Remember that.’ Hurry up, brother.
We got Bikkar. Look, you know what I want from you. Tell me. Why are you being
so loyal to your Bhaiji? Do you want to get thrashed
before you speak up? It’ll make no difference to me whether you walk with the help
of a stick or crawl on your knees. I’ll tell you. Pamma. Where is he? Headman had taken him away. We don’t know whether
he is dead or alive. What are you waiting for?
Put his hands in. Let me go. I swear on God.
I didn’t anything, Shinda. He knows. Chop off his fingers. Shinda! Shinda! I’ll tell you.
I’ll tell you. Where is he? He was a simple guy. I had brought him here to make tea. His mother is all alone. Do you know what the hell has he done? I will ask one last time. Where is he? He was admitted to the hospital. So, how did you like
the second episode? Look, it takes time
to make something great. Right? You guys are an eager bunch. Many commented, brother, release all the
episodes together, at one go. This touched our director’s heart. Here, take the medicines. Wait, will you.
Let me get over with this first. I am discussing something
important here. So, now Warning will be
released as a movie. In a movie theatre near you. Do you get it? See how Bhaiji and ugly
dark guy instigate matters. Horns will be locked with
Shinda too, for sure. A full on war. It is going to be epic. In a movie theatre near you,
on 19th June. Keep in mind,
audience below the age of 18 shouldn’t go anywhere
near the movie theatre. This film is, adult for only.


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