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Hey! This is a Daily Overpass! My name is
Eric and I make apps! Now, coming to you from Gatwick Airport in London on my way
home. And I want to talk about how, “Dude, we can work from anywhere!” Okay, this is gonna be really quick
today because I’ve been traveling for a long time to get home and “Man, I am tired!
I spent over an hour in customs. It’s about time I consider, yeah, I might
need to consider getting a British passport now because I’ve always just
had the US passport. I’ve US citizenship. I haven’t ever gone
for the dual citizenship. Maybe just for standing in the line, I should consider
it. Anyway, one of the things I complained about over the last week, I mean, the last
week in the States, being in the State of Maine, was really nice. I mean, I
really enjoyed the trip. One of the things I complained about a lot was the
internet because – and that’s jus, you know, because it was a very rural
area. Some of the cities, it was a bit nicer. And one of the things I kept
thinking while I was there was if the place had better internet, you
know, that would be like an ideal place to work as an app developer. In fact,
there’s lots of places that would be ideal places to work as an app
developer because of the lower cost of living. If I didn’t have like
kids and school and everything, and live in – live in the UK, which can
be pretty expensive, although not like Norway! (laughs) Sorry. Sorry, guys! So, you
know, we consider moving to someplace, uh, less expensive. In fact, I’ve
known people – app developers – who moved to like Mexico or you know, South
America, so they can have a better cost of living. I mean, so my question is, have
any of you, guys, ever considered that? If any of you, guys, ever done that;
move to someplace because you couldn’t survive off your app income, because I’d
be really, really kind of interesting in that. And it’s just – it’s
such a great job that we have, as app developers, that we can you could just
set up anywhere. I mean, the fact that anybody can set up the apps and you have
this, you can just go do it from anywhere. It’s a blessing and a curse. So,
the blessing is that you have total freedom with the exception of the
internet thing. But the curse is that, everybody does that and you have a
lot more competition. But, anyway, just would like you, guys, know I’m back in sunny
England. It’s raining today. That’s it for today. I’ll talk to you, guys, next week.


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