Web Accessibility 101: ZoomText Demo

>>CAMMIE TRUESDELL: Hi. I’m Cammie Truesdell and I use ZoomText to navigate on the computer. ZoomText helps low vision users use the computer so that they can see text at larger sizes. Some of the features include cursor and pointer enhancements that change the size and color of the cursor and pointer, so that the user can track the items better. Additionally, ZoomText offers a color enhancement feature so that the user can change the text against the background color so that it is more easily read. Color contrast is a major issue for users with low vision. This site is an example of poor contrast. In the navigation bar they have white text on an orange background that does not meet sufficient contrast ratios and is difficult to see for some users. Additionally, once a link is selected, it becomes a yellowish orange color against orange and is difficult to see the selection. In the main content area, there’s an orange heading against the white background that also has poor contrast and is difficult for certain users to see. Focus is a major issue for users of low vision. Sometimes it’s difficult to track the focus or to see when messages appear on the side. On this log in form, we’re gonna type in an E mail address and a password and see if we can track where the error message appears. Once we activate the sign in button, we will scroll around the screen to find visual indication of the error message. This error message disappears fairly quickly and the user does not have time to read the message before it disappears. Horizontal scrolling is another big issue for users with low vision. When the user has to move the horizontal scroll bar to navigate the page, they lose their place when navigating back to the content they were reading. So that was an overview of major issues affecting screen magnification users while using the web.

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