Web and Mobile Applications Development | San Diego State University College of Extended Studies

The program’s a graduate-level course in Computer
Science, designed to teach specific skills to students in web application development
and also mobile application development. iPhone, iPad, also Android. What I teach are the Web Application Development
courses. What we do in our program, our program is
not for beginners. We’re not going to take someone who’s never
programmed and teach them how to build web apps or teach them how to build IOS apps. Our program is geared towards people who have
programming experience, and just want to get trained in that area. Our pace is much faster than you’d get at
other programs. Some of my students are in the Master’s program
currently, but we also have a lot of students that are coming back, they already have their
degree, they’ve been working in the field, and they want to add to their skillset. So they might be working and programming in
one environment, and they want to go into web development, or into mobile application
development, and this is a good way to do that without having to go back and earn a
master’s program. There’s in-class section, and then there’s
the remote or online. And really there’s no meaningful difference
between the two sections, cameras record the lectures as their given
in the classroom to students that are physically present, and that’s recorded for all the students
which they can playback at any time during the semester. So it’s very much like being in the classroom. I try and give my students the same experience,
they take the exams together, we use Blackboard right now, so we have some discussion groups
where we can ask questions and things like that, and students can talk among each other,
so you don’t have to come to class to be part of the class. I don’t think people realize how much mobile
is changing everything, entire society is changing. There are places in China where you can no
longer buy things with money, you can only buy things with a mobile phone. We are aimed more toward the fundamental principles
of Computer Science, and the fundamental, “How this all works” at actually a fairly low-level, so you should be able
to pick up, use any tool and be productive pretty much right away. Our purpose is to provide students the skills
that they need to be successful, whether they’re going to go into business for themselves,
whether they’re going to work for a large corporation, for the government, whatever environment. And one of our focuses is to not only teach
them the skills they need today, but also the skills to learn what they need tomorrow. There are more jobs than there are people
right now, of course, employers are looking for top talent and we’ll give you the tools
to be top talent if you want to be.

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