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Hi, I am Dustin with 9 Design and we are a
digital marketing agency in Bend Oregon that really helps local businesses
dominate the first page of Google search. Every single day there are thousands of
Google searches happening for people searching for services in their area. For
instance if somebody is looking for legal advice and they live in Bend
Oregon go to Google and search for an attorney in Bend Oregon and typically they will
hire somebody right off those first page search results. So what we do is we help
these local businesses really dominate the first page of Google there’s a few
ways we do it. The first one is by designing and creating really
professional looking eye-catching websites, but not just building the
website but ranking the website because if somebody has a website and nobody can
find it it’s really no good. So what we do is we rank that website so it comes up
right there on the first page of Google. People can be found, they will be called, and
like I say the person with the most clicks gets the most phone calls. And so
it’s a really great way to grow your business is just through search engine
optimization. The next thing we like to do is help our clients rank in what’s
called the local 3 pack. If you do a local Google search you’ll notice that
there will be three businesses and their map location right there at the top of
the search results. This is populated by their Google+ page and what we do is we
rank that they take I’m one of those positions, and now they have two spots on
the first page of Google. And then the third thing we like to do is create a
professional video much like this one right here that displays the business
and the business owner in such a way that builds rapport with the person watching
the video. It really builds trust. And will not only create the video but we rank it
so that it appears also on the first page of Google so now you have your
website Google+ listing in the local 3 pack and
your YouTube video all appearing there on the first page of Google dominating
Google and we found that its a really effective strategy to getting new customers to
call your business and do business with you every single day. If you
are a local business owner whether you’re in Bend Oregon or anywhere in the country
that wants to dominate the first page of Google would love to talk to you. Give us
a phone call we offer a free 10 minute phone consultation we can just talk about
your business and the way you want to display it on the internet and so give
us a call. We look forward to hearing from you and make today extraordinary.

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