in last class we learn about some basics and editorials of HTML i hope everyone able to learn some ideas based on basic HTML if anyone couldn’t able to understand check down the link in description and i button , if you have any doubt’s ask as in the comment box in our second class we just going to learn some more basics about HTML if you not yet subscribed our channel don’t forget to subscribe it and to get the instant notification press on the bell icon let as start the classes as i said in our second class we just going to learn some more basics about HTML we going to learn about some of the basics like how to create an paragraph , heading , image , link ,list using HTML it will be more interesting to learn i am going to edit the program that we have done yesterday click edit in notepad ++ we going to create a heading down the body there is a tag ranges between H1 to H6 this denotes the size of the fonts H1 contains larger font size and font size reduces gradually from H2 to H6 so i am going to use H1 tag let as see the changes i just copy and paste it just give different size of font like this you can use between H1 TO H6 based on headings by this you doesn’t need to mention font size it is set already as default let as check the output as you can see font size of H1 is large and H6 is small so use it according to your need next yesterday class we just learn how to make paragraph next we could see how to give an image give tag as img for image src denotes the place of the image which is stored as it is in safe mode the file name is 1 and i gave the file format as . jpg and saved it just refresh it you can just see the loaded image you can also give height and width manually so now let we check that too you just mention height let height equal to 100 pixel everything should be in pixel next give width now just see the changes of the image based on what we gave to height and width i hope till know you could understand there also one more thing here the net speed is good so you could see the logo easily if someone try to open website with low website speed they should know the difference so that we can use an alternate tag which shows that it is an logo so use alt attribute and select logo i just give the file name wrongly that it never display the image now you can just shows it is an logo so you can now know that it is an logo and one more thing img is an element height , width, alt are attributes as we use this and give some additional information about the element we call it as attribute later we can discuss more about this next we can learn how to give an additional link element of link is a here also we just going to use the attribute you can just give an link that you need to open i give simply as google you can give any link here i give it as an homepage here the home is diplayed now i just click it there is no net connection here otherwise the google homepage will be open u can also give any other links you may have a doubt it just open in the same tab how can i open in a new tab in these target target target equal to give as blank then quit it new tab will be open now you can know till now we learnt how to give paragraph ,link ,heading ,image now we going to learn button element of button is button in this select clip give exit now you can see the exit button appeared next we going to learn how to give list list is nothing but in websites you could see if it is a site based on India there will be contents with bullet as India is my country India is rich such points based on India will be given now we learn how to give those points we use u1 to give list with bullets this is the element for using bullet India just save it now you can see the text with the bullets as India next if you like to give in numbering order the element is o1 now the bullet changed as 1 this is how you make the list i hope you understand the topics that we learned if you have any doubt’t ask in the comment section if you like this video like , comment and share and don’t forget to subscribe our channel follow our social media pages if you not yet followed our social media pages thank you


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