Web design critique for photographers #1

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me. This is Mike Taylor at twoeyesopen.ca/wp, and I’m doing a online web review of a photographer’s
\ website. Usually I do these in text on my
blog, and that’s where you can normally find them. Twoeyesopen.ca/wp. But I’m going to
give this a shot and see what people think.\ \
So let’s get right into it. This is Michael Penn. He is a Philadelphia based photographer,
he shoots primarily in from what I can see in black and white. And I’m going to assume
he shoots in film. He does a lot of artistic work, has exhibitions and takes on some commercial
projects as well.\ \
We are now on the home page. Big beautiful picture, easy to read text. Sadly, I don’t
see a phone number anywhere. Hopefully that’s not going to be the case as I get more into
this website. \ Clicking on portfolio, and we have lots of
options coming in here. And we have one there. Beautiful pictures. Thumbnails down at the
bottom. Lots of great interesting work. Pictures do take a little bit of time to load, but
that could be my internet connection. It is the middle of the day here. Some very nice
evening shots there. \ \
There is no music. Awesome. I don’t having like music playing. I’m sure a lot art directors
don’t have any patience for it . The only downfall I see so far is, the pictures take
a little bit of time to load. But again that could be my internet connection.\
Lots of great black and white work. Nice contrast. No fault there at all. Let’s click on another
picture here. \ \
I’m looking at this on a twenty-seven inch Apple iMac. I’m assuming it’s going to be
just as good on a iPad or a netback or something like that. The text is easy to read. Pictures
are big and beautiful. Let’s go back to home. And let’s go to exhibition and see what happens
there. So we have a list come up with exhibitions that he’s been in. Sadly I can’t click on
these. They are not links. Ooh, there is a link actually, and I can see some more information
about that, that um museum in this case. Let’s get out of here, we don’t need to see that.
\ \
And we’ll go back to \’85 articles and publications. Another page comes up, easy to read. I like
that black field with the white text. Very nice. Here is an option to open information
about that publication in PDF. I can download that, which is great. I’m sure art directors
enjoy that. They want to be able to take the pictures and put it into a mock up. Which
would be very good. \ \
You’ll notice that, in his pictures he does not have copyright information written across
the picture, taking away from the quality of the image. If I was an art director, maybe
I want to be able to take that picture and drop it into a mock up of a project I’m working
on. \ And there definitely is that option.\
\ News. Another panel comes up. You see how
these panels are consistent from section to another? That’s nice. I really like having
the very simple, easy to read font. I’m not sure I like the fact that it’s in all caps.
That might be another negative, negative in my mind. Here’s another PDF option right here.
I can read more about him in that publication. It loads very quickly, going forward and back.
Works just fine. \ \
Links works fine. Lot’s of options there. Let’s click on one here. Opens up another
page completely. Okay, that works good. Let’s go to contact. That opens up my email. I can
send him an email right away, but what if I wanted to call the man? There is no phone
number. There is no address. There is no postal address. What if I actually want to send him
a letter? Or a post\’85 um\’85 what do you call those things again? I can’t even think
of the word (laughs). Nevermind. What if I want to send that guy a letter? I can’t do
that cause there’s no address here. And there’s no phone number, so I can’t call him right
away. Back to home. \ \
Same big picture comes up. I’m wondering if this picture changes from day to day. There
is the option to go to his Facebook page. I’m not interested in doing that. Okay, as
you can see his only copyright information is down here on the left. That pretty well
covers all the images. So don’t go taking his stuff because that would be copyright
infringement. So, um\’85 very nice site. A few negatives, but for the most part this
site garners a 4.5 rating out of 5 on my fictitious rating system. And I’m hoping that you will
come and visit me at my blog. Where I will do text reviews\
of websites by a variety of photographers, worldwide not just American. And I usually
do two a week, I try to do two a week. And you will also find lots of tips on making
your website much more attractive to search engines such as, Google, Yahoo, etc., etc.,
etc. \ \
Please join me at twoeyesopen.ca/wp Thanks again this Mike Taylor. See you again. Bye
bye. }

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